Demon Slayer: Why Does Akaza Hate Doma? Explained!

Demon Slayer: Why Does Akaza Hate Doma? Explained!

In the world of Demon Slayer, the Twelve Kizuki were an organization made up of a group of twelve Demons who pursued the goal of finding the Blue Spider Lily. The organization was created and led by Muzan Kibutsuji; the demons that composed it were under the control of Muzan, and he was in charge of giving them a considerable portion of his blood as a reward for following his orders. And while they were fiercely loyal to Muzan, the interpersonal relationships between the Demons were not the best, which will be the focus of this article. In it, we are going to explain to you why Akaza hates Doma in Demon Slayer.

Akaza hates Doma because Doma became the Upper Rank 2 even though he joined the Twelve Kizuki much later than Akaza. Akaza was simply envious of him, just as he was envious of Kokushibo, which is the source of his hatred, although he was very much aware that Doma was significantly stronger than him.

The rest of this article will focus solely on the relationship between the Demons Akaza and Doma, as we bring you everything you need to know about their relationship. We will tell you some information about them and their powers, as well as how their relationship influenced the plot. For those who are not fully up-to-date with everything in Demon Slayer, we advise you to watch out for spoilers.

The hierarchy of the Twelve Kizuki is sacred

The Twelve Demon Moons were an assembly of twelve extremely strong demons that Muzan directly controlled in Demon Slayer. Their eyes are inscribed with a number that corresponds to their status. The Lower (weaker) and Upper (stronger) Moons are separated from one another. The number represents their strength-based position among the Moons. Muzan de-ranks a member who has been expelled from the organization to indicate that they are no longer a part of it. The Twelve Demon Moons, together with Muzan, serve as the main adversaries of the story, which is why we have decided to reveal them all to you.


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And although the Twelve Kizuki had only one main task, finding the Blue Spider Lily, and were left to themselves most of the time, hierarchy was an important, if not vital, aspect of the whole organization. Muzan ranked his Demons based on their powers and abilities, which means that each of the Twelve Kizuki’s tenure in the group and the intensity of their loyalty to Muzan was completely irrelevant. All that mattered was how powerful they were and nothing else. This meant that a new addition to the group could easily and quickly rise up the ranks, despite being a complete newcomer in that aspect.

The hierarchy had to be respected no matter what. Lower-ranked Demons absolutely had to show due respect to their superiors, regardless of the conditions; this is why Kokushibo scolded Akaza and punished him for attacking Doma, despite these three facts: Doma provoked Akaza intentionally, Doma told Kokushibo that he did not mind Akaza’s attack, and no damage was done since Doma’s regeneration skills were simply impressive. Still, Kokushibo cut Akaza’s arm off because he was disrespectful toward his superior, which was not allowed under any circumstances.

There were only two official ways to move across the ranks. One was by the will of Muzan, who could demote or promote the Kizuki as he wished; in most cases, this was done when a Kizuki would die, thus opening up a space in the hierarchy. The other known way was via a blood battle, as Kokushibo said to Akaza. A blood battle was a specific battle ritual where a lower rank would officially challenge an upper rank to a battle for his position.

The lower rank would have to defeat and kill the upper rank to prove his strength, thereby taking his position in the hierarchy. Now, seeing how the Twelve Kizuki were ranked based on their power, you can imagine that such blood battles weren’t all that common, as each lower-ranked Kizuki was actually aware that those above them were significantly more powerful, which is why they avoided any direct confrontation.

Akaza hates Doma because Doma is stronger

And this introduction brings us to the main issue, which is the relationship between Akaza and Doma. With the concept that he should battle against powerful opponents and enjoy conflict, Akaza was described as an impetuous, stubborn, and strong Demon. This idea is confirmed by the pleasure he finds in facing Demon Hunters, particularly those who occupy the pillar position.

Regardless of whether he was Human or Demon, he detested anyone he deemed weak and sincerely respected those who were strong in his eyes. Akaza had a horrible relationship with the Upper Moons since he saw them as either competition and had a strong psychological urge to surpass them or as inferiors that were not worthy of his time.

Doma, on the other hand, was quite different. He was morbid and strong, but he was not competitive at all. Doma may come across as a kind and engaging person, but in truth, he is a cunning and vicious creature. He may have shown concern for his friends, but his feelings for their deaths were not sincere. He admitted that even during his human days, the concept of feeling was utterly strange to him, and he was rather nihilistic and devoid of human emotion.

He was found to have a number of unsettling and unsettling tendencies. Despite the latter’s repeated fatal physical attacks and head blows, he displayed no negative reactions to Akaza, his partner from the Upper Moons. In fact, he regarded this as a kind “greeting.” Doma even made it seem as if he delighted in this physical violence.


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Now, just imagine the interaction between a competitive guy like Akaza, who was aware of Doma’s superiority, and a morbid person like Doma, who was aware of his power and intentionally taunted Akaza because he could. It was a clear provocation on the side of the Upper-Rank Two, which increased Akaza’s hatred for him. Namely, Akaza hated Doma because he arrived in the group much later but was so strong that Muzan gave him the position of the Upper-Rank Two.

He considered him a rival and someone he’d have to eliminate, i.e., surpass in terms of powers. But Akaza also hated Doma because Doma taunted him and provoked him, abusing his position to belittle Akaza as much as he could. Because that was Doma.

Akaza was, and this has to be admitted, consistent in his hatred of his superiors since he hated Kokushibo with the same vigor, but he feared him more, which is why he was not so brave in front of him. Kokushibo had a special status among the group. Although Akaza vowed that he would kill him too, he did not dare to interact with him as he interacted with Doma because he knew that Kokushibo would not be so kind to him like Doma was.

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