Akame ga Kill!: 15 Main Characters Ranked

Akame Ga Kill Characters 15 Main Characters Ranked

Akame Ga Kill may not be the first anime people will aggressively shout at you when you ask for recommendations, but it is an interesting one nonetheless. It offers a look into a number of captivating characters which leaves us with the question: which ones are the best.

That is why we have decided to make this article with 15 main Akame Ga Kill characters and ranked them to see which ones are the best.

Akame Ga Kill Main Characters Ranked

1. Najenda

Akame Ga Kill Characters 15 Main Characters Ranked

The assassin squad Night Raid is led by Najenda. She was a General of the Empire who, along with Lubbock, defected to the Revolutionary Army at the conclusion of an expedition led by her and Esdeath to suppress the Ban Tribe’s opposition.

Najenda is a lady with purple eyes and short silver locks. Where her right eye used to be, she wears an eyepatch. She’s dressed in a black suit that reveals her cleavage. Her right arm is electric.

Her hair used to be longer and she kept it twisted and braided while she was younger.

Najenda is quiet, astute, and level-headed, and she leads the party with a reassuringly gentle yet strong demeanor. Her years as a general in the Empire have prepared her to be an exceptional leader. 

Because of her boyish beauty, Najenda is often mistaken for a man, and her cohorts have dubbed her “The Hunk of the Rebellion.” She has a habit of making terrible puns and saying “cold jokes.”

2. Tatsumi

Akame Ga Kill Characters 15 Main Characters Ranked

Tatsumi is the central character in Akame Ga Kill!. Tatsumi is a kindhearted person who wishes everyone to live peacefully but has no trouble being violent if his friends or ideals are challenged. He set out with two childhood friends to make a name for himself and raise money for his village.

Tatsumi was invited to join Night Raid, a squad of assassins allied with the Revolutionary Army now at war with the Empire, after learning of the Empire’s greed and evil and seeing the deaths of his colleagues.

He finally accepts the invitation and gradually adjusts to his new life and trade, mourning the loss of his old friends while learning about his new ones. He used to possess the Teigu Incursio before being merged with it and turning into a dragon. He had sworn that he would use this chance to overthrow the Empire as a whole.

He battled the Emperor to tear down the evil regime that had brought so much suffering to the people. His body has transformed into a dragon, but his consciousness has not.

3. General Esdeath

Akame Ga Kill Characters 15 Main Characters Ranked

Esdeath was a high-ranking Empire general. Night Raid eventually becomes the commander of the Jaegers under the Prime Minister’s orders, thanks to her usefulness as an assassination squad. She was enamored of Tatsumi to the point of obsession.

Esdeath was a cruel and dishonest sadist who had little remorse for the poor because she followed her father’s theory that the strong survive, the weak die. She reveled in inflicting severe physical and mental suffering on her foes. 

She made no qualms in murdering innocent people in order to get what she wanted, and she justified her actions by using her father’s old religion. 

Esdeath was notorious for treating her subordinates well and allowing them to do what they pleased, inspiring deep loyalty and allegiance among her adherents, making them the Empire’s most powerful offensive force.

4. General Budo

Akame Ga Kill Characters 15 Main Characters Ranked

Great General Budo led the Imperial Guard, the power in charge of guarding the capital, and was one of the Empire’s most hated and admired generals. He commanded a great deal of loyalty from his subordinates and other factions alike due to his sheer courage and all-around combat prowess.

General Budo, who was described as a hardened man who barely left the imperial training grounds, was a hardened man who had been shaped by years of training and military suffering to his current state. Budo took great pride in his and the empire’s honor as a general descended from an illustrious lineage. 

He did not associate himself with the Prime Minister, unlike other generals, and in fact, despised him. He also claimed that after the insurgents are defeated, those who inflict instability in the country will face his “wrath.”

5. Chelsa

Akame Ga Kill Characters 15 Main Characters Ranked

Chelsea, along with Susanoo, was one of two new participants who joined Najenda’s Night Raid branch. Her skin is fair, with auburn hair and bright red features. Her head was adorned with a butterfly headset accessory. 

She wore a white long sleeve shirt with a red ribbon wrapped around the collar, a black vest, a red checkered mini top, and black leather below-the-knee boots in a vocalist-like outfit. She still kept her Teigu, Gaea Base, with her. She was nearly always seen with a lollipop in her mouth because her Teigu was stuffed with them.

Chelsea has a mischievous nature, but it’s possible that this was a ruse. She had a cold, calculated side to her, which led her to make harsh assessments of people and situations. 

In the end, she was seen to have positive motives and attempted to assist the Night Raid participants in being more rational, as she was shown to feel genuinely for them and didn’t want to lose them because she had abandoned her old band. 

6. General Liver

Akame Ga Kill Characters 15 Main Characters Ranked

Esdeath’s personal bodyguards and the toughest party in her army, the Three Beasts, were led by Liver. He was a polished and battle-hardened man who owed Esdeath a great deal of loyalty.

Liver was a tall man with a beard with grey hair pulled back in a long ponytail. His eyes were blue and he wore his hair in a long ponytail. He wore the same black suit as his colleagues.

Liver was a decent general who fought and won a lot for his country, and he was honest because he refused to take the Prime Minister’s bribes. Bulat claimed to be a great superior, implying that he was concerned for his men’s safety.

7. Sheele

Akame Ga Kill Characters 15 Main Characters Ranked

Sheele was a member of Night Raid, an assassins’ squad, and a Teigu Extase user. Sheele was a slim woman with purple eyes and long purple hair. 

She normally wore white boots and a provocative sleeveless lilac cheongsam with detached lilac arm sleeves. Her Teigu was still with her. She had a cut on her right cheek and wore contacts.

Sheele was a klutz who often misplaced her glasses or failed miserably at whatever chore she attempted due to her clumsiness; nevertheless, she was incredibly kind and loving to her peers, ready to lay down her life for them, as she had done with Mine. 

When she died, however, her demeanor changed entirely, becoming cold and impassive; she explained it as making “a screw loose” in her head, which made her a skilled assassin. 

She felt that the only thing she could do well got rid of “society’s garbage,” so she couldn’t be deemed worthless. She was seen to apologize to the people she kills on a regular basis.

8. Dr. Stylish

Akame Ga Kill Characters 15 Main Characters Ranked

Dr. Stylish was a doctor and scientist in the Empire’s military, as well as a member of the Jaegers, a secret police squad created at the Emperor’s request to fight Night Raids and illegal activity in the Capital.

He was a tall guy with spiky black hair and brown eyes with a white patch. He was dressed in a yellow suit with a blue shirt, a belt, and a white lab coat and wearing glasses.

Dr. Stylish was enamored by two things: his experiments and everything he thought was fashionable. In the first meeting of the Jaegers, he had Seryu sprinkle rose petals through the air as he entered the room, demonstrating his preoccupation with the latter. His primary interest, though, was on his experiments. 

He was shown to be both self-serving and duplicitous, obtaining supplies for his study behind his superiors’ backs (such as his assault on Night Raid) and secretly performing inhumane experiments (the creation of the humanoid Danger Beasts).

Furthermore, he pretends to feel sorry for all of his test subjects who are wounded or killed while in his service, but in fact, he has no feelings for them and just sees them as bodies to experiment on.

9. Seryu Ubiquitous

Akame Ga Kill Characters 15 Main Characters Ranked

Seryu Ubiquitous was a retired Imperial Police officer who joined the Jaegers. She was a teenage person with an irrational sense of fairness. Until her death, she was the owner of the Teigu Hekatonkheires which resulted in Teigu’s demise.

Her hair was in a long ponytail that almost touched the ground when she first appeared, but it was cut to shoulder length after she became a Jaeger. 

She avoided wearing a military uniform in favor of skirts and informal clothing, and she wore upper-body armor regularly. Because of Dr. Stylish’s extensive body enhancements, her arms are made of metal rather than flesh. She wore a green coat or cap, often with a white skirt beneath, when she wasn’t in her military uniform.

Her face will distort into a twisted and demented grin when she is in combat and thinking for justice, which has become her hallmark over time.

Seryu seems to be a kind and loving person at first, but she is really a cruel, insane, sadistic, and disturbed individual who seems to love murdering those she considers to be evil, almost as though it were a hobby.

10. Akame

Akame Ga Kill Characters 15 Main Characters Ranked

Akame, also known as Akame of the Demon Sword Murasame, is the primary protagonist of the prequel manga Akame ga Kill! Zero, as well as the titular heroine and lead anti-heroine of the manga series Akame ga Kill! 

She also stars in Hinowa ga Yuku! as a major supporting character, mostly as Hinata’s personal swordsmanship mentor and Elder’s Class fighting instructor. 

Originally sold to the Empire with her sister Kurome to be trained as assassins, Akame ultimately defected to the rebels after being sent to kill General Najenda, the leader of Night Raid, and joined them in their attempt to overthrow the unjust monarchy.

Akame is a young girl with red eyes and long black hair that reaches to her ankles. She wears a red belt with a red side skirt cover over a black pleated skirt and a dark sleeveless tank top with a white collar and a red tie. 

It’s paired with black sneakers and long black gloves. She also wears black gloves and red gauntlets. In war, she often wears a long dark coat. Murasame, her Teigu, is often seen with her. Murasame’s trump card has left her with fading red scars all over her body.

Akame has the appearance of being a very stern and coldhearted girl, which comes from the hellish preparation that the Empire put her and her sister into, but it is later discovered that she is simply socially inept. 

She is very concerned for her comrades and is constantly concerned that one of them would perish due to her firsthand experience with war’s high death rate. 

11. Kurome

Akame Ga Kill Characters 15 Main Characters Ranked

Kurome is Akame’s younger sister and a former member of the Jaegers. Her parents sold her and her sister Akame to the Empire, where they were trained as assassins. Her sister was enlisted into a separate assassin squad, and the siblings split up.

She has a striking resemblance to her sister. She has black eyes and short black hair in a twin tail theme. She dresses in a black sailor outfit with a red belt and a red side skirt cover, similar to Akame.

Kurome is much more aloof and seems to reveal darker aspects of herself when it comes to murdering her foes. She’s secretly terrified of being seen as frail, knowing that if she were dead weight in the Assassination Division, she’d be taken out to keep her quiet. 

12. Leone

Akame Ga Kill Characters 15 Main Characters Ranked

Leone was a veteran assassin in the Night Raid assassination squad. She is an expert at collecting facts and making sound decisions when appropriate. Leone is often seen verifying the legitimacy of the targets the Night Raid is tasked with assassinating.

She has golden eyes and short blonde hair with two long tufts framing the sides of her head. With a black tube top, detachable gloves, trousers, boots, and a scarf around her waist, she wears a provocative ensemble.

Her hair grows longer, and she gets lion ears, tail, and claws as she transforms. Her hair grows longer and her ears become larger after her Teigu, Lionel, merged with her. She also has lion-like paws and several parts of her body are shrouded in fur, giving her a more beast-like look.

She has a laid-back, upbeat, and positive attitude. In Night Raid, she acts as a big sister figure to Tatsumi and the other younger members, referring to herself as Big Sis. 

About her often morally dubious character, Leone is not one to accept cruelty, and she can be particularly cruel to those who commit the most heinous of crimes. She still loves battling her rivals, according to Najenda, who advised her to break this habit.

13. Bols

Akame Ga Kill Characters 15 Main Characters Ranked

Bols was the Jaegers’ eldest member. He used to be a member of the Incineration Squad before joining them. His face is hidden under a mask due to the gasoline tank he was carrying at all times as fuel for his flamethrower.

He wore long gloves to shield Bols from threats as well as to aid him in using the flamethrower. He had three cuts on his upper chest as well. When his mask was removed and his identity was hidden, his hair revealed itself to be short, spiky, and blond. His eyes were shown as blue.

Kurome and Wave were deeply influenced by Bols’ passing, with Kurome erupting in fury after learning that Chelsea had murdered him and demanding her violent execution.

14. Mine

Akame Ga Kill Characters 15 Main Characters Ranked

Mine is a self-described “Genius Sniper” as well as a sharp-tongued and quick-witted member of Night Raid, an assassin’s squad.

Mine is a young woman of medium height. Her long pink hair is usually wrapped in twin tails on the right and left sides of her head, although it can be free-flowing on occasion. 

Her eyes are large and pink. She is dressed in a pink robe with a bound shawl with a high collar, a pink long sleeve top, black stockings, and pink heels.

Mine is portrayed as a cold, temperamental, and violent personality who is easy to rage and quickly annoyed by others she does not know well. Mine used to taunt Tatsumi when he first joined Night Raid, implying that he wouldn’t survive because he was the newest member.

15. Prime Minister Honest

Akame Ga Kill Characters 15 Main Characters Ranked

The Empire’s Prime Minister and de-facto dictator, Honest, manipulated the young and naive Emperor to do it his way. He served as the series’ main antagonist.

Honest was a naturally wicked, arrogant, evil, and sadistic psychopath. He reveled in emotionally manipulating people with the strength he possessed, unconcerned about the country or the people begging for his assistance in order to live a better life. 

In nearly all of his encounters with the young emperor, he proved to be a humble man who was respectful and soft-spoken. However, under the disguise of a man who claims to be the perpetrator lurks a ghost who has no compassion for any human being on the planet. 

He has no remorse for the cruel things he does because he sees them as yet another step toward achieving his goal of gaining more control over the world.

Who is the most popular character in Akame Ga Kill?

Subreddit r/anime made a nice poll with a chart that clearly shows Esdeath as the most popular character in Akame Ga Kill.

the most popular character in Akame Ga Kill
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