‘Andor’ Episode 4 Ending, Explained: Where Is Luthen Taking Cassian To?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Andor episode 4. Andor is the newest Star Wars show on Disney Plus, and it feels totally different from the past shows the streaming service has offered. For once, the Star Wars Universe feels like a real place in Andor. It is clear that Disney is spending quite a bit of money on this show in comparison to something like Obi-Wan Kenobi, which felt cheap and low-effort. Andor looks beautiful, and it really manages to be a movie-level experience in your living room.

Top-notch visuals are not the only thing that Andor is offering, the show also brings a darker and more serious narrative to the franchise. The start of the Rebellion we all know from the original trilogy is treated as a very serious event. This take on the material really feels refreshing. As we all know, Star Wars has always been considered by audiences and by its creators as a franchise aimed mainly at kids. However, a big chunk of its audience has grown alongside the franchise, so it feels great that Star Wars is finally showing some growth itself.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Season 1, Episode 4 of Andor. Read at your own risk.

Where Is Luthen Taking Cassian To?

At the end of the arc that concludes in episode 3, Cassian escaped from the authorities of Ferrix alongside a mysterious individual called Luthen. Having no other option, Cassian concedes to finally giving a good listen to Luthen’s proposal. Luthen admits that he wasn’t just like looking for the Starpath box that Cassian was selling, but that he was looking for him. He was looking for talent because he is orchestrating a big blow to the Empire. Both Cassiana and Luthen express their feelings, and it is clear that they might not trust in each other fully, but they really don’t like the Empire.

Luthen reveals to Cassian that he is taking him to a planet called Aldhani. There, Luthen will introducing him to a team he has been forming up. The mission will be to steal the entire payroll of an Imperial sector. Those are a lot of credits. It will be dangerous, and it will be difficult, but if he manages to survive, Luthen will pay him 200,000 credits. The offer seems good enough, and Cassian accepts. However, Luthen warns Cassian that bringing him to Aldhani might not have been part of the plan in the first place.

Luthen introduces Cassian, under the name of Clem, to a woman named Vel. Vel is the boss of the operation, and as far as the people under her are concerned, there is no one above her. For the rest of the crew, Luthen doesn’t exist. It is clear that Luthen is taking a lot of precautions to keep his involvement in these kinds of situations to a minimum. Luthen assures Vel that Cassian will be useful and that he will be just one more redundancy to ensure the success of the mission.

Vel takes Cassian to her camp, and she introduces him to the rest of the team. They have been preparing for months to execute this heist, and they are not particularly happy to have a new guy come and disrupt the team dynamic just three days before they execute their plan. The team is unsure about Cassian, but they manage to overcome their displeasure, and they explain the plan to Cassian. Cassian admits it sounds like a suicide mission, but he confirms that he is all the way in.

What Happened With Syril After His Failure In Ferrix?

Episode 3 culminated in a big action sequence where Syril suffered a huge defeat. His efforts to capture Cassian became such a disaster that it even reached the eyes and ears of the Imperial high command. This collection of Imperial officers has meetings to analyze and quench any sort of disturbance that might amount to a future rebellion in any of the systems that are under Imperial rule. Syril gets a visit from one of these Imperial officers, and he is basically fired from his position. He ends up returning to his mother’s place, which is clearly an embarrassment for him.


The episode also introduces a major character to the show. These characters in particular are part of the Imperial task force we previously mentioned. Dedra Meero is the name of the Imperial officer that will serve as our point of view inside the Imperial proceedings. So far, she seems to show interest in Cassian’s escape. She believes she can connect them to other events. She has a hunch that she might be in the face of the start of a rebellion. However, her superior dismisses her suspicions. Of course, we, as the audience, know she is right about it.

We also get to see what Luthen’s does outside of recruiting people like Cassian to the cause. He goes to Coruscant where he is known as an antique purveyor. In his establishment, he receives the visit of Mon Mothman, one of the most revered minor characters in the franchise. Mothma is a member of the senate, and she is apparently one of Luthen’s sources of founding. However, she warns him that she cannot move funds as easily as before, there are spies everywhere. Mothma feels assailed even at home, where her husband doesn’t take any of her causes seriously.

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