When & Where Does Star Wars: Rebels Take Place?


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The Star Wars universe keeps on expanding with its different shows and movies, but the animated ones still hold a special place in the hearts of most fans. In that regard, Star Wars: Rebels is one of the most popular animated shows that are based in the same universe as the entire Star Wars galaxy. It follows the adventures of the crew of the Ghost, which is a small splinter group that helped spark the entire Rebellion. So, when and where does Star Wars: Rebels take place?

Star Wars: Rebels takes place in a four-year span during 5 BBY and 1 BBY, and that means that it starts off 5 years before and ends 1 year before A New Hope. Its epilogue takes place right after Return of the Jedi. Star Wars: Rebels takes place in a lot of locations all over the galaxy and on different planets.

Like a lot of different Star Wars side stories, Rebels takes place outside of the main movies but still contributes to the greater lore in its own way. Of course, considering that Star Wars is known for movies and shows that take place all over the galaxy, there are different locations in the entire Star Wars: Rebels series. So, let’s talk more about Rebels and when and where it takes place.

When Does Star Wars: Rebels Take Place?

Star Wars keeps on expanding, especially with the introduction of the spin-off shows that you can watch on Disney+. The newest show to release is, of course, Obi-Wan Kenobi, which tells the story of the legendary Jedi Master of the same name as he embarks on a journey that is set 10 years after the end of Revenge of the Sith and just 9 years before the events of A New Hope.


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Of course, considering that Kenobi does take place before some of the other series that are also based on events after Episode III and before Episode IV, more and more questions about their entire Star Wars timeline have been surfacing all over the internet. This is due in large part to the fact that the Inquisitors, which we saw in the form of the Grand Inquisitor in Star Wars: Rebels, are also featured in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. 

While Lucasfilm has done its homework to make sure that Kenobi does not encroach on the lore already established by the older shows, such as Rebels, this still has some fans questioning the timeline. So, when does Star Wars: Rebels take place?

Star Wars: Rebels is a series that explores the early beginnings of the Rebellion, which ultimately became a full-blown fight against the Empire right after the Battle of Yavin, which occurred on 0 BBY (Before Battle of Yavin) during the events of A New Hope. Rebels talks about a splinter faction of Rebels called the Ghost Crew, which is named after their ship called the Ghost.

In Rebels, we follow the story of different characters who have their own issues and personal quests. Kanan Jarrus was a Padawan who never graduated to the status of Jedi Knight due to the events of Order 66. He ends up meeting a young Force-sensitive human named Ezra Bridger as he reluctantly takes him under his wing. 


The Ghost Crew is also composed of a Twi’lek Hera Syndulla, a Lasat named Zeb, a Mandalorian named Sabine Wren, and an astromech droid named Chopper. This team was organized by Senator Bail Organa and former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano.

Throughout the early part of Rebels, the crew was chased down by the Grand Inquisitor, who is one of the characters of Obi-Wan Kenobi. After the Grand Inquisitor’s defeat, Darth Vader took over. And in the final season, it was Grand Admiral Thrawn who ended up chasing the Ghost Crew all over the galaxy.


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The entire Rebels series takes place in a four-year span, 5 years before the events of A New Hope and five years after the events of Kenobi. As such, it takes place from 5 BBY to 1 BBY. Meanwhile, the epilogue of the series takes place just after the events of Return of the Jedi, and that means that it took place on 4 ABY.

That said, there are time skips in between the four seasons of Star Wars: Rebels, and that could mean that one year passes from one season to another. And the events of Rebels became a precursor to the rise of the Rebellion, which ultimately happened upon the destruction of the Death Star on 0 BBY.

Where Does Star Wars: Rebels Take Place?

True to its nature as a Star Wars series, Star Wars: Rebels takes place all over the galaxy because the Ghost Crew had to undertake different missions and go on several adventures on different planets and star systems all over the galaxy. As such, there is no specific location for the events of Rebels.

However, a good part of the early portion of Star Wars: Rebels takes place on Lothal, which is the home planet of Ezra Bridger. But the series eventually takes place in different areas all over the galaxy, depending on where the Ghost Crew needs to go. As such, some of the locations of Rebels include Stygeon Prime, the Imperial Academy, Kaller, the Sith world of Malachor, and even Tatooine, where we saw the final battle between Darth Maul and an old Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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There was also a part where the series took place in Mandalore, especially when the Ghost Crew took part in the Mandalorian insurrection. And, during the latter parts of the Star Wars: Rebels series, a Rebellion base was established on Atollon, which is where the Bendu calls home.

Finally, the series went back to Lothal as the Ghost Crew liberated the planet from the control of the Empire as Ezra Bridger committed a heroic act that took him and Thrawn into hyperspace, where they ended up getting lost after the events of Star Wars: Rebels.

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