All 26 Classroom of the Elite “Story Arcs” (Events) in Order (Light Novel, Manga & Anime)

All x Classroom of the Elite Story Arcs in Order (Light Novel, Manga & Anime)

Yōkoso jitsuryoku shijō shugi no kyōshitsu e, abbreviated Youzitsu and best known as Classroom of the Elite, is a Japanese light novel series written by Shōgo Kinugasa and illustrated by Shunsaku Tomose. It has been adapted into a manga and an anime series, both of which are still ongoing. The story follows the perspective of Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, a quiet and unassuming boy who, after meeting Suzune Horikita and Kikyō Kushida, starts to get involved in many affairs. Now, since neither the light novel/manga nor the anime are over, you can still enjoy a lot of material. To prepare you for that, here is a thorough guide to all the Classroom of the Elite arcs.

How many Classroom of the Elite arcs, volumes, and chapters are there?

The original Classroom of the Elite light novel series has two parts. The first one consisted of a total of 11 main volumes (and three 0.5 volumes), while the second, currently ongoing, has 11 main volumes (and one 0.5 volume). The manga adaptation is ongoing, and both parts are currently being adapted, with the first one consisting of 12 and the second of just 3 volumes; there is also a spin-off manga consisting of two volumes. On top of that, the anime series is also ongoing and is currently in its third season.

Now, since it is a light novel series, the original Classroom of the Elite is not divided into classical arcs like traditional manga and anime works. The two main arcs are the 1st and 2nd Year Arcs, but they are not arcs in the traditional sense. This is why the structure of this article is going to be a bit different, but you are going to find out everything you need to.


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Classroom of the Elite arcs in order

This section is going to list all the major manga arcs and give you some basic info about their plots.

1st Year Arc

As we’ve stated, the series is not divided into classical arcs. A major “event” that can be considered an arc is the 1st Year Arc, which consists of numerous smaller events. The structure, roughly, looks like this:

EventLight NovelMangaAnime
School Enrollment — First Semester’s Midterm ExamVolume 1Room 0.5 to Room 8S1E01 to S1E03
Case of Assault IncidentVolume 2Room 9 to Room 15S1E04 to S1E06
Deserted Island Special TestVolume 3Room 16 to Room 27S1E08 (partially),
S1E09 to S1E12
Cruise Ship Special TestVolume 4Room 28 to Room 51S1E08 (partially),
S2E01 to S2E03
Late Summer VacationVolume 4.5Room 52 to Room 55S1E07 
(loosely, with many plot changes)
Sports FestivalVolume 5Room 56 to TBAS2E04 to S2E06
Second Semester’s Final ExamVolume 6N/AS2E07 to S2E09
The Search for XVolume 7N/AS2E10 to S2E12
Winter VacationVolume 7.5N/AS2E13
Mixed Training CampVolume 8N/AN/A
Spread of the RumoursVolume 9N/AN/A
The Class PollVolume 10N/AN/A
Event Selection ExamVolume 11N/AN/A
End of a YearVolume 11.5N/AN/A

We are now going to give you a short narrative overview of each of these events so you roughly know what is going on:

School Enrollment — First Semester’s Midterm Exam

Class D lost all the private points they had and are now in a pickle because their tally for the next month is 0. Some of the better students hold private tutoring lessons to increase their points, but the class is suddenly struck with a surprise test their professor forgot to tell them about. Now, they have to use their wits and skills to get out of this tricky situation.

Case of Assault Incident

Ken Sudō of Class D is accused of being a violent bully towards three Class C students. He claims to be innocent and that they are framing him, so Class D has to intervene to help him. It turns out that Airi Sakura witnessed the event, but since she is from Class D, her testimony is problematic as she is not considered a reliable witness.

Deserted Island Special Test

The students go on a luxury liner on a deserted island, and they are actually looking forward to this because a week on a deserted island seems like something fun. But, it turns out that – on the island – a special test with the theme of freedom awaits them on the island. The students are divided into classes and have to use their wits to pass the special exam.


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Cruise Ship Special Test

After the test on the deserted island, the students are on their way home on the luxury liner, but it turns out that there is another test there. The students receive an e-mail, and a test with the theme of thinking begins. They are, once again, divided into groups and have to use their wits and abilities to find a way to pass yet another special exam.

Late Summer Vacation

The special tests are finally over, and the students have managed to earn a well-deserved break. Summer vacation is also starting, and the students have to deal with their own issues outside of school, which brings us an insight into their lives from a different perspective.

Sports Festival

The summer vacation is over, and the second semester is beginning. The students return to the school, and the protagonists from Class D now have to participate in the famous Sports Festival. This is a test as well, but it is something different than they have faced before, so they have to prepare themselves properly to perform as best as they can.

Second Semester’s Final Exam

The time has come for the students of the school to take the second semester’s final exam. This is, like the others, a very special exam, and this time, it is called Paper Shuffle, so the students have a lot to prepare for. This is a very important moment in the series, so the students have to give it their all once again.

The Search for X

The second semester is almost over. It is winter, and the atmosphere is a little less tense in the academic sense. But, the students are dealing with their own issues, and the focus is on the mysterious mastermind of Class D, who is known only as X. Who is he? The search for X’s identity is the principal point of this arc.

Winter Vacation

The second 0.5 volume arc, the story is actually a chronicle of a very short story that happened during the students’ winter vacation. It is less serious in tone and shows the students’ personal lives.

Mixed Training Camp

As you might imagine, with the start of a new semester, the situation is changing once again. A new special exam is to take place, called the Mixed Training Camp special exam. The students are divided into various groups and have to show what they can do in a completely new type of exam.

Spread of the Rumours

The situation among the students is escalating and rumors about Ichinose Honami being a criminal start spreading around the school. This is a complex moment where the students’ interpersonal issues reach a peak of sorts, and we can expect a series of thrills and mysteries to come to the forefront of this event.


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The Class Poll

Spring has come. The school is ready to admit a series of new students while the current students are preparing for the final exam of the third semester. But, since no one has been expelled so far, the school decided to organize yet another special test – the Class Poll, which will once again test the students’ resilience.

Event Selection Exam

The last special exam of the first year is taking place, and it is as thrilling as you might expect. Why? Well, the final duel – Ayanokōji vs. Sakayanagi – is going to take place, and the atmosphere is significantly heating up because it is one of the most highly-anticipated moments in the series.

End of a Year

The school year is over, and things are calming down. A new School Revelation is about to start, and the original series is ending, which is a proper way to end the series.

2nd Year Arc

As above, the structure is somewhat special, and it looks roughly like this:

EventLight NovelManga
First Special ExamVolume 1Room 1 to TBA
Formation of GroupsVolume 2N/A
First Half of Uninhabited Island TestVolume 3N/A
Conclusion of Uninhabited Island TestVolume 4N/A
Summer Vacation on the Cruise ShipVolume 4.5N/A
Unanimous Vote Special ExamVolume 5N/A
Second Year Sports FestivalVolume 6N/A
Cultural FestivalVolume 7N/A
School TripVolume 8N/A
Co-Operative Written TestVolume 9N/A
Second Winter BreakVolume 9.5N/A
Survival and Dropout Special ExamVolume 10N/A

We are now going to give you a short narrative overview of each of these events so you roughly know what is going on:

First Special Exam

The second year is starting, and what happens? A special test, of course! The second-year students are partnered with first-years, and they have to take a special exam together which, if failed, will bring trouble for both groups.

Formation of Groups

And while Kiyotaka Ayanokōji managed to avoid the traps set by the first-years, his exams are flawless, which surprises everyone. Rumors about there being irregularities are starting to spread, and the atmosphere is once again heating up.

First Half of Uninhabited Island Test

The summer arrives, and once again, the uninhabited island test is held. The students are now more experienced, but the dangers are greater, too, which means that the challenge of passing the exam is going to be tougher than the year before.

Conclusion of Uninhabited Island Test

The uninhabited island test turned out to be quite a survival exam, which is as thrilling as it sounds. But it is slowly coming to an end, and the students’ wits are going to be tested to the maximum.

Summer Vacation on the Cruise Ship

It is a small 0.5-volume arc that is set during the summer vacation. The students are aboard a luxury cruiser, but the situation is everything but luxurious and vacation-y, so there’s that.

Unanimous Vote Special Exam

The second semester begins, and while the usual sports festival is announced, a new – cultural festival is also announced for the first time. But that is not the issue. Namely, a new special exam – the Unanimous Vote Special Exam – is to take place. It is dubbed the simplest, as well as the most cruel special exam in the school’s history.

Second-Year Sports Festival

The Unanimous Vote Special Exam took its toll on the students, and in such a dire situation, they have to prepare for the upcoming sports festival, which is going to be different than the one before.


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Cultural Festival

The sports festival is over, and the students are preparing for the first-ever cultural festival, which is going to be something completely new. How will they manage? This arc will reveal it all!

School Trip

The finals are over, and the school has announced that the students are going on a trip. The destination is Hokkaido; there won’t be a special test, and the students will be able to ski and sightsee. But that doesn’t mean that it will be boring.

Co-Operative Written Test

As the students return from their trip, a final second-semester exam is announced – the Cooperative Written Test. The students will have to show off their knowledge in a written test in which they will have to work together.

Second Winter Break

Another small (0.5) arc in which the characters are actually on winter vacation. The arc provides us with another insight into their private affairs.

Survival and Dropout Special Exam

The third semester has begun, and the students are immediately bombarded with a special exam – the Survival and Dropout Special Exam. A difficult task for the students that will influence the future in many ways.

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