‘American Born Chinese’ Season 2: Will It Happen?

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American Born Chinese is one of the newest hits that have landed on Disney+, and many fans were quick to binge through all eight episodes of season 1. Of course, the first season’s storyline was complete, but the problem was that it ended with a cliffhanger that left a ton of potential for a continuation of the storyline. As such, the first season was designed to have a second season, as far as the series creator was concerned.

Nevertheless, the final call will still be up to the executives over at Disney+, and that’s why there aren’t any assurances that season 2 will happen. It all depends on how well the series performs and how critics receive it. That’s why, while the first season was designed to have a continuation, season 2 isn’t entirely in the books. So, with that said, let’s look at the possibility of American Born Chinese season 2 happening and what it could be all about.

What Could American Born Chinese Season 2 Be About?

Those who love mythology and fantasy adventure storylines should find a lot of reasons to like American Born Chinese due to how it combines many factors that make a good fantasy adventure storyline. Of course, while it is set in the modern age, it follows the usual fantasy adventure themes that focus on elements such as magic, martial arts, and deities. And that was when we met Jin Wang, a normal high school teenager caught in a war between deities when he met Sun Wei-Chen.

wei chen

The first season allowed us to meet Wei-Chen, the son of the Monkey King Sun Wukong. He disguised himself as a normal high school teenager to meet the guide a crane told him about in his dream. And his mission was to find the legendary Fourth Scroll and use it to end the Bull Demon’s attempt to destroy Heaven and take his revenge.

In that regard, Wei-Chen rebelled against his father, who didn’t think the Fourth Scroll existed. Despite Wukong’s protests, Wei-Chen followed his own path, allowing him to meet Jin, who he believes is the guide that could take him to the Fourth Scroll.


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Long story short, Jin learned more about the war between the Chinese deities and what was at stake. Nevertheless, he wanted to live the life of a normal high school teenager while managing the situation at home, where his parents often fight due to how tough the American dream is. But the worst part was that Wei-Chen’s insistence on Jin as his guide made it more difficult for Jin to manage his school life and his family situation.

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But when Wei-Chen seemingly lost his father to the Bull Demon, who was about to use the Iron Staff to exact his revenge on Heaven, that was when Jin stepped up to become a hero. He helped lure the Bull Demon out into an all-out fight so that he and his allies could stop his nefarious plot. Jin and Wei-Chen succeeded, as Wukong revealed himself to be alive while proclaiming that Jin was the Fourth Scroll that Wei-Chen had been searching for the entire time.

Season 1 ended with Jin getting dropped off at home from his soccer game, as Wei-Chen suddenly appeared out of nowhere to say his farewells, not knowing whether or not they would see each other again. When Jin got inside his house, his parents were not there. That was when a mysterious young Chinese girl appeared out of nowhere and told Jin, in Mandarin, to go with her if he wanted to see his parents again.


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While Jin didn’t completely understand what the girl met, it was clear that this scene was setting up the possible plot of season 2 as there’s a good chance that Jin will be involved more in this ongoing struggle between Heaven and those that seek to use the Fourth Scroll for their own gain. Now that Jin knows that he is the Fourth Scroll and that he has untapped power that may rival the powers of the deities, his life will be turned upside-down, especially if there are forces looking to use him for their own good.

The worst part is that Jin’s parents, who had just reconciled with one another, are now seemingly involved in this bigger mess involving the deities. And that means that Jin has not seen the last of Wei-Chen, who will surely appear in season 2 to help his friend out.

When Could American Born Chinese Season 2 Be Released?

At this point, there is no news regarding whether or not season 2 of American Born Chinese will happen. After all, in most cases, streaming services must study their show’s viewership to determine whether they deserve one more season. There are special cases, especially when a pre-existing market exists for a series. But in the case of American Born Chinese, a new entry into the Disney+ library, the execs might want to take time to determine whether or not it has enough fanfare behind it to get a second season.

So, if American Born Chinese does get renewed for a second season, it is probable that we won’t be getting it for at least two years. That’s because production for a series takes time. In the case of the first season of this series, the filming started on February 2022 and wrapped up in July of the same year.

As such, if American Born Chinese gets the green light for its second season, it would take time for the creator and the team of writers to develop a script and plot for the second season, although the plot may have already been conceptualized ahead of time. After that, filming has to take around five months. Post-production also takes time.

That means there’s a good chance that American Born Chinese season 2 won’t be released until 2025 if it doesn’t get renewed immediately. But if Disney+ trusts this series well enough, production could start beforehand. As such, there’s a chance that season 2 might get released during the middle or latter portion of 2024. 

Potential Cast of Season 2

No one died or left the storyline on purpose during the events of season 1 of American Born Chinese. That means we can expect everyone in the first season to reprise their roles in season 2 if it ever gets renewed. Here is the potential cast of season 2 of American Born Chinese:


  • Ben Wang as Jin Wang
  • Yeo Yann Yann as Christine Wang
  • Chin Han as Simon Wang
  • Ke Huy Quan as Freddy Wong
  • Jimmy Liu as Wei-Chen
  • Sydney Taylor as Amelia
  • Daniel Wu as Sun Wukong
  • Michelle Yeoh as Guanyin
wukong 1


  • Stephanie Hsu as Shiji Niangniang
  • Poppy Liu as Princess Iron Fan
  • Ronny Chieng as Ji Gong
  • Rosalie Chiang as Suzy Nakamura
  • James Hong as Jade Emperor
  • Lisa Lu as Ni Yang
  • Jimmy O. Yang as Dragon King
  • Leonard Wu as Niu Mowang

Of course, we expect new characters to appear in season 2, especially because the storyline will get bigger and more exciting after it was revealed that Jin Wang was the Fourth Scroll the entire time. As such, more Asian actors should appear in season 2.

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