Are Ahsoka & Lux Bonteri Together? Relationship Explained


We’ve met many people during the events of Star Wars: Clone Wars and Ahsoka happened to be one of the most important characters in the entire Clone Wars storyline. Of course, fans are now becoming more interested in Ahsoka due to the upcoming release of the Ahsoka TV series, and her relationship status is one of the things that fans are now looking at. Lux Bonteri, another Clone Wars character, was one of the most prominent people that Ahsoka met back then. So, are Ahsoka and Lux together?

Ahsoka Tano and Lux Bonteri are not together. In fact, they were never together at all. There was just a point in the Clone Wars when Ahsoka had to play the role of Lux’s betrothed so that Death Watch wouldn’t suspect any of them. They even kissed to fool Death Watch into believing them.

The relationship between Ahsoka and Lux was one of the things that we knew would never be more than just a friendship because they both desired different things in life and were entirely different people. Nevertheless, this dynamic allowed us to see how two different people had different perspectives that made sense. Now, let’s talk more about the relationship between Ahsoka and Lux.

Were Ahsoka and Lux Together?

One of the things that Star Wars: Clone Wars was known for was introducing new characters that contributed to the growth of the existing ones. Lux Bonteri was one of the characters that helped the development of Ahsoka Tano while also allowing us to see different perspectives in the galaxy. And this happened when Ahsoka and Lux had a somewhat weird yet interesting dynamic.

During the Clone Wars, Padme Amidala and Ahsoka Tano visited Raxus, the capital of the Separatists, to speak to Senator Mina Bonteri, a member of the Senate of the Separatists. The visit aimed to broker a peace treaty between the Republic and the Separatists because the war seemingly had no end.

That was when Ahsoka met Lux, as they hung out together while Padme was negotiating with Mina. Ahsoka and Lux shared their views about the war, as it was clear that they were on opposing sides because Ahsoka distrusted the Separatists, while Lux didn’t trust the Jedi and the Republic. Despite that, they became friends when they realized that they weren’t too different from one another.

When Mina Bonteri initiated a motion to end the war, Count Dooku plotted to find a way to stop the peace talks from happening as he initiated an attack on Coruscant to make sure that the Republic would never try to enter into negotiations with the Separatists ever again. Meanwhile, he also ordered the assassination of Mina, leaving Lux an orphan.

Lux, however, believed that Dooku was responsible for killing his mother. That was why he sought a way to bring him to justice. And it was through the Death Watch that he was somewhat able to find a way to get to Dooku and take revenge for what he did to his mother.


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Infiltrating Death Watch forced Lux to use Ahsoka, as he had to knock her out while they were in their ship so that he could steer them to the planet that Death Watch used as its base. Because Death Watch hated the Jedi, Lux Bonteri fooled Bo-Katan Kryze into thinking that Ahsoka was his betrothed. This led to the infamous Bo-Katan slap on Ahsoka’s butt, as she commented that the undercover Jedi Padawan was too skinny.

Nevertheless, Ahsoka and Lux were never together. That was because Ahsoka was a Padawan who wasn’t allowed to have romantic relationships. Meanwhile, Lux was far too focused on his mission to take revenge on Dooku.

Who Was Ahsoka’s First Kiss?

As mentioned, Lux Bonteri tried to get to Count Dooku through the help of Death Watch. But because Death Watch hated the Jedi for siding with the Republic, which was meddling in the affairs of Mandalore, Lux, and Ahsoka pretended to be a couple to keep Ahsoka’s true identity as a Jedi secret. Of course, Lux had other plans in mind while he was in the camp of Death Watch.

While Ahsoka and Lux were in a tent to discuss what Bonteri wanted to do with the information he could gather from Death Watch, Ahsoka’s first kiss happened. Lux quickly sensed that Death Watch members were about to enter their tent, so he quickly grabbed Tano to kiss her to trick the terrorist Mandalorians into thinking that they wanted some privacy. So, despite being a Jedi Padawan, Ahsoka experienced her first kiss.

What Happened to Lux Bonteri After Clone Wars?

After the events of the Clone Wars, Lux married an Imperial woman that already had a daughter. Both his wife and his stepdaughter were loyal to the Empire. However, Lux was a secret member of the Rebels as his goddaughter, Maia, died while she was a member of Saw Gerrera’s group of Rebels.

Saw’s death during the destruction of Jedha City affected Bonteri, and that was when he asked his stepdaughter, who worked as a clerical worker for the Empire, to broker an amnesty between him and the Imperials in exchange for disclosing all that he knew about the Rebels. Because Lux’s stepdaughter loved him as a real father, she complied with his request. She gave him a list of specific times and locations where he could turn himself in to moderate Imperial officers trustworthy enough to honor his amnesty instead of torturing or killing him.

However, instead of turning himself over to the Empire, Lux gave the list to Staven, the Dreamers group of Rebels leader, and joined the group. Bonteri fed information to Staven so that they could target the Imperial officers that were on Lux’s stepdaughter’s list.

But while Staven wasn’t totally fond of Lux, he couldn’t kill him because he was the only one with access to the list of Imperial officers. Of course, Lux’s disagreements with Staven were all rooted in his opposition to attacks on civilians, as he often objected when Staven tried to include innocent civilians in his attacks on the Empire

Iden Versio, an Imperial captain, infiltrated the Dreamers and confronted Lux. Bonteri told her his life story as he revealed how he got the list of Imperial targets. He even told Versio that he once loved a Jedi, which confirmed that he was actually in love with Ahsoka Tano, the only Jedi he was ever friends with.


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When Iden asked him if he had any plans of turning himself in to the Empire, Lux said he didn’t want to do so because it was clear that the information he obtained would be traced back to his stepdaughter. He didn’t want her to get tortured or killed by the Imperials. Versio revealed that he intended to kill Bonteri. But instead of killing him, Iden stunned Lux, leaving us to question what happened to him after that. As such, there’s still a chance that he survived until the end of the reign of the Empire and could appear in the Ahsoka series.

Who Is Ahsoka Dating?

As of this writing, Ahsoka isn’t dating or seeing anyone because she is much more focused on her mission to find the whereabouts of Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn. But the possibility of Lux Bonteri appearing in the Ahsoka series could spark an old flame that never really took off during the events of Clone Wars. And that’s why Ahsoka might have to deal with her feelings for Bonteri, who was clearly in love with her.

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