All-Black the Necrosword vs. Other Marvel Weapons

All-Black the Necrosword vs. Other Marvel Weapons

All-Black the Necrosword is one of the most powerful weapons ever to appear in Marvel Comics. And now, as we wait for Gorr the God Butcher to appear in Thor: Love and Thunder, it’s clear that All-Black is getting an introduction to the MCU as well. We don’t know how powerful it’ll be in the MCU, but how does All-Black compare to other Marvel weapons in the comics?

All-Black the Necrosword is more powerful than almost any other weapon in the Marvel Universe. Depending on the wielder, it can kill gods, decapitate Celestials, and even slice entire worlds on a whim. It’s conscious and grows stronger with god blood it spills.

Now, I wouldn’t call the Necrosword the most powerful Marvel weapon ever, but it’s certainly close to that title. Whatever version we get in the MCU will certainly be a huge threat, just like the Infinity Gauntlet was when Thanos wielded it. Let’s compare All-Black the Necrosword with other Marvel weapons to see just how powerful it is.

Necrosword Vs. Mjolnir

all black weapons mjolnir

The first time we’ll see All-Black in the MCU will be in Thor: Love and Thunder, so it’s only logical we compare it to the God of Thunder’s hammer, Mjolnir. 

Now, I want to highlight that we’ve seen a particular version of necroswords in the MCU before – the Collector referred to Hela’s dark swords as necroswords – but I doubt All-Black will be the same as those power-wise. We don’t know how powerful All-Balck will be, though, so we’ll compare the comic book versions instead.

All-Black the Necrosword is actually a Symbiote created by Knull, the God of Symbiotes, out of the Void, living darkness that existed before the universe was created. All-Black was forged with the sole purpose of killing gods and Celestials, and it gave the wielder unfathomable powers.

The more powerful the wielder was at the beginning, the stronger the powers of the All-Black were. Also, the more gods get murdered by All-Black, the more powerful it gets. It eventually corrupts every wielder into madness and bloodlust, as it did with Gorr, who developed an urge to kill every god in existence in every universe.

As for Mjolnir, Thor’s faithful hammer is even more powerful in the comics than it is in the MCU. Only those who are worthy can wield the hammer, and it can summon incredibly powerful storms at Thor’s demand. 

However, in the comics, it was one of the most powerful melee weapons ever created. It could destroy stars and summon energy blasts powerful enough to hurt cosmic entities such as Galactus.

In fact, Mjolnir in Thor’s hands was what eventually ended the Necrosword in the comics. Thor had to summon the full force of the God Tempest from within a dark hole that became All-Black the Necroverse to finally destroy it.

Generally, I would say that All-Black is a more powerful weapon, but Mjolnir’s potential was always amplified when in Thor’s hands.

Necrosword Vs. Stormbreaker

all black stormreaker

In the MCU, Stormbreaker is an even more powerful weapon than Mjolnir. It was forged to have the power to defeat Thanos himself, which it eventually did – it could pierce through his defenses despite the Mad Titan wielding all six Infinity Stones.

In the comics, the origins of Stormbreaker are different. Eitri forged it at the request of Odin, who wanted to give it to Beta Ray Bill since his son, Thor, wielded Mjolnir. Stormbreaker was insanely powerful, but I wouldn’t say more powerful than Mjolnir. 

However, instead of an unworthy wielder not being able to lift it, it would blow the person up. Yeah, it’s safer not to try wielding it at all, am I right?


Anyone Can Lift Stormbreaker in the MCU, but What about Marvel Comics?

So, if the Stormbreaker and All-Black the Necrosword went against each other, which would come out on top? Well, it would depend on the wielder. As I’ve mentioned, All-Black grows in power as it spills the blood of gods. Also, if the wielder is powerful, to begin with, it’d only amplify the power of the Necrosword.

Generally, I think that the comic book version of the Necrosword beats Stormbreaker. In the MCU, we still don’t know because, firstly, Stormbreaker is more powerful than it is in the comics, and secondly, we don’t know the scope of how powerful All-Black will be in the MCU with Gorr the God Butcher as its wielder.

Necrosword Vs. Infinity Gauntlet

all black weapons infinity gauntlet

Infinity Stones are six different “concepts” that create the universe as a whole. When their might is put together, they have the power to eliminate the entire universe with a single snap. We haven’t seen that in the MCU because Thanos’ goal with the Gauntlet wasn’t to eradicate the universe itself but half of the living creatures in it. If he wanted to do it, though, he could have.

Now, the Necrosword had that kind of power when it became All-Black the Necroverse and started to devour the universe itself into a black hole. However, it’s not its usual M.O. It can slay gods but not destroy the universe on a whim. If it could, Knull would do it the moment he forged the sword.

That being said, the power of All-Black depends on the wielder, just like the power of the Infinity Gauntlet depends on the wielder, too. Most creatures in the universe aren’t powerful enough to wield a single Infinity Stone without dying, let alone all six. So, it’s not really a universal weapon that anyone could use, whereas the Necrosword is.

Sure, it would corrupt most beings the moment they touched it, but they could still wield it. That’s why the answer to this question is not that simple – it depends on the wielder. Generally, the Infinity Gauntlet has more power than All-Black.

However, if Galactus wielded the Necrosword (as he did), it had the power to single-slice entire planets. At the same time, if an ordinary human tried wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, it would be useless and would just kill the wielder instantly.

Necrosword Vs. Ultimate Nullifier

all black weapons ultimate nullifier

This is the first time that All-Black is the clear loser of the battle of Marvel weapons. The Ultimate Nullifier is one of the most powerful weapons ever created in Marvel comics. It’s a small device that looks like a remote controller. However, with a push of a button, it can turn everything – into nothing.

It’s considered a cosmic-level threat, but in the wrong hands, the Ultimate Nullifier could go further and “nullify” the entire multiverse. That kind of power is something All-Black the Necrosword never had.

Necrosword Vs. Ebony Blade

all black weapons ebony blade

For those who don’t know, the Ebony Blade is the weapon wielded by Black Knight. It was created by the wizard Merlin in the medieval ages when the first Black Knight appeared and was passed on through generations ever since. 

We’ve seen a glimpse of Ebony Blade in the Eternals movie where Kit Harrington’s character, Dane Whitman, realized his family heritage was the Ebony Blade and that his ancestors were Black Knights before him.

The weapon has astonishing powers. Similar to All-Black, however, it feeds on the rage and negative emotions of the wielder. Very few people could control the Ebony Blade, which is why some Black Knights were corrupted by its powers. There’s a curse attached to the blade that instigates bloodlust in its wielder.


Black Knight Vs. Thor: Who Would Win and Why?

However, if its full power is unleashed, it’s a weapon that can destroy everything in its path, at the cost of the corruption of the wielder.

We’ve seen it match up with All-Black in the comics when Knull had an encounter with Black Knight. The God of Symbiotes told Black Knight that he has no idea what kind of power he’s holding in his hands, if only he were to embrace it.

In the comics, I still think that All-Black is the deadlier weapon, but seeing that both are getting introduced into the MCU at about the same time, I can see the potential matchup being portrayed as equal in power. I’d love to see Black Knight and Gorr (or Knull, if he were to appear) duke it out with All-Black and Ebony Blade to see which comes out on top.

Necrosword Vs. God Of Light Divine Ax

all black weapons divine

Mjolnir was powerful enough to break Knull’s jaw. The Silver Surfer’s board turned into a sword in Silver Surfer: Black and held its own against the Necrosword and Knull. And then, in King in Black #5, the end of the God of Symbiotes finally came – when the two weapons were merged into one.

Eddie Brock and Venom were hosts to the almighty Enigma Force, a long-time enemy to Knull. They used its Uni-Power to merge Mjolnir and Surfer’s board into one unfathomably powerful weapon – a Divine Ax. That’s the powers of the Enigma Force, Odinforce, and Power Cosmic merged into one being wielding the weapon.

It was powerful enough to deliver blow after blow to Knull, eventually plunging him into the heart of a sun and disintegrating him, resulting in the death of the God of Symbiotes and Venom becoming the new King in Black, the leader of the Symbiote Hive.

Knull with All-Black could do nothing against such a weapon, so it’s clear that the Divine Ax was more powerful than the Necrosword. Unfortunately, it didn’t last for long, as Mjolnir and Surfer’s Board separated and went back to their respective owners while the Enigma Force left Eddie and Venom for good.

Necrosword Vs. Odinsword

all black weapons odinsword

The Odinsword was a weapon wielded by Odin, empowered with his Odinforce. Seeing that Odinforce is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, it’s clear that the Odinsword was one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, too. As Odin said, its real name was Ragnarok, forged to end all things.


What is Odinsleep in the Comics and in the MCU?

However, it wasn’t a match for All-Black during their encounter. Three Thors battled Knull and All-Black. One of them, Old King Thor, wielded the Odinsword and Mjolnir together, and it still wasn’t enough to overpower the God of Symbiotes and his Necrosword. That’s why I believe that the Necrosword alone is more powerful than Odinsword.

Necrosword Vs. The Darkhold

all black weapons darkhold

The Darkhold is not a weapon, per se, but rather a book of malicious spells created by Chthon, an almighty entity that wants nothing but chaos and death. We’ve seen how dangerous it can be if it gets into the wrong hands – just look at what it did to Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange 2.

Like All-Black, the Darkhold corrupts its users, causing them to turn evil and blood-thirsty. It contains spells of incredible powers, capable of shattering the multiverse itself. However, only sorcerers and witches have the ability to actually use it. It’s not something you can really use in battle.

I chose to put it on the list because we’ve just seen it in the MCU, and All-Black is getting there right now, as well. If you compare only their powers, the Darkhold and Necrosword are around the same level. However, if you compare them as weapons, All-Black is far more dangerous, as it’s clearly more effective in battle regardless of who uses it and much more difficult to destroy.

Necrosword Vs. Godbomb

all black weapons godbomb

In the comics, Gorr the God Butcher takes his cause to another level. He’s not satisfied with simply using All-Black to slay gods one by one. So, he creates the Godbomb, a device that, when activated, would kill every god that exists – in every universe.

And the only way it could be activated was with All-Black, the Necrosword itself. It was never activated, though, as Gorr was stopped before he could do it.


Why Does Gorr Hate Gods & Wants to Kill Them All?

That being said, it’s obvious that the Godbomb is more powerful than All-Black. The Necrosword can slay gods one by one, but it’s only the key to activating the Godbomb, which can kill all the gods at once.

Necrosword Vs. Heart Of The Universe

all black weapons heart of the universe

The Heart of the Universe is a weapon that is still incredibly mysterious, and its full powers unknown. We don’t even know in the Earth-616 universe has a Heart of the Universe. 

However, we’ve seen the weapon portrayed in Marvel Universe: The End #2 and described as omnipotent, with the power to do anything one can imagine, including shattering the universe itself on a whim. The issue claims the Heart of the Universe can fight and beat the most powerful cosmic entities, such as the Living Tribunal themselves.

Seeing that the Heart of the Universe has the potential to be the most powerful weapon ever in Marvel Comics, it’s safe to say that it’s more powerful than the Necrosword, too.

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