All 20 ‘Alice in Borderland’ Characters’ Ages

All 20 Alice in Borderland Characters Ages

The second season of Alice in Borderland has fulfilled everyone’s expectations. The series received a lot of attention after its release and gained even more fans after the second season. We can all agree that the ending of the show was quite surprising and left everyone wanting more.

Everyone has their own set of favorite characters, there were many to choose from, and if you were wondering how old the characters were, we are going to take a look at exactly that. Before you re-watch the series let’s take a look at all of the 20 Alice in Borderland characters’ ages, and how they compare with the manga and the actors of the show.

CharacterAge in manga seriesAge of (TV series)
Ryohei ArisuBetween 18 – 2628
Yuzuha UsagiBetween 18 – 2627
Chota Segawa1839
Daikichi Karube1932
Shuntaro ChishiyaUnknown25
Hikari KuinaUnknown29
Takeru Danma2641
Aguni MorizonoUnknown37
Rizuna AnUnknown26
Mira KanoUnknown33
Kodai Tatta2328
Takatora SamuraUnknown31
Keiichi KuzuryuUnknown40
Ginji KyumaUnknown37
Saori ShibukiUnknown33
Asahi KujoUnknown19
Akane HeiyaUnknown24
Sunato BandaUnknown30
Momoka InoueUnknown21

Ryohei Arisu, 18 – 26 (Kento Yamazaki, 28)

Ryouhei Arisu

Ryohei Arisu is the main character of the TV show adaptation and the original manga series by Haro Aso. We follow the story mostly through his eyes and we see him completely change as a person throughout the show.


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Yuzuha Usagi, 18 – 26 (Tao Tsuchiya, 27)


Yuzuha Usagi is also one of the main characters of the series and the love interest of Ryohei Arisu. We saw her teach Arisu how to survive in the „game world“.

Chota Segawa, 18 (Tsubasa Yonaga, 39)


Chota Segawa is one of Arisu’s best friends, his character is always smiling despite the hard circumstances in life. In the end, he showed how much he loved and believed in Arisu.

Daikichi Karube, 19 (Keita Machida, 32)

Daikichi Karube

Daikichi Karube is Arisu’s other best friend and his character would always remind Arisu of his worth. Whenever he couldn’t see it himself, Karube knew that he would go on and do great things.

Shuntaro Chishiya, Unknown age (Nijiro Murakami, 25)


Shuntaro Chishiya is a character we meet at the part of the story when the Beach is introduced. This is where Arisu and Chishiya meet and eventually team up.

Hikari Kuina, Unknown age (Aya Asahina, 29)

Hikari Kuina

Hikari Kuina is one of the main characters in the show, and we also meet at the same time as Chishiya. She and Chishiya have a similar goal and it is why they initially teamed up.


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Takeru Danma, 26 (Nobuaki Kaneko, 41)

Danma Takeru

Takeru Danma, also known as the Mad Hatter. He is one of the main antagonists of the show and the leader of the Beach. His goal is to collect all of the game cards that are left in their world.

Aguni Morizono, Unknown age (Sho Aoyagi, 37)

Morizono Aguni

Aguni Morizono is the Mad Hatter’s best friend, they both knew each other from before the „game world“. Their relationship got more complicated as time went on, but in the end, both of them forgave each other.

Rizuna An, Unknown age (Ayaka Miyoshi, 26)

An Rizuna

Rizuna An is one of the council members of the Beach. She is extremely intelligent and during the Witch Hunt game, she showed her amazing analytical skills.

Mira Kano, Unknown age (Riisa Naka, 33)

mira kano

Mira Kano is one of the main members of the Beach council. She is also called the Queen of Hearts. It was later revealed that she played a big role in the games.


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Niragi, Unknown age (Dori Sakurada, 31)

Suguru Niragi

Niragi is one of the soldiers that worked for Aguni on the Beach. His character has a very high temper and even though his story is somewhat complicated, he ended up being one of the main antagonists.

Kodai Tatta, 23 (Yutaro Watanabe, 28)


Kodai Tatta was introduced later on in the story, and eventually joined Arisu’s team. His character is very kind and always smiling, very similar to Chota in that way.

Takatora Samura, Unknown age (Yanagi Shuntaro, 31)

Takatora Samura

Takatora Samura or also known as the Last Boss is one of the main antagonists in the story. He worked for Aguni and was a part of one of the most iconic fight scenes in the show – fighting against Kuina.

Keiichi Kuzuryu, Unknown age (Tsuyoshi Abe, 40)

keiichi kuzuryu

Keiichi Kuzuryu is another member of the Beach council. He is a character that cares a lot about equality and everyone having a fair chance. He showed his beliefs during the game with Chishiya.

Ginji Kyuma, Unknown age (Tomohisa Yamashita, 37)

ginji 1
Ginji Kyuma

Ginji Kyuma is a character that appeared in the second season of Alice in Borderland. His character is definitely one of the most memorable ones, and the one who ended up connecting with Arisu during their game together.

Saori Shibuki, Unknown age (Ayame Misaki, 33)

saori shibuki

Saori Shibuki is one of the first characters we meet at the beginning of the first season. Her character got an important promotion at her job in the real world, and all she wants is to survive so she can go back.

Asahi Kujo, Unknown age (Mizuki Yoshida, 19)

asahi kujo

Asahi Kujo is another character we first meet at the Beach. She and Momoka are best friends and always stick together, or at least until the game called Witch Hunt began.


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Akane Heiya, Unknown age (Yuri Tsunematsu, 24)

akane heiya

Akane Heiya is one of the most interesting characters in the series. Her survival story is very impressive and her character development is one to look out for.

Sunato Banda, Unknown age (Hayato Isomura, 30)


Sunato Banda is a minor character in the series but definitely a memorable one. He was one of the players in the game that Chishiya also participated in. Everyone had to guess who among the players was an imposter.

Momoka Inoue, Unknown age (Kina Yazaki, 21)


Momoka Inoue is the best friend of Asahi Kujo. They have been together at the start of the „game world“ trying to survive, and they uncover something crucial about the world they are in.

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