Do Arisu and Usagi End up Together in Alice in Borderland? Relationship Explained

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Ever since the first season of Alice In Borderland, one of the relationships that developed quite steadily was the one between Arisu and Usagi, as it was clear that they were getting shipped by the storyline. Of course, the relationship continued to develop in season 2 because they worked together on the different Face card games that they needed to clear to return to the real world. It was also clear that there was something going on between them. So, do Arisu and Usagi end up together in Alice In Borderland?

Arisu and Usagi ended up together while they were in the Borderlands because they actually kissed and showed their love for one another in the Queen of Hearts game. However, they had no memories of the Borderlands in the real world, but they met each other and agreed on a date.

The fact that the relationship between Arisu and Usagi in the real world was left open-ended was one of the best things about the ending of season 2 of Alice In Borderland, especially because the story allowed us to see a fresh start in the relationship between the two. Of course, we might see more of them if season 3 were to happen. That said, let’s look at the relationship between Arisu and Usagi.

Were Arisu And Usagi Together In The Borderlands?

We all know that the main character of Alice In Borderland is Arisu, who ended up getting transported to the Borderlands due to what was seemingly a mystery. Of course, while he lost his friends along the way, he ended up meeting Usagi, an athletic girl that was quick to befriend and help him while they were clearing games together in the Borderlands. Ever since the first season, Arisu and Usagi were seemingly inseparable due to the things that they went through together while they were in the Borderlands. However, while it was clear that the series was shipping them together, it was only during the second season that their relationship truly showed real progress.


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While they were both looking for supplies in a store, Arisu and Usagi had a playful moment where they pretended to be a customer and a cashier, respectively. However, Usagi seemingly changed her mood when she saw a newspaper talking about how big of a fraud her father was. That was what made her rethink whether or not she wanted to return to the real world, where the ghost of her father’s past would continue to haunt her. As such, the relationship between the two took a hard turn, and it was clear that there was something that drove them apart because they hardly talked to one another during the King of Clubs game.

Nevertheless, they seemingly mended what was momentarily a broken relationship after Arisu rescued Usagi from being raped by Niragi during the King of Clubs game. And after clearing that game, they became each other’s traveling companions because Kuina went out to go look for Chishiya and Ann.

While they were both separated again, they ended up reuniting during the Queen of Spades game, where Usagi strengthened her resolve in wanting to clear all of the Face card games to return to the real world. And she even sparked hope in a few other players that seemingly lost all hope as well.

It was after clearing the Queen of Spades game that Arisu and Usagi had a somewhat peaceful moment when they saw what they thought was a hot spring in the middle of the city. After they saw the elephants in the spring, they shared a passionate kiss that clearly established their status and relationship as a couple. Nevertheless, the moment had to be ruined when they saw a corpse in the spring, as they didn’t know that the spring was created due to the Boiling Death game that Akane survived when she first arrived in the Borderlands.

arisu and usagi kiss

There was no doubt that both Arisu and Usagi loved each other. This love was displayed during both the King of Spades and the Queen of Hearts games, where they were both willing to die for one another. Specifically, in the Queen of Hearts game, Usagi wounded herself to force Arisu to snap out of his hallucination, as this gesture touched even the Queen of Hearts herself, who went on to play the entire game fairly so that both Arisu and Usagi could clear it and obtain all of the Face cards.

Do Arisu And Usagi End Up Together After The Borderlands?

After clearing the Queen of Hearts game and defeating all of the Face cards, Arisu, Usagi, and the other survivors were given a choice to either stay as permanent residents of the Borderlands or return to the real world. Of course, Arisu, Usagi, and their friends opted to return to the real world.


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The problem was that they didn’t have any memories of what happened in the Borderlands, where they spent a long time. In fact, in the real world, only a short time had passed ever since they all became victims of a meteorite strike that killed and injured a lot of people in Shibuya during the day that Arisu and his friends were transported to the Borderlands. It was clear that the Borderlands was the place between life and death, as Arisu and his allies fought hard to stay alive so that they could return to the world of the living, where they didn’t have any memories of their hardships in the Borderlands.

Nevertheless, they were all alive and seemingly well when they were getting treated in the hospital. Meanwhile, after waking up from his short coma, Arisu walked around the hospital and met Usagi for the first time by the vending machine. Seemingly comfortable with her for reasons that he probably couldn’t explain, Arisu started flirting with Usagi, who seemed receptive enough to his flirting.

arisu and usagi hospital

After introducing themselves to one another, Arisu decided to ask Usagi out on a date, and they both walked together before the Joker card scene appeared. As such, the relationship between Arisu and Usagi in the real world was left open-ended. And this was a good thing because, while we don’t know whether or not they end up together in the real world, they are allowed to have a fresh start to their relationship.

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