‘A Perfect Story’ Review: A Charming Tale of Friendship and Love

A Perfect Story Review

Romance is in the air every single day of the year. People fall in love daily, which is a universal feeling for all humans on this planet. At one point or another, we have felt immeasurable attraction for another person, and it has been like that since our species was gifted the quirk of consciousness. So, love stories have plagued fiction and will continue to do so in the future, as we all love to watch people find happiness. A Perfect Story is a new Netflix miniseries arriving on the streaming service this weekend, and it tells one of those magical love stories that can only really happen in movies and television.

A Perfect Story is a miniseries developed by Netflix and created by Cesar Benitez, based on the novels written by Elisabet Benavent. Marina Perez writes the show, and Chloe Wallace directs all five miniseries episodes. The show stars Anna Castillo, Alvaro Mel, Elena Irureta, Lourdez Hernandez, and Ingrid Garcia Jonsson. The miniseries tells the story of Margot, who, after becoming a runaway bride, meets David and falls in love once again as the shadows and insecurities created in their past relationships follow them.

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A Perfect Story is one of those stories we would all love to experience. It is the classic boy meets girl, girl meets boy, and the sparks just fly around, evolving everything with the essence of love and the passion that comes with it. It is quite a special show because, with only five episodes, it brings us close to these characters and their relationship.

It is Close enough that we might end up feeling like their victories are our victories, and so on. It feels great, and we can assure you that the series will make you have that fuzzy feeling inside for its entire runtime. The actors have good chemistry, and the locations and situations really enhance the entire situation.

Not everything is perfect, though; even when the show’s title is A Perfect Story, the passionate and beautiful relationship the characters embark on is filled with many insecurities and fears. These feelings are universal, so don’t be surprised if you see yourself in some of the characters.

Past relationships inform us of the relationships we will have in the future, and at least for these characters, their past relationships have left them scarred and uncomfortable. Can they really manage to over these issues and start something new?


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The miniseries is very well directed in a way that doesn’t feel showy or intrusive. In fact, you will mostly not think about any of the technical aspects of the show because your attention will probably be just focused on the characters and their interactions. Margot and David aren’t really special; they feel like someone you have probably met in your life, making the entire story feel more real.

They don’t have crazy characteristics or anything like that. This also helps the actors slip better into the characters, as everything is casual.

Anna Castillo serves as the perfect protagonist for the show. She is quite beautiful but in an unassuming way. She makes Margot feel like one of those special girls who most men have been looking for their entire lives. Yes, she has some confidence issues, like everyone else, but she is certainly very solid as a character. Alvaro Mel also plays David with confidence.

The character is mostly clueless, but when it counts, it is great to see him put his wallet where his mouth is. The chemistry between actors in this type of story is essential, and we can say that the casting did a great job bringing these two together.

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The plot sometimes also diverges into other characters, be they David’s roommates or Margot’s sisters. These characters are welcome but don’t get enough development to make them relevant. Especially the sisters. Some scenes focus on them and their issues, but that never leads to anything meaningful or cathartic. Maybe it was an attempt at creating some comic relief, but it failed. Margot and David are enough to give us just about everything the show needs. This might be one of the few weaknesses of the show.

The other one is that, at this point, we have seen stories like this many times before. The series tries hard but doesn’t really find anything that would make it stand out from other stories in the genre.

The execution is great, so the show is quite entertaining. However, there seems to be no reason other than “I saw it on the front page” to see this one. Those push plays will have a great time, but by the end, the series becomes just one more of the bunch. Nothing is wrong with that, but there is so much content nowadays that the competition is staggering.

However, as the experience plays out, you won’t be thinking much about everything, especially when the series moves from Spain to Greece, where some of the most magical moments of the show happen.

Maybe, more series should go to Greece and explore that part of the world, instead of going to the same old locations like Rome or Paris. There are many beautiful places that films have yet to visit constantly, and Greece is one of them. Mix it up a little bit, and I’m sure audiences will appreciate it. Novelty is the game’s name right now, as the industry has been serving the same old thing for too long.


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A Perfect Story is charming, real, emotional, and funny. It might not be quite memorable, but while watching, it is one of the most entertaining miniseries on Netflix. Anna Castillo and Alvaro Mel have amazing chemistry, leading to some wonderful scenes as their relationship develops. If you are in need of a classic love story that also mixes some genuine, realistic elements to the mix, A Perfect Story is just for you. Lasting only five episodes almost makes this a quick binge for some lazy Sunday. Love will always bring us back to our screens.

SCORE: 8/10

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