20 Best Cheating Movies on Netflix & Why You Should Watch Them

Cheating movies

Love affairs, broken marriages, and open relationships are a motive that has always been present in cinematography, showing their different aspects and viewpoints. Netflix has a significant number of excellent and not-so-excellent movies that cover the topic, and in this list, we have included some of the best. These are the 20 best cheating movies on Netflix you need to watch.

Marriage Story (2019)

marriage story

What it’s about: Probably the best title on this list is this heartbreaking drama written and directed by Noah Baumbach, with Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson playing the leading roles. They are Charlie and Nicole Barber, a respected director and his actress wife, who find themselves in the middle of an affair that is threatening to destroy their marriage.


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Why you should watch it: Even though the story itself is nothing that we haven’t seen before, this movie stands out thanks to the brilliant performance by the two main actors, as well as their supporting actors, such as Julia Greer and Alan Alda. It is a compassionate look at the problem, and it is highly engaging, making the viewers difficult to choose whose side to be on. 

Unfaithful (2002)


What it’s about: Diane Lane plays Connie Sumner, an unsatisfied married woman, who has it all, a loving husband and a beautiful son, but who wants more. Her longing for a change will drag her into an affair with a younger man she will soon become obsessed with. But her reckless behavior won’t go unnoticed, and her choices won’t finish unpunished.

What it’s about: This is an intense drama thriller that shows that despite having it all, people still want something else, something new. And it is an interesting look at a life of a middle-aged woman who feels she still has something to give and wants to be observed in a different way than the one she is used to. 

Lust Stories (2018)

lus stories

What it’s about: This is a collection of four short movies directed by the four greatest Indian directors, which give us their perspective on love, sex, and relationships in modern-day India. It is a combination of drama and comedy, which relies on very good performances and excellent directing.

What it’s about: If you are not familiar with Indian culture and you want to experience it from a somewhat different view than the one you have maybe heard of, this is a good choice, especially since these are short movies that will give you more aspects and viewpoints in one go.

No Other Woman (2011)

no other woman 1

What it’s about: This drama-thriller tells the story of a happily married furniture supplier, Ram, who is in the middle of a great business that requires the help of Kara, the daughter of the resort he is working with. She will soon show Ram that she is interested in more than business, and before he knows it, he will find himself in her arms. But his wife won’t give up on their marriage, finding different ways of getting him back.

What it’s about: This is an interesting story that shows how (in this case) women don’t care if their objects of affection are married or not. Fully aware of his marriage, Kara decided to seduce Ram, who showed his weak side by falling for her. But the even more twisted part is the other woman, the one who has been here before, Ram’s wife Charmaine, who is not willing to let everything go. 

The Girl on the Train (2021)

the girl on the train

What it’s about: In 2016, there was a novel adaptation with the same title, with Emily Blunt in the leading role, playing a lonely woman who becomes obsessed with a married couple she’s been watching every day from her train. This is an Indian remake with a similar plot where we follow a divorcee who fantasizes about this married couple she sees on the train until one day, something strange happens in their home.

What it’s about: If you want to have a look at a new perspective and experience a similar story from another director’s point of view and compare this remake with its original, then you shouldn’t think twice. Even though it hasn’t received very good reviews, it is still an interesting story that shows how the things that look perfect on the outside aren’t necessarily the same on the inside.

The Love Affair (2015)

the love affair

What it’s about: This is a story of a middle-aged married couple, surgeon Vince and his wife Trisha, who have a seemingly good relationship and have raised three children. But when Vince finds out that his wife is having an affair with one of his friends, he decides he wants their marriage annulled. He will turn for advice to a lawyer named Adie, who is in a similar situation, and soon their lives will become connected in an unthinkable way.

What it’s about: If you want to see what can arise from a broken marriage and witness an outcome that no one maybe expects, this is a good movie to choose since it deals with loss and disappointment in an unusual way, and it gives people hope and trust that something good can happen after so many downfalls. 


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The Mistress (2012)

the mistress

What it’s about: Rosario is a beautiful young woman who finds herself in a situation that she never imagined. She is torn between the love and lust of two men, a young bachelor who brings passion and happiness into her life and a married man she has been seeing for years, being his mistress. 

What it’s about: This is a story told many times, but it is presented in a fresh way, with excellent chemistry between the three main characters, which makes it the best part of the movie. It is believable and well-played, with an interesting plot that will keep you interested until the end.

A Fall from Grace (2020)

a fall from grace

What it’s about: Even though Tyler Perry is mostly known for his melodramas and comedies, he has taken a slightly different turn this time, writing and directing a thriller about a marital affair. It is the story of Grace Waters, whose ex-husband married his mistress and took their son away, and she is left alone to deal with her grief and disappointment. She believes her life will change when she falls in love with a new man. And it will, but not for the better.


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What it’s about: This is an interesting view of a woman who has nothing left to lose and can’t stand being disrespected and taken advantage of by men in her lies. It is an intense thriller where secrets lie everywhere and are ready to pop out when you least expect them.

6 Years (2015)

6 years

What it’s about: This romantic drama follows a young couple, Melanie and Dan, who have been best friends since childhood. After falling in love and experiencing everything that a young romance consists of, their relationship is slowly starting to break. Dan receives a job offer from his dreams but also one that will force him to choose between Melanie and this opportunity. His decisions will be the beginning of their end.

What it’s about: You don’t have to expect much from this movie, but if you want a lighthearted yet serious drama about young lovers who are on the verge of the biggest decisions and changes in their lives, this might be a good choice for a lazy weekend afternoon. 

Closer (2004)


What it’s about: Mike Nichols directed this superb drama with a brilliant cast, including Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Julia Roberts, and Clive Owen. Dan is a journalist who finds himself in the middle of a big decision. He doesn’t know if he should continue dating his loving girlfriend, Alice, or stay with his cold lover Anna. At the same time, Anna is indecisive between Dan and her other lover, doctor Larry. 

What it’s about: As the title says, this is an honest view of the lives of four different people whose life stories somehow get connected due to their good or bad choices. It is a bold perspective on these four individuals who all have their problems and issues they actually aren’t ready to solve.

Deadly Illusions (2021)

deadly illusions

What it’s about: This drama-thriller centers on a bestselling novelist who decides to hire a new nanny for her children. Soon a young woman moves in with her family to watch over her twins, and everything seems to be going as planned and imagined. But the line between fiction and reality will become smaller when the novelist gets too attached to her new novel, not knowing what real life is anymore. 


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What it’s about: Excellent premise and a promising story, together with acclaimed actors, should have been enough for getting a good movie, but it has a few plot holes that might distract the audience from following it. If you still want to see an interesting movie about a love affair that shouldn’t have happened, this movie is not such a bad choice.

Newness (2017)


What it’s about: Nicholas Hoult plays a pharmacist named Martin in this romance drama, where he spends his weekends talking to Gabi via a dating app. They never thought there would be feeling involved once they’ve met, but soon they fall in love and start experiencing something new and unexpected. Everything happens so quickly, including moving in, but it also ends fast, and they decide to try an open relationship which might result in something they didn’t actually want.

What it’s about: This is an interesting outtake on the millennials’ style of life nowadays, their reevaluating fear of losing their freedom which ends in fear of commitment and boredom with something that might seem completely normal to older generations. If you are someone who wants to learn more about this “new” type of living, this is an excellent movie to choose from.

My Teacher, My Obsession (2018)

my teacher my obsession

What it’s about: Riley moves to a town with her father and is trying to find her place under the sun in her school, where he teaches English. She is having a hard time adapting until she meets Kyla, who also seems to be a loner, and finally starts feeling accepted. But Riley will soon learn that Kyla is obsessed with her father.

What it’s about: This tv movie isn’t something you would choose if you wish to watch something unforgettable. This is an afternoon thriller with an interesting story that won’t leave you speechless or puzzled but will be two hours of decent fun.

The Unmarried Wife (2016)

the umarried wife

What it’s about: Anne’s biggest wish has always been to be a perfect wife and mother and a successful businesswoman, and it seems she has it all until she finds out that her equally successful husband, Geoff has cheated on her. Anne tries to forget about it but soon decides to file for an annulment and, in the meantime, meets Brian, who has also recently separated from his spouse. Her life suddenly becomes too complicated since she has to deal with her obligations as a mother and also her complex feelings towards Geoff.

What it’s about: This is a pretty interesting movie that will make you question Anne’s decisions and maybe even put yourself in her or Geoff’s position. It is a good drama about a long relationship that shouldn’t have ended the way it has.

The Players (2012)

the players

What it’s about: This is a collection of French short movies that tackles the topics of sex, relationships, and infidelity, with Jean Dujardin and Gilles Lellouche in leading roles. It is a pretty direct view of what people do when they are not satisfied with their relationships, or they simply want to experience something new.

What it’s about: If you are ready for a series of bare and bold confessions, followed by strong sexual content and nudity, these few segments might make you interested enough to watch it until the end, in spite of their lack of believability at some point.

Haseen Dillruba (2021)

haseen dillruba

What it’s about: This crime mystery drama revolves around the murder of Rishabh Saxena, who is killed in an explosion at his house. His wife, Rani is the prime suspect, and we soon find out that their marriage wasn’t happy as it seemed. After Rani’s affair with a mysterious and handsome Neil, Rishu slowly starts showing his bad side, trying to make his wife remember her wrongdoings.


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What it’s about: This is an excellent choice if you like Indian cinematography but are looking for something out of the ordinary. With brilliant performances and a great story plot, this movie is a definite must-watch for everyone who wants to get into the mind of a seemingly innocent young woman.

White Girl (2016)

white girl

What it’s about: Leah is a New York City student who is living her life to the fullest and is constantly seeking fun and excitement. She never refuses drugs her roommate or her boss offers her, and soon she falls for a drug dealer named Blue. She begins selling drugs with him, but her life takes an unexpected turn when Blue is arrested, and she finds herself in debt after crossing all her boundaries to help him.

What it’s about: There have been pretty split reviews about this movie, some calling it realistic and some a complete failure. But if you are up for something a bit different, this might be a good choice for you, taking into account its underground vibe and a pretty interesting plot. 

Loving Adults (2022)

loving aduts

What it’s about: This is the first official Danish movie for Netflix, a tv crime drama about a married couple who seems to be living a perfect life after their son’s health problems. He is not battling with his deadly illness anymore, but the issues between Christian and Leonora seem to be getting bigger and bigger.

What it’s about: If you are sometimes unsatisfied with Netflix originals, this movie might give you some hope for the future since it is a pretty decent flick with a few very good twists and unexpected turns. The cast is very good, and the story overall might leave you pretty perplexed at the end.

Catching Feelings (2017)

catching feelings 1

What it’s about: This dark comedy-drama tells the story of Max and Sam, a young academic and his wonderful wife whose life gets completely turned upside down when a famous and celebrated but eccentric writer moves into their Johannesburg home with them.

What it’s about: If you expect a lot of action and twists here, you might get disappointed in this movie. But if you don’t have anything against slow movies with a lot of dialogue and a mild pace, this interesting story might be something for you. It also gives a pretty good insight into the middle-class South African couple living in modern-day Johannesburg.

Blonde (2022)


What it’s about: This long-awaited biographical romance drama gives us a fictional insight into the inner life of one of the greatest Hollywood icons, Marilyn Monroe. It starts with her childhood as Norma Jean and goes deeper into her adult personal life, full of romantic relationships and an interesting rise to being one of the most popular actresses of all time. 

What it’s about: Even though this movie hasn’t completely lived up to its expectations, it is still a very interesting story that combines facts and fiction to give us a look at this young and troubled girl who just wanted to be loved and accepted. Based on the novel “Blonde” by Joyce Carol Oates, this drama is a pretty bold view of Monroe’s complicated relationships and business life.

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