Who Is the Traitor in Classroom of the Elite? (& Why?)

Who Is the Traitor in Classroom of the Elite? (& Why?)

One of the most important plot elements in Classroom of the Elite was the betrayal of Class C to Class D during the Sports Festival. It was a pivotal moment and Volume 5, in which it was revealed, was one of the most thrilling volumes of the original series. Now, the identity of the traitor was a big question throughout the story and while the author hinted at the traitor’s identity in Volume 4, the truth was finally revealed in Volume 6. In this article, we are going to tell you who the traitor in Classroom of the Elite is and why they did it in the first place.

In Volume 6 of Classroom of the Elite, it is revealed that Shiho Manabe was the traitor. She recorded Kakeru Ryūen’s plan on winning the festival and sent it to Class D, which allowed them to win. As it turned out, Shiho has been secretly blackmailed by Kiyotaka to be the traitor and she was found out by Ryūen in Volume 6 of the series.

The rest of this article is going to be focused on Shiho’s betrayal of Class C during the Sports Festival. We are going to reveal what exactly happened in the volumes that chronicled these events, as well as why Shiho betrayed her class in the first place. You’re also going to find what happened to Shiho after these events.

Who is the traitor in Classroom of the Elite?

The events we are about to describe began in Volume 5 of the light novel series and ultimately ended in Volume 6, with the consequences being tackled in some later volumes as well, but not directly. Namely, after the long summer holidays, the sports festival awaited the D-Class, as well as all the other classes, of course. However, the Tokyo Advanced Nurturing High School wouldn’t have planned such a superficial event, right? As it turned out, during the festival, the three years are split into two teams, White and Red, with the A-Class and D-Class teams teaming up against the B-Class and C-Class. In addition, a ranking is given for each competition, and points can be obtained with a good ranking.

Sudō, who had been causing trouble until then, becomes Class D’s trump card, and students confident in their physical abilities are full of anticipation. Meanwhile, Horikita, without changing his methods, creates many conflicts. This opportunity is not missed by Ryūen, the leader of Class C, and a traitor who conceals himself among the ranks of Class C.


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Ryūen informs C-Class that there is a traitor and a meeting will be held to find out who it is. He also announces that there is a person named “X” guiding Class D out of the shadows (“X” is Ayanokōji). After discussing the events of the sports festival, Ryūen concludes that X’s intention during the festival was simply to mess with Horikita.

Ryūen also searches for the traitor, knowing it is either Manabe or one of his friends. After the announcement, he asks everyone to leave except for his top minions Ibuki and the traitors to interrogate them. After Manabe explains everything that happened on the cruise, Ryūen asks her if anyone saw them bullying Karuizawa, to whom she tells Ayanokōji and Yukimura.

After hearing this, Kaneda (a person Ryūen recognizes as helpful) says it’s definitely Yukimura or Ayanokōji, but suspects Yukimura as he doesn’t know him well and Ayanokōji doesn’t see him as a guide to the evil shadow. . Ryūen acknowledges this, but doesn’t rule out someone controlling her.

Why did Shiho betray Class C?

Manabe was first introduced in volume 4, and during the Cruise Special Test, she was placed in the Rabbit group along with Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, Honami Ichinose, Kei Karuizawa, her partner Mio Ibuki, and several others. During the test, Manabe and her friends Nanami Yabu and Saki Yamashita, who were in the same group, had conflicts with Karuizawa, when they accused the latter of pushing her friend Rika and demanded that she apologized to her.

Karuizawa pretended not to know about it and used Class 1-A’s Machida as a shield, which annoyed Manabe even more. After one of her group meetings, they took Karuizawa to the emergency stairs of the cruise ship and confronted her about her incident with Rika. Since Karuizawa refused to admit that she pushed her, Manabe lost her temper and started hurting her. At this point, Karuizawa abandoned her usual arrogant personality and panicked. However, they were interrupted by Teruhiko Yukimura and Kiyotaka, who had been watching them.

Shiho Manabe Manga

Manabe and her friends decided to leave, but they were warned not to tell anyone about what had just happened. Later, Manabe received several anonymous messages, all of which were from Kiyotaka, inciting her hatred towards Karuizawa. He proposed that they work together to get revenge on her. Manabe agreed and he told her what she had to do.

Later, she and her group of friends, including Rika, encountered Karuizawa in the lower levels of the cruiser and beat her to vent her anger at her. However, her actions were surreptitiously recorded by Kiyotaka. This is the origin of Shiho’s betrayal of her own class.

What happened to Shiho after the betrayal?

In volume 10, as Ryūen was in danger of being expelled due to his bad reputation in his class, Ibuki and Ishizaki asked Kiyotaka for help to save him. The night before the Class Survey, Kiyotaka arranged a meeting between Ibuki, Ishizaki, and Honami in his room. They collected 5 million private points from Ryūen and decided to expel Manabe to save him, with the help of Hiyori Shiina.

Also, Kiyotaka asked Honami to tell her class to cast votes of praise for Ryūen. In exchange, Ibuki gave Honami the private points he needed to prevent someone from Class B from being expelled, and to ensure the integrity of their deal, Kiyotaka acted as a witness. As a result, Manabe received the most critical votes and was expelled from the school instead of Ryūen.

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