‘All My Friends Hate Me’: Trailer for the Dark Horror Comedy on Social Anxiety Just Released

all my friends hate me

My Friends Hate Me  is a horror- comedy which follows a paranoid man called Pete reuniting with his college friends for a weekend, and being slowly convinced that they are turning against him, mocking him or trying to somehow hurt him.

The new trailer has just been released, and it leaves us wondering whether Pete’s paranoia is justified or is his social anxiety simply playing tricks on his mind.

The trailer opens up with one of Pete’s friend chasing him with an ax in a slow motion, and then it cuts and takes us to the seemingly super fun and friendly party with lots of chatting and laughs. This sudden change from this dramatic chase to friendly gathering already announces the movie’s play with both horror and comedy genre and its wish to make the contrast between the two as obvious as possible.


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The crew is celebrating and having fun, but Pete starts to notice (or starts to imagine) that his friends are a bit off and are treating him weirdly. He notices them avoiding him and being a bit too passive-aggressive, but they always seem to brush it off as a friendly banter or convince him that he is just being anxious. In the trailer, the friends do seem a bit strange towards Pete, but as we are following the plot from his point of view, it is hard to conclude whether they actually are or are we simply seeing Pete’s delusional perspective.

This “deliciously disquieting, paranoia-fuelled social anxiety horror-comedy” stars Tom Stourton, Charly Clive, Georgina Campbell, Dustin Demri-Burns, Antonia Clarke, Graham Dickson, Joshua McGuire, Christopher Fairbank, and Kieran Hodgson.

All My Friends Hate Me comes to theaters on March 11 and releases digitally on March 25.

Check out the trailer below:

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