All 40 Lifetime Thriller Movies

All 40 Lifetime Thriller Movies

Lifetime Network is usually known for drama movies and tv shows that deal with women’s issues and feature them in a plethora of leading roles. One big genre that Lifetime has been dealing with over the years is thriller movies. While some have been praised for depth, acting, and screenplay, most of them received not-so-favorable reviews. Having said that let’s take a look at lifetime thriller movies and who knows, maybe you even find your next favorite movie on it.

1. Angels Fall (2007)

angels fall

In Angels Fall, Reece Gilmore decided to move to a small town in Wyoming after she was the sole survivor of the fatal Boston shooting. She finds a job and finally starts to fit in and socialize when she witnesses another murder yet again. Torn between scars of the past and new budding love, will Reece make the right choice? 

1. The Bad Seed (2018)

The Bad Seed 2018

The Bad Seed follows a recently widowed father and his daughter Emma. Emma is a seemingly normal and cheerful child, whose facade of innocence starts crumbling down after her father suspects she played a part in the tragic death of her classmate. As the father starts to deal with the ramifications of her daughter’s mental status, more sinister plans start forming in Emma’s mind. 

2. The Bad Seed Returns (2022)

The Bad Seed Returns 2022

A sequel to Bad Seed from 2018. Emma is living with her Aunt Angela after the “tragic passing” of her father happened 4 years ago. She is a teenager and at first, glance has all the usual hobbies and interests of a teenage girl. Emma manages to juggle high school, friends, boyfriends, and an occasional act of cruelty and murder she commits. Her world is once again threatened as one of her friends, and her foster father starts to suspect her involvement in tragic events that seem to follow her. 

3. Beautiful & Twisted (2015)

Beautiful Twisted 2015

Benji ‘Ben’ Novack married a stripper, what was at first a sizzling hot romance soon turned into a paranoid hell. After his mother is murdered, Benji starts doubting his new wife, and after his suspicions were confirmed, his death was next to follow. Beautiful & Twisted follows the true story of Narcissa’s conviction for the murders of both her husband and her mother-in-law. 

4. Big Driver (2014) 

Big Driver 2014

Big Driver was based on the novel written by Stephen King. It follows Tess Thorne the crime-mystery writer who finds herself as a victim of horrific events after she is stranded in the middle of nowhere. She is approached by a man who rapes her and leaves her for dead, while she is trying to save her life, she discovers more victims of the same man. The story gets more twisted as Tess attempts to avenge both her life and the lives of three murdered girls. 

5. Black Widow (2007) 

Black Widow 2007

In Black Widow millionaire Danny Keegan is smitten by young and charming Olivia. His first impression however is not shared by his friends who seem to doubt her. It would seem that Olivia is hiding more than a few skeletons in the closer, as Danny’s friend struggles to bring the truth to the light. 

6. Bond of Silence (2010)

Bond of Silence 2010

Bond of Silence is a chilling story that follows a teenage party with deadly consequences. Shane Batesman organizes a party, his neighbor Bob has more than a few complaints, and after visiting the house, he never comes back. His death was attributed to a heart attack. But his widow is doubtful, and will not rest until she finds the truth. 


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7. The Bride He Bought Online (2015)

The Bride He Bought Online 2015

Up next on our list of Lifetime thriller movies we have the Bride he Bought Online. It’s the story about a cruel prank played online being made even worse. Three girls decide to “pull a fast one” on a socially inept programmer. Things take a turn for the worse when he uses his computer skills to find out who they are, and get his vengeance. 

8. Carolina Moon (2007)

Carolina Moon 2007

Young Tory Bodeen was blessed by mystical powers of clairvoyance from birth, however, her life was everything except blessed. After she witnessed a murder she decided to move on. Many years later, when she decided to come back to her hometown, she realizes that nothing really changed, in order to face her own demons, Tory will attempt to solve the murder of her long-lost friend.

9. Cyberstalker (2012)

Cyberstalker 2012

Cyberstalker deals with the issues of online privacy and what happens when things go severely wrong. Aiden Ashley’s parents were murdered after an online stalker managed to track her down and find her address. Traumatized, Ashley decides to avoid the internet for the rest of her life. Her nightmare resurfaces again when she decides to open up a bit more toward public life. 

10. A Daughter’s Nightmare (2014)

Daughters Nightmare 2014

Ariel Morgan had a hard time dealing with her father’s death. Things got even worse as soon as she decided to move to college and her mother found a new love interest. Ariel doesn’t agree with her mother’s choices and feels that something is wrong with her mother’s new partner. 

11. A Deadly Adoption (2015)

A Deadly Adoption 2015

A Deadly Adoption revolves around a family torn apart by tragic events. The married couple first lost their unborn child and then, the ability to have more biological children. In a hard decision, they decide to shelter a pregnant woman and even adopt her still unborn child. Their possible dreams will turn out to be a nightmare as the pregnant woman has different plans. 

12. Deadly Love (1995)

Deadly Love 1995

Deadly Love follows Rebecca Barnes. Rebecca is a photographer and a vampire. In order to fulfill her biological needs, Rebecca kills people to sustain herself. Things get interesting when Detective Sean O’Connor recognizes Rebecca’s involvement in several bloody cold cases. Rebecca now needs to figure out how to get out of this mess, as well as how to manage the growing connection she feels toward the detective.


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13. Death of a Cheerleader (2019) 

Death of a Cheerleader 2019

If Death of a Cheerleader can teach us anything, it’s to be careful who you are rude to in High School. Bridget Moretti is not as socially skilled as other more popular girls in the school, but she hatches a plan to befriend one popular cheerleader. Things get messy and complicated when that cheerleader ends up dead after she was seen and heard rejecting Bridget into her clique. 

14. Death Saved My Life (2021) 

Death Saved My Life 2021

Jade seemingly has a perfect life, she has a successful career and a husband who seemingly adores her. Things take a sharp turn for the worse when Ed (Jade’s husband) accuses her of cheating on him. Jade starts to consider divorce, Ed finds out and things escalate. Death Saved My Life is a tragic and chilling story of a ruined marriage. 

15. Devil’s Pond (2003)

Devils Pond 2003

Devil’s Pond follows a newlywed couple on their dream honeymoon. For the wife, the deserted heavenly island soon becomes the worst nightmare as she truly gets to know her new husband.

16. Every Mother’s Worst Fear (1998)

Every Mothers Worst Fear 1998

After the divorce of her parents, Martha Hoagland turned to the internet for comfort. She met a charming man who cared about her deeply, or so she thought. Things were quite different in reality, as she will soon find out that she was actually chatting with a dangerous predator all along. 

17. Fatal Desire (2006)

Fatal Desire 2006

Our next movie, Fatal Desire is similar to Every Mother’s Worst Feat as it deals with the theme of deception. Joe finds himself looking for love after his recent divorce. He thought he found love again when he met Tanya online. After they decide to meet, he will soon discovers that Tanya is not who she claims she is. 


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18. Girl in Room 13 (2022)

Girl in Room 13 2022

Grace got herself addicted to opioids after a shocking sports injury that seemingly ruined her life. After recovery, Grace is struggling to get back to her feet but her past just won’t let go and threatens to pull her down once again. 

19. Girl in the Shed: The Kidnapping of Abby Hernandez (2022)

Girl in the Shed The Kidnapping of Abby Hernandez 2022

Girl in the Shed: The Kidnapping of Abby Hernandez is a movie based on a true story. It follows the kidnapping of Abby Hernandez and the tragic events that followed it. 

20. Happy Face Killer (2014) 

Happy Face Killer 2014

This list was strangely missing some movies about serial killers, Happy Face Killer aims to redeem that. This movie released in 2014 follows the story of a notorious serial killer who managed to leave a bloody trail of victims in the span of eight years. To make matters worse, he frequently teased the police force by leaving clues marked with a happy face. 

21. Heart of the Storm (2004)

Heart of the Storm 2004

Heart of the Storm deals with a prison break. Three prisoners decided to leave their captivity in prison and brave freedom during a powerful hurricane. While escaping, they took shelter in one of the nearby houses and decide to take the family captive. 

22. Her Dark Past (2006)

Her Dark Past 2006

Her Dark Past revolves around Alice, who recently suffered amnesia. Alice naturally has trust issues and before she can fully recover she needs to learn who to trust again. Life has other plans for her as she realizes that the biggest danger to her current life is her past. 

23. High School Lover (2017)

High School Lover 2017

Kelly Winters’ high-school crush turned into a dangerous affair. Her father found out she is seeing a man 9 years older than her and decided to take matters into his own hands. 


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24. Homecoming (2009)

Homecoming 2009
Homecoming Movie

Up next we have a psychological horror thriller. A story about an ex-girlfriend unable to move on. Mike and Elizabeth come to visit his hometown due to homecoming. Things take a turn for the worse, when Mike’s ex-girlfriend Shelby, kidnaps his current girlfriend, revealing that she will do anything in her power to replace Elizabeth. 

25. The Husband She Met Online (2013)

The Husband She Met Online 2013

Rachel Maleman starts taking control of her life once again after she is cheated on by her boyfriend and co-worker John Anderson. Her luck in love seems to change when she meets a charming and wealthy man online. Soon, however, she will realize that her new suitor is not as perfect as she thinks as his dark urges come to the surface. 

26. Imaginary Friend (2012) 

Imaginary Friend 2012

The story of Imaginary Friend follows Emma. Emma is haunted by the tragic event that happened in her childhood. To cope with it, she created an imaginary friend. Her husband comes up with a plan to abuse this along with his mistress.

27. Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret (2013)

Jodi Arias Dirty Little Secret 2013

Jodie Arias: A Dirty Little Secret is based on a true story. It follows the murders and trial of Travis Alexander.

28. Killing Daddy (2014)

Killing Daddy 2014

Callie Ross suffers greatly because of the death of her mother that happened in childhood, she blames her father. When her father becomes sick, she takes that as an opportunity to take revenge. 

29. The Killing Game (2011) 

The Killing Game 2011

Eve Duncan lost her child to a murder a long time ago. She just started to move on from the event when she is contacted by a strange man. The man claims to be the murderer of her daughter. Eve will stop at nothing to uncover the truth. 


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30. Kristy (2014)

Kristy 2014

Our next thriller blends the themes of horror, thriller, and cybercrime. Justine is a poor college student who stays behind on a near-deserted college campus during the holidays. In the absence of her friends, she becomes a target of a sick and twisted cyber cult of serial killers.

31. Live Once, Die Twice (2006)

Live Once Die Twice 2006

Live Once, Die Twice follows Nicole Lauker. Nicole has a happy marriage, or so she thinks. After the tragic passing of her husband, she has many reasons to suspect he is not dead after all. We follow her story as she gets caught up in a deadly game. 

32. Long Lost Son (2006)

Long Lost Son 2006

Long lost son follows a similar theme to Live Once, Die Twice. Kristen Sheppard loses a son in a tragic drowning accident. Eventually, she figures out her son is not dead, instead, he’s living with the person that kidnapped him. 

33. Maternal Secrets /Mother Of All Secrets (2018)

Maternal Secrets 2018

Aubrey is dating a state senator, they were just visiting the Bermuda Triangle when tragedy struck. Senator died, and Aubrey is left to solve the murder. The plot is, that his mother is somehow involved and knows a lot more than anybody suspects. 


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34. A Midsummer’s Nightmare (2017)

A Midsummers Nightmare 2017

A Midsummer’s Nightmare is heavily influenced by Midsummer Night’s Dream with a unique twist with horrific consequences. The movie follows 2 young couples, who during the night of romantic escapades get trapped into something vicious and evil as they try to deal with their own secrets and fantasies. 

35. Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? (2016)

Mother May I Sleep with Danger 2016

It was about time we have a vampire flick on this list as vampires and thrillers go well together. Mother, May I Sleep with Danger follows Pearl who gets bitten and transformed into a Nightwalker vampire. Now the only issue is, how does she introduce her new vampire girlfriend to her mother?

36. My Baby Is Missing (2007)

My Baby Is Missing 2007

Jenna is entering her last stages of pregnancy, she gets a designated nurse to visit her daily. The nurse seems pleasant enough but gives her the vitamins that instantly knock her out. After waking up Jenna realizes she is in the hospital and her child is gone…

37. My Very Best Friend (1996)

My Very Best Friend 1996

One thriller with an identity theft theme. Dana Griffin is a notorious golddigger whose latest scheme fails to bear fruit. Being faced with loss and consequences she attempts to steal the life of her close friend Barabara. 

38. Poison Ivy: The Secret Society (2008)

Poison Ivy The Secret Society 2008

The story of Poison Ivy involves an innocent college student Daisy and a secret society that goes by the name “The Ivies”. Daisy soon starts butting heads with the members of the sisterhood, but the story gets worse when Daisy realizes that the elite club was involved in a tragic incident only six months ago. 

39. Saving Emily (2004)

Saving Emily 2004

After her daughter goes ill with leukemia Cheryl is forced to contact her abusive ex-husband in the hopes that he will be able to donate bone marrow to their daughter. However, the reason why the two split up is the fact that many years ago, her ex-husband murdered a man. What was supposed to be a chance for her ex-husband to redeem himself, turned into a deadly game of blackmail. 

40. Second to Die (2002) 

Second to Die 2002

Sara so far led quite a tragic life. Her chance at happiness appears when she meets Jim, her ticket out of a miserable life. Soon after marrying him, she discovers that Jim has a special-needs daughter that needs 24-hour care. Sara never imagined things will turn out like this, she considers the possibilities that can lead to her claiming a million-dollar life-insurance policy. 

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