Top 12 Anime Like Nana You Need to See

Anime Like Nana

If you loved Nana and want a similar storyline and emotional feel, here is a list of must-see anime series that you can catch on various streaming services including Netflix. So join me as we go through these shows to see if you can find your next great viewing experience! Here is a list of the 12 best anime like Nana!

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku

Top 12 Anime Like Nana You Need to See

With the common trope of the otaku strong throughout the series, the dynamic between office worker Narumi Momose and Hirotaka Nifuji is one that tries to encapsulate the difficulties of hiding one’s true self.

Nifuji is a classmate of Momose from middle school, and knows that she is truly a huge otaku and yaoi fan who is trying to present herself as ‘normal’. Nifuji is himself a gaming nerd and promises not to spill the beans, but Nifuji has had a crush on her since school.

The relationship develops with two others who are also a type of secret nerd, with the four of them all hiding their true selves from their colleagues while also trying to have a genuine, fulfilling relationship.


Top 12 Anime Like Nana You Need to See

Naho Takamiya is a high school student in her second last year who starts to receive letters from her future self. Although suspicious at first, the accuracy of these letters leads her to follow their advice, eventually ending up being together with Kakeru Naruse, a new student.

The plot is further complicated when it is discovered that Naruse will eventually commit suicide according to the letters, and Takamiya’s friend Hiroto Suwa also starts receiving letters.

Eventually, it is discovered that all of Takamiya’s friends are receiving the letters, and they are all told that Naruse is on the path to suicide, so they attempt to prevent it from happening and hope to create a parallel universe that leaves Naruse still alive.

Love Com

Top 12 Anime Like Nana You Need to See

Short for Lovely Complex, Love Com explores the relationship between a tall high school girl (172 centimeters (5 ft 8 in)) and a short high school boy (56 centimeters (5 ft 1 in)).

While initially falling for two separate people, their agreement to be each other’s Cupids sees them trying to help each other in love. This effort fails spectacularly, as tall girl Risa Koizumi’s love interest, Ryoji Suzuki, instead starts dating small boy Atsushi Otani’s crush.

However, the time they spent together causes Koizumi to realize she has feelings for Otani, and it is revealed that Otani is very self-conscious about his height due to a misunderstanding with an ex-girlfriend who he thought dumped him for a taller guy.

We Were There

Top 12 Anime Like Nana You Need to See

This series follows Nanami Takahashi, a teenage girl who has just entered high school and is keen to make new friends.

Although initially disinterested in Motoharu Yano, with his apparent superficiality being a big turn-off for Takahashi, she realizes that he is deeply conflicted by the death of his ex-girlfriend a year earlier.

However, Takahashi realizes that because Yano’s ex was with her ex-boyfriend at the time of her death, he has trust issues.

As time passes, a series of events lead them to be closer, but the past is always lingering in the background for Yano.

Rainbow Days

Top 12 Anime Like Nana You Need to See

Following four friends in a high school, Rainbow Days focuses on the lives these four friends live and the general teenage drama and coming-of-age trials that are usual for teenagers.

Specifically, the main character Natsuki Hashiba has hopelessly fallen for Anna, but due to his inexperience cannot quite work out how to convey his feelings.

From Me to You 

Top 12 Anime Like Nana You Need to See

Set in the north of Japan in Hokkaido, Sawako Kuronuma is a bit of a loner who is bullied at school due to her resemblance to the evil character Sadako from The Ring. However, this experience has such an impact on her that she starts to believe it.

Making friends becomes so hard that she stops trying. Shota Kazehaya, on the other hand, is one of the most popular boys in school. Kuronuma has a crush on him and, unknown to her, Kazehaya has also fallen for her since he saw her smile on the first day of the school year.

As their two worlds collide, it is not all smooth sailing and partly because of their immaturity and partly because of silly games, there are several points where the relationship breaks down, seemingly irretrievably. But as Kazehaya realizes his errors, love blossoms again.


Top 12 Anime Like Nana You Need to See

Squarely in the josei genre, Chihayafuru is a reference to a verse from a famous Japanese anthology. 

Chihaya Ayase is inspired by a new classmate, Arata Wataya, to take up hyakunin isshu karuta competitively, a type of card game. They both want to become the best players ever but eventually split up when they all go to different middle schools.

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A death in Wataya’s family has caused him to hate kurata, and he has also tried to completely remove it from his life, including refusing to talk to his old kurata friends. However, over time Wataya’s grandfather’s words cause him to reconnect with everyone.

One Week Friends

Top 12 Anime Like Nana You Need to See

Kaori Fujimiya is one of the most beautiful girls in school but seems to never have any friends. Yuki Hase gets to know her better only to learn that she has a condition from a car accident that every Monday she loses all memory of her friends. 

Hase’s encouragement to start a diary seems to have a positive influence on Fujimiya’s memory, and she starts to recall him more and more.

A great example of a slice of life anime, One Week Friends is unique for showcasing the emotional development of the main characters.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Top 12 Anime Like Nana You Need to See

Erika Shinohara is a teenager looking to fit in, and surveys the various cliques in school to see which one she should join.

To avoid getting caught in a lie about having a fake boyfriend, she attempts to manufacture one by taking pictures of random guys, but unfortunately, the one she chooses happens to be a student at her school, Kyoya Sata.

After she approaches him and asks Sata to play along, he agrees on one condition: that Shinohara indulges him by acting as his pet. Unfortunately, Shinohara realizes that Sata is aloof, cold and cruel, and she regrets having to be his fake boyfriend.

Over time, she realizes that this is all an act, and the two become close with Shinahara being promoted to a real girlfriend, bringing with it various trials and tribulations as they go through high school.

My Little Monster

Top 12 Anime Like Nana You Need to See

Shizuku Mizutani is a serious girl, singularly focused on studying and building her best life for the future. This is contrasted with Haru Yoshida, her classmate and sitting next to her in class, who skips school and seems wholly uninterested in almost everything.

Fundamentally, the two are actually a great match as they are both socially awkward, and when Mizutani is tasked with taking Yoshida’s homework to his house due to his constant absences, Yoshida develops a crush on Mizutani.

Natsume’s Book of Friends

Top 12 Anime Like Nana You Need to See

Takashi Natsume is an orphaned teenage boy who can see ghosts and spirits. Not knowing why he possesses this skill, one day he finds the notebook that his now-deceased grandmother Reiko Natsume used to collect all the spirits and have them under her control.

To undo this process, Natsume begins to find and release the spirits, with one of them, Madara, assisting in this task.

Due to the power of the Book of Friends, malicious spirits try to kill him to obtain possession of the book, requiring the protection of Madara serves as well as a spiritual advisor.

Ouran High School Host Club

Top 12 Anime Like Nana You Need to See

The series follows Haruhi Fujioka, a student at Ouran Academy. The school is very expensive and Fujioka is only there by means of a scholarship, and one day while trying to find a quiet place to do her studies, stumbles across a student host club.

The club consists of six male students, who are performing the role of a host, where the hosts provide refreshments and attentive conversation to other female clients.

Initially being confused for another male student, her natural abilities at entertaining means she stays around and becomes a full-Host.

This show is unique for its constant parodying of otaku culture, the mizu shoubai or Japanese nightlife scene, as well as general discussions about family and friendship.

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