12 Best Anime Like Record of Ragnarok

anime like record of ragnarok

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Record of Ragnarok on Netflix is actually a pretty good anime for those who enjoy anime with plenty of battles and somewhat over-the-top power levels. Of course, what makes this anime so intriguing is the fact that it involves a war between humans and gods to determine whether or not humanity should still be allowed to continue to exist. And it is the fact that the greatest humans in history are asked to fight the greatest gods in history that make the action quite interesting.

That said, while there aren’t a lot of anime series that involve gods in a tournament against humans, the thing is that there are still anime series that are similar to Record of Ragnarok in terms of their premise and over-the-top power levels. So, with that said, let’s look at some of the anime series that are like Record of Ragnarok.

12. YuYu Hakusho (1992 – 1995)


YuYu Hakusho is one of the most beloved anime series of the 90s because of how it helped revolutionize the shonen genre during that era. It follows the story of a detective that ended up gaining the powers of a spirit detective when he ended up getting a second chance at life after sacrificing his life to save a young boy. In that regard, he ended up teaming up with different supernatural characters in an attempt to battle enemies that seek to threaten humans.


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Why It’s Like Record of Ragnarok: The reason why YuYu Hakusho is like Record of Ragnarok is that, while it doesn’t involve gods, it still involves a tournament that actually helped decide the future of the world. And it’s up to the good guys to win the tournament to stop their enemies from threatening the human world.

11. Platinum End (2021)

platinum end

Platinum End follows the story of several people who were chosen to become god candidates in the sense that they were asked to fight in an all-out tournament to determine who had the right to become the next god. The angels that chose them to become god candidates gave them incredible abilities that allowed them to either kill or take control over other people or god candidates. As such, a good part of the series follows the story of these characters fighting against each other in the real world to determine who becomes the next god.

Why It’s Like Record of Ragnarok: The reason why Platinum End is like Record of Ragnarok is the fact that it included a tournament that was held to determine the very fate of existence itself. While the tournament may not be about gods, it still involved characters that were given godlike abilities so that they could duke it out to determine who needed to become god.

10. Knights of the Zodiac (2019 – 2022)

knights of zodiac

Knights of the Zodiac follows a story that’s full of different references to Greek gods and mythology. It follows the story of 12 incredibly powerful beings that are based on the 12 zodiac signs. These are called the saints, who lived their lives to protect the Greek goddess Athena’s honor. As such, the entire storyline revolves around Seiya, who wants to be a saint as well.

Why It’s Like Record of Ragnarok: Aside from the fact that Knights of the Zodiac references Greek mythology a few times, it is similar to Record of Ragnarok in the sense that it has a lot of action. Of course, there is also the fact that the action involves fights between people who want to become a saint.

9. Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters (2000 – 2004)

yu gi oh 1

Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters is probably the most different anime series here because it revolves around a card game that ended up becoming one of the most popular real-life card games in the world. The story follows a young boy who is actually housing the spirit of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh of legend. Empowered by the spirit of the Pharaoh, Yugi and his friends seek to use the power of their cards to fight evil beings that also seek to use the power of ancient Egyptian artifacts for their own selfish desires.

Why It’s Like Record of Ragnarok: Yu-Gi-Oh may be about a card game, but it is similar to Record of Ragnarok because of how there are references to Egyptian gods in this anime. Of course, we can’t forget about the fact that this anime involves plenty of different tournaments that could determine the fate of the world.

8. Blood of Zeus (2020)

blood of zeus

Technically not a Japanese anime, Blood of Zeus is an American animated series that follows the story of a common man who is trying to find out more about his past life. However, he ends up discovering the fact that he is the son of Zeus, and that is where his journey begins as he embarks on dangerous missions to defeat a demonic army. But Hera, Zeus’s wife, tries to get in his way because she has become tired of her husband’s womanizing.

Why It’s Like Record of Ragnarok: While Blood of Zeus doesn’t involve a tournament of any kind, what makes it similar to Record of Ragnarok is the fact that it involves a lot of references to Greek mythology. And we know for a fact that the Greek gods are some of the most prominent gods in Record of Ragnarok.

7. Vinland Saga (2019 – Present)


Vinland Saga is an anime that is actually closer to real life than any of the other anime series on this list because of how it sought to reimagine the Viking Age more than 1,100 years ago. The anime follows the story of Thorfinn as he joins a band of Viking mercenaries in an attempt to become strong enough to kill the leader of this band of mercenaries to avenge the death of his father. It’s an anime series that’s full of rage, emotions, anger, and action.


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Why It’s Like Record of Ragnarok: Vinland Saga doesn’t have any of the over-the-top power levels and supernatural elements that we saw in Record of Ragnarok. But it is similar because it involves plenty of fights. There is also the fact that this anime also references Norse mythology, considering that the Vikings are Norsemen.

6. Fate


If you’ve noticed, we didn’t say exactly which Fate series you should watch because they are all generally similar in terms of their premise. There are plenty of Fate anime series you can choose from, but they are all similar in the sense that they follow a story that focuses on a tournament of mages to determine who should have the opportunity to make a wish using the Holy Grail. And all of these mages employ the services of Servants, which are the spirits of legendary historical people.

Why It’s Like Record of Ragnarok: The reason why Fate is so similar to Record of Ragnarok is the fact that it involves a tournament that could very well have the fate of the entire world at stake. And like Record of Ragnarok, the mages in Fate employ powerful Servants that we’ve only read in history books, as that was the case in Record of Ragnarok when humanity made us of the spirits of some of the most prominent humans in history.

5. The God of High School (2020)

god of high school

The God of High School starts out as a seemingly simple martial arts tournament involving some of the strongest teenagers in the country. However, it ends up becoming a tournament that involves incredible godlike powers that were manifested by these teenagers. And before we know it, the entire affair becomes a fight that involves the fate of the entire world.

Why It’s Like Record of Ragnarok: The God of High School may not have any references to gods, but the storyline is similar to Record of Ragnarok because it involves a tournament that eventually escalated into something that could very well affect the entire world.

4. Noragami (2014 – Present)


Noragami follows the story of a deity called the Deliver God called Yato, whose only goal is to increase his followers so that he can have his own shrine. However, he struggles to have any luck while he is killing and destroying evil spirits. But a girl named Hiyori ends up changing his life when she saves him from a car accident. The accident forced the girl’s spirit to become “loose,” as she would end up entering her spirit form from time to time to join Yato in his adventures.

Why It’s Like Record of Ragnarok: Noragami is similar to Record of Ragnarok because it has plenty of references to gods and deities, although it mainly references Japanese mythology. While there are no tournaments in Noragami, the gods themselves are involved in an affair that has the fate of the world at stake.

3. Baki (2001 – Present)


Baki is an anime series that has been running for a long time already, as the anime adaptation of the manga often goes on long breaks. But ever since the series was picked up by Netflix, it has been quite religious in continuing the story of Baki Hanma in his quest to become the greatest fighter in the world. Of course, the man he has to defeat to reach his goal is his own father, who is the strongest man the world has ever seen.


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Why It’s Like Record of Ragnarok: Baki may not involve gods as it should be something that’s grounded to reality (even though it is still over-the-top), but the fact that there are several tournaments and a lot of action scenes in this anime makes it similar to Record of Ragnarok.

2. Kengan Ashura (2019 – Present)


Kengan Ashura is another Netflix anime series that follows the story of martial artists in a tournament involving several other powerful fighters. In this storyline, several martial artists, which are sponsored by powerful companies, fight in a tournament to determine which company will control the business world. And like Baki and a lot of other martial arts anime, it involves plenty of over-the-top action scenes.

Why It’s Like Record of Ragnarok: Kengan Ashura doesn’t involve any gods at all, but the entire anime revolves around a tournament that is being held to determine who will have control. This is similar to the premise of Record of Ragnarok, which involves a tournament to determine the fate of humanity.

1. Dragon Ball Super (2015 – Present)

dragon ball

Dragon Ball Super is the continuation story of the famous Dragon Ball Z anime that ended back in the 90s. This continuation to Dragon Ball involves Goku, Vegeta, and their other companions in their attempt to become stronger after they discover the existence of gods that are much more powerful than they are. As such, Goku ended up becoming a godlike being as well as he faced challenges that not only involved the fate of his planet but the fate of the entire universe as well.

Why It’s Like Record of Ragnarok: While the gods in Dragon Ball Super are no references to any gods in mythology, this anime is still similar to Record of Ragnarok because of how it involves gods. Of course, the Tournament of Power is similar to the tournament in Record of Ragnarok because this tournament involves the fate of several universes that exist in Dargon Ball.

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