Akaza vs. Dōma: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Akaza vs. Doma: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Continuing with our comparisons of Demon Slayer characters, we have, once again, decided to focus on two demons. In this article, we are going to compare the powers and abilities of two members of the Twelve Kizuki, Akaza and Doma, who are the Upper Ranks Three and Two, respectively. This comparison is, in most cases, quite clear, as the Twelve Kizuki are ranked based on their powers and abilities, but we are still going to give you a category-by-category comparison so that you know who the stronger is and who would win in a direct clash between these two demons, Akaza or Doma.

Doma is stronger than Akaza and would defeat him in a fight. Since the Twelve Kizuki are ranked based on their powers and abilities, Doma is undoubtedly stronger than Akaza in every aspect. That is a fact that even Akaza is aware of, which is why he wants to become much stronger so he can actually surpass Doma at one point. The group’s hierarchical structure wouldn’t allow for a weaker Demon to take up a higher-ranked position.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, the rest of the article will be divided into several categories, as we will talk about these two characters and reveal which of them is stronger. In the end, we will give our final verdict and explain why Doma is stronger than Akaza.

Physical powers and fighting skills

Akaza stands out for having incredible physical strength. He has repeatedly shown his unbelievable strength, most notably when punching or kicking, which is powerful enough to send shockwaves ripping through the earth. Despite Giyu sweeping his sword downward, dismembering the head and jaw of the Second Upper Moon, Doma, with his arm, and even penetrating Kyojuro’s solar plexus, Akaza easily split Giyu’s sword in half with a single side punch.

His strength is further enhanced by his Blood Demon Art, enabling him to hit the ground and make holes in it. He was able to totally knock down several adult males in a battle with just his bare fists and legs when he was a human at the age of 11, and was later able to kill kendo experts, all before becoming a Demon. He was so powerful that Muzan believed he had already been a Demon before they met.

akaza fights

Doma is incredibly physically strong, largely because of how much of Muzan Kibutsuji’s blood he absorbed; as a result, despite being one rank higher, he might be stronger than Akaza. Doma’s two fans can be tilted precisely and at subsonic speeds. He can also shake them violently enough to cause enormous wind gusts. Doma has also shown unbreakable durability even when severely damaged. Even after being gravely poisoned and ingesting 70 times the amount of Wisteria Flower necessary to kill a typical demon, Kanao Tsuyuri could not cut Doma’s throat.

And while Doma is undoubtedly powerful, we cannot simply ignore Akaza’s skills here and the fact that his fighting skills are his forte. This is why we have decided to split the points in the first category.

Points: Akaza 1, Doma 1


Akaza is incredibly quick, as evidenced by the fact that he moved at such high speeds during his battle with Kyojuro that even Tanjiro Kamado and Inosuke Hashibira were unable to see him. The latter said that Akaza appeared to be in “another dimension.” He frequently demonstrated the ability to move so swiftly that it appeared as though he was teleporting, able to do so even for Tanjiro, who had the ability to feel the future. Even one of the swiftest Demon Slayers, Giyu Tomioka, was quickly surpassed in speed by Akaza despite only awakening the Demon Slayer Mark.


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One of Doma’s most expressed and best traits is his exceptional speed, as he is able to move faster than the human eye perceives; along with his amazing regeneration skills, this is definitely his forte. He had demonstrated this ability on numerous occasions, for example, when he killed one of his cultists in front of Shinobu, but Shinobu did not notice what happened until later when the woman’s body simply exploded. He was also able to avoid Kanao’s superhuman sight and steal her sword, as well as to avoid her Flower Breathing. He also stole Inosuke’s boar mask once without anyone noticing.

And while we cannot say that Akaza is slow when compared to Doma’s speed, he is simply not a match. This is why the Upper-Rank Two wins this point easily.

Points: Akaza 1, Doma 2


Due to the fact that Akaza absorbed a significant amount of Muzan Kibutsuji’s blood, she has one of the most amazing regenerating abilities in the entire series. He can effortlessly regenerate from Tanjiro’s minor and major wounds as well as from Giyu and Kyojuro’s amputations of limbs. His immense regeneration was also demonstrated when he had his head cut, but he simply regrew a new one; this was, before, thought to be impossible, i.e., it was thought that only Muzan could accomplish such a feat.

Doma 29

When Akaza attacked his lower jaw and upper skull, Doma immediately recovered himself with little to no effort, even perceiving the lethal strike as a loving gesture, demonstrating his strong regenerating skills. Even after Doma absorbed Shinobu inside of him and, thus, consumed almost 37 kilograms of poison—roughly seventy times the deadly dosage required to end the life of a typical demon—it was a long time before he could feel its negative effects.

Okay, Akaza managed to regrow his head, but Doma managed to survive even after ingesting an amount of poison that would’ve killed a whale-sized demon. This is why this point also goes to Doma.

Points: Akaza 1, Doma 3

Blood Demon Art

Technique Development is a special talent that Akaza possesses. Akaza starts off by assuming a distinctive Soryu stance. There are now two different job descriptions. The first position entails bending his knees into a half-squat, extending his right arm with a half-clenched fist facing his body, and bending his left arm with an open palm. The second position is nearly identical to the first, except that he opens his palm over his right arm while fully clenching his fists in a downward bend over his left arm. Then Akaza unleashes his Destructive Death fighting style while enhancing his martial arts moves with shockwaves.


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Doma can create and work with ice, thanks to his Cryokinesis. Kanao Tsuyuri and Shinobu Kocho were nearly instantly frozen after coming into contact with the light, deep blue, purple, and white ice he produced. Doma can create ice from tens of meters away or from the edge of his fans. He has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to mold ice into a variety of forms, including huge statues and even gusts of freezing wind. Additionally, he has the ability to make a specific ice powder that can draw blood from people and slowly kill their cells. Inhaling her powdered ice will gradually damage her opponent’s lungs, rendering them incapable of breathing and fighting.

Akaza’s Blood Demon Art is more useful in hand-to-hand combat, but Doma’s has much more versatility and is genuinely frightening, so Doma clearly wins this point.

Points: Akaza 1, Doma 4

There is no doubt that Doma is more powerful than Akaza

And now for our article’s most important and interesting section – the analysis. Here, we will use what we have learned about these two characters and analyze how all these facts would (or would not) help them in a fight against each other. Let us continue.

As the points clearly show, there is absolutely no doubt that Doma is stronger than Akaza, and from what it seems, the difference in power is significant. This is not simply due to the fact that Doma is the higher rank, but even Akaza himself stated that there was no chance he could defeat Doma with his current level of power, which is why we can deduce that the difference is quite significant. Doma is undoubtedly one of the most powerful characters in the series, and that is clearly reflected both in this summary of the duel and in the categories that we have listed in the previous sections of this article.

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