Are ‘Miraculous World’ Movies Canon? Pinpointing ‘New York’, ‘Shanghai’, and ‘Paris’ on the Timeline

Are the 'Miraculous World' Movies Canon

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The ‘Miraculous World‘ movies have transported us to vibrant cities like New York, Shanghai, and Paris. But with every new adventure, a pressing question emerges among fans. Are ‘Miraculous World’ movies canon? Do they fit seamlessly into the main storyline, or are they their own unique tales? In this article, we’ll dive into these questions, seeking clarity on where these cinematic journeys truly belong on the Miraculous timeline.

Is ‘Miraculous World: New York’ canon?

Yes, ‘Miraculous World: New York’ is canon to the ‘Miraculous Ladybug’ series. The film serves as a significant extension of the main narrative, bridging events and character developments that play crucial roles in the overarching storyline. While standalone movies sometimes deviate from a series’ primary plot, ‘Miraculous World: New York’ is embedded in the continuity of the series, reflecting consequential events and interactions that have lasting impacts on the characters and subsequent plotlines.

Here’s how it fits in the timeline

‘Miraculous World: New York’ is strategically placed between season 3 and season 4 of the “Miraculous Ladybug” series. The movie captures pivotal events that occur during this interlude, laying the groundwork for what fans can expect in season 4.

From the ever-evolving dynamics between Marinette and Adrien to the unveiling of the Eagle Miraculous, this film seamlessly interweaves with the series’ trajectory.

Moreover, certain challenges and adversaries introduced in New York, along with the revelation of the Eagle Miraculous, are instrumental in shaping the heroes’ journey, setting the stage for their future endeavors and battles in Paris and beyond.


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Is ‘Miraculous World: Shanghai’ canon?

Absolutely, ‘Miraculous World: Shanghai’ is canon. The Shanghai Special is crucially integrated into the ‘Miraculous’ series narrative, shedding light on Marinette’s familial background and the deeper world of the Miraculouses. Not only does it introduce significant characters like Fei (aka Lady Dragon) and unveil a powerful magical jewel, the Prodigious, but it also emphasizes Hawk Moth’s relentless pursuit of power, making it a pivotal piece in the larger ‘Miraculous’ story.

Here’s how it fits in the timeline

‘Miraculous World: Shanghai’ is strategically placed after the end of Season 2 and before the start of Season 3.

Marinette’s journey to Shanghai to innocently join Adrien and visit her great-uncle Wang leads her to an adventure where she confronts Fei, uncovers the Prodigious, and tackles the challenges thrown by Hawk Moth.

Several indicators confirm its placement: Lila’s presence in Miss Bustier’s class suggests it’s after “Chameleon,” while Gabriel’s interaction with Marinette indicates an alliance post-“Oni-Chan.” Adrien’s use of Marinette’s derby hat from “Style Queen,” the appearance of Marinette’s Kwagatama, and her uncertainty regarding justice versus revenge further refines its chronological position.

Given all these hints, it’s evident that the special occurs between episodes “Weredad” and “Silencer,” situating it perfectly within the show’s expansive timeline.

Is ‘Miraculous World: Paris’ canon?

Yes, ‘Miraculous World: Paris’ is unequivocally canon. The special presents an intriguing twist, introducing Miraculous holders from an alternate universe where roles are reversed—Ladybug and Cat Noir are the antagonists, known as Shadybug and Clawnoir, and the Butterfly Miraculous holder, Betterfly, plays the part of a superhero.

This narrative not only expands upon the universe of ‘Miraculous’ by showcasing this alternate dimension but also reinforces the characters’ core identities and battles against evil, including challenges from unexpected fronts. Intertwining the story with elements from the main series ensures its canonical status.

Here’s how it fits in the timeline

‘Miraculous World: Paris’ seamlessly aligns within the episode “Destruction”, starting just after the moment when Gabriel’s arm suffers a wound due to Cat Noir’s Cataclysm. The events of this special also extend the record for the number of episodes happening consecutively within a day and night, bringing the count to six episodes, including “Risk,” “Strikeback,” “Evolution,” “Multiplication,” “Destruction,” and this particular special. The narrative comes to a close as dawn breaks, following the night when Gabriel procures all the Miraculouses and is struck by Cat Noir’s Cataclysm.


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Several references to the conclusion of season 4 and the initial episodes of season 5 further cement its placement in the timeline. For instance, the repercussions of Gabriel’s Cataclysm-ing in “Destruction”, the city’s awareness of the Rabbit Miraculous retrieval from “Evolution”, and Adrien’s introspection regarding his destructive power are among the notable tie-ins that pinpoint the special’s chronological positioning within the overarching series.

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