Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order: Chronological Watch Order

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Aurora “Roe” Teagarden, a librarian in the tiny town of Lawrenceton, Washington, is drawn into a world of murders and mysteries in the Aurora Teagarden Mystery Television Series. Aurora (Roe) Teagarden, 28, works as a professional librarian at the Lawrenceton Public Library and is a member of the Real Murders Club, a group of “True Crime” enthusiasts. They meet once a month to discuss well-known crimes and wrongdoings in the context of their Nebraska town’s history.

The Aurora Teagarden Mystery films are set in chronological order, with each film picking up where the previous one left off. If you want to watch Aurora Teagarden movies in sequence so that you can completely understand and follow the storyline, keep reading as we go through the best way to watch Aurora Teagarden movies in order.

Best order to watch Aurora Teagarden movies

There are 17 Aurora Teagarden Mystery films currently in production, starring Candace Cameron Bure as Aurora Teagarden. The ideal way to view these films is in the order that they were released. The following is a list of all Aurora Teagarden Mystery films in chronological order.

  • Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Bone to Pick (2015)
  • Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Real Murders (2015)
  • Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Three Bedrooms, One Corpse (2016)
  • Aurora Teagarden Mystery: The Julius House (2016)
  • Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Dead Over Heels (2017)
  • Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Bundle of Trouble (2017)
  • Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Last Scene Alive (2018)
  • Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Reap What You Sew (2018)
  • Aurora Teagarden Mystery: The Disappearing Game (2018)
  • Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Game of Cat and a Mouse (2019)
  • Aurora Teagarden Mystery: An Inheritance to Die For (2019)
  • Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Very Foul Play (2019)
  • Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Heist and Seek (2020)
  • Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Reunited and It Feels So Deadly (2020)
  • Aurora Teagarden Mystery: How to Con a Con (2021)
  • Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Til Death Do Us Part (2021)
  • Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Honeymoon, Honeymurder (2021)

Aurora Teagarden movies in order

1. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Bone to Pick (2015)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Aurora, a single librarian from Lawrenceton “Ro” Teagarden is a member of a real-murders discussion group, which irritates Ro’s mother, real estate agent Aida Teagarden, who thinks Ro should be doing something more productive with her time, like improving her appearance to attract a spouse. Some club members, notably Ro and club president John Queensland, the uncle of Ro’s newspaper reporter best friend Sally Allison, have a friendly or not-so-friendly competition over who has the most acute ability to solve crimes.

Jane Engles, an elderly club member whom Ro only meets on a casual basis but who resembles Ro in the future as a retired spinster librarian with a passion for their discussion club subject – Jane’s is more particularly on the tiny subgroup of female killers – dies. To Ro’s astonishment, she learns through Jane’s newly appointed lawyer Bubba Rankart that Jane has deeded her whole inheritance to her, including a substantial sum of money and a home. 

Ro ultimately believes Jane’s reason for leaving her home is to solve a previous neighborhood crime, the victim and killer of whom Jane was presumably unaware, but the victim’s corpse of which she was certain. Ro chooses not to inform the police about the skeleton, not even ex-club member and ex-boyfriend Robbery Detective Arthur Smith, and most definitely not Homicide Detective Lynn Liggett, Arthur’s eight-month pregnant wife who has a strained relationship with Ro. 

Ro also keeps her newest lover, Father Scott Aubrey, a blind date arranged up by Jane soon before her death, a secret. Many individuals are missing from the tiny enclave that was Jane’s neighborhood who might be the victim, with the main suspicions being all of Jane’s neighbors, whom Ro finds are not as nice as they seem. Despite her resolve to solve the crime, Ro may face danger since she thinks the killer is aware of her interference.

2. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Real Murders (2015)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

The latest meeting of Lawrenceton librarian Aurora “Ro” Teagarden’s real murders discussion club is canceled after fellow member and newspaper reporter Sally Allison arranges for new Lawrenceton resident, Ro’s favorite current mystery novelist, and temporary university professor, Robin Daniels, to speak. 

The investigation is being headed by Homicide Officer Lynn Liggett-Smith, who is married to a fellow detective and Ro’s ex-boyfriend and former club member Arthur Smith. Lynn and Ro had developed an unbreakable bond as a result of Ro’s amateur investigation in previous murder cases in town. 

Due to a telephone call made earlier in the evening to the meeting location about the Julia Wallace murder, Ro’s first assumption is that the killer is one of the club members. Julia Wallace’s unsolved 1934 murder, which only club members would have known was going to be addressed at the meeting, is a carbon copy of this crime. Robin’s fortuitous appearance on the site and apparent inability or unwillingness to offer an alibi for the time of the murder further qualify him as a suspect. 

While the cops, Ro, and the club members investigate, the killer targets additional club members and their loved ones, each effort resembling a case previously addressed by the group. Ro makes methodical efforts to ascertain who the next victim or victims will be, both to thwart future attempts and to ascertain the murderer’s identity. She must also determine whether or not to trust Robin, the two of whom are developing emotions for one another.

3. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Three Bedrooms, One Corpse (2016)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Aurora Teagarden, dubbed Ro by her pals, is the president of a real-life murders discussion group in Lawrenceton. Ro is visiting the Anderton home as a favor to her mother, real estate agent Aida Teagarden, to present the listing to one of Aida’s new customers, Martin Bartell, an executive at Pan-Agra, a manufacturing firm, and a distinguished former military member. 

The showing does not go as planned for either Ro or Martin, as Martin finds a corpse outside the house’s rear gate, Tanya Lee Greenhouse, another local real estate agent. She had reportedly seen the home the previous afternoon. Homicide Detective Lynn Liggett, the wife of Robbery Detective Arthur Smith, a former club member, and Ro’s ex-boyfriend does formally declare that she is conducting a murder investigation into Ro’s death. 

The initial evidence indicates that the murderer was one of the town’s real estate agents, as there are only three firms in town, all of which are friendly to one another: ABT Realty, which was run by Aida and her staff; Greenhouse Realty, which was run by Tanya Lee and her adoring husband, Donnie Greenhouse; and Sternholz Farrell (Terry and Franklin, respectively), which was run by Franklin Farrell, who had dated Ro’s BFF once. 

Apart from her fascination with actual murders, Ro takes an active role in this case, if only to protect her mother, who may have been the intended victim. Ro starts to suspect that the murder may have been connected to a series of undetected high-end art thefts. However, Ro cannot help but put Martin at the top of her suspect list, particularly after learning more about his previously unknown background.

4. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: The Julius House (2016)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Aurora Teagarden – Ro in more familiar settings – a Lawrenceton librarian and president of a true-crime discussion group, is still navigating the early stages of a romantic relationship with ex-CIA agent turned business executive Martin Bartell, the two of whom appear destined for a path to true love. 

Since she received a large bequest from a friend, Ro has desired to purchase a home, according to her mother, Aida Teagarden, her real estate agent. Against Aida’s advice, Ro discovers what she thinks to be the ideal rural home five miles outside of Lawrenceton. 

The fact that it is the notorious Julius home does not deter her from purchasing it, despite the Julius family’s disappearance four years ago – parents T.C. and Hope, the latter of whom suffered from cancer, and their adolescent daughter Charity. The Juliuses, who had just relocated from Spokane to Lawrenceton, were reportedly on their way to supper with an unknown Spokane acquaintance who drove a white vehicle, the Juliuses never to be seen again. 

Melba Totino, Hope’s mother, who now lives in Portland with her sister Alicia Minault, had all three officially declared dead – which allows her to sell the property – but she remains hopeful that they are still alive and will one-day return home. Ro believes the Julius family’s disappearance was not accidental, and she, along with her fellow real murders club members John Queensland (Aida’s boyfriend), Ro’s best friend, newspaper reporter Sally Allison, who has been assigned to do a follow-up story on the Juliuses, and ex-juvie Perry Dell, decide to investigate, much to the dismay of the Julius family. 

Martin, too, would rather Ro not explore, even though he admires her determination. This evidence indicates tensions between Charity and T.C. about her connection with a kid called Harley Dimmoch, whom the Juliuses met while still residing in Spokane. Ro also thinks that the home has many undiscovered hidden areas that may conceal more information. Martin’s fears may come true if the Juliuses were killed and the killer thinks Ro is dangerously near to discovering the truth. 

Meanwhile, John may eventually be forced to choose between the actual murders club and Aida, who is unable to change Ro’s investigations but may be able to with John.

5. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Dead Over Heels (2017)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

In Lawrenceton, librarian Aurora Teagarden – known as Ro by her friends – and her closest friend, newspaper writer Sally Allison, are in Ro’s yard one winter day when a corpse jumps out of a single-engine aircraft and falls dead just feet away. 

The victim is Lawrenceton Chief of Police Frederick Burns, whom Ro last saw when he inquired about the whereabouts of Ro’s boyfriend, business executive, and former CIA Martin Bartell, with whom he desired to discuss an undisclosed matter, which Captain Burns warned Ro, a true murders buff who has frequently insinuated herself in town murder cases, to avoid. 

Captain Burns is survived by his wife, Bess Burns, who is the sister of Lillian Tibbett, Ro’s overbearing employer. Detective Lynn Smith, the police force’s senior detective, is leading the murder investigation and serving as Acting Police Chief, a position that is not protocol, much to the consternation of Detective Pete Lambert, who believes he is the senior detective, having recently returned to Lawrenceton following a stint working in Seattle. 

Despite Lynn’s refusal to assign him to the investigation, Lambert is eager to solve the murder to establish a reputation with Mayor Sternholz, who will select the new Chief. Lambert seems to be a bit hasty in pinning the crime on Martin. Against Ro’s wishes, the murder becomes a subject of debate at her actual murders discussion group, as many people fear that the murder of their police chief would cause anarchy in town and jeopardize their safety. 

Regardless, Ro is compelled to attempt to solve the murder alone, which would be aided if she could ascertain why Captain Burns wanted to meet with Martin. Tim Prentiss, Martin’s old CIA colleague who just relocated to town, is another individual who figures into the unofficial inquiry; he is the guy with whom Ro wants to envision a future with Sally.

6. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Bundle of Trouble (2017)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Aurora “Ro” Teagarden, a librarian in Lawrenceton, Washington, is a member of a real-life murder discussion club, along with her best friend reporter Sally Allison, her mother Aida Teagarden’s lover John Queensland, the town’s mayor Terry Sternholz, and ex-juvie Perry Dell. Ro and her lover, ex-CIA agent Martin Bartell, are surprised by the arrival of Regina Walker and her newborn son Hayden. 

Martin had no idea she was married, much less a mother. Regina also says that she and her husband Craig Walker have been residing in Corinth, Washington for the last four months. Needing to leave Regina and Hayden alone at Ro’s to attend John’s birthday party at Aida’s, Ro and Martin returns home to discover Regina and her vehicle gone, Regina’s bag still there, and a dead guy on Ro’s front porch, who is later identified as Craig Walker. 

This is Detective Arthur Smith’s first case as lead investigator and his first under the supervision of his wife, Captain Lynn Smith. Two more individuals are found safe and alive in the home during or shortly after Arthur and Lynn’s first visit to Ro’s house to investigate: infant Hayden, concealed in the bathroom bathtub; and Rory Brown, an apparent acquaintance of Regina and Craig who was hiding. 

What Rory is prepared to disclose is that he and Craig have a rap sheet of minor offenses, the most recent of which was check fraud for which they were just released from a two-day stay in prison. Martin and Ro, often with the help of her murder club pals, decide to conduct their investigations to locate a still-alive Regina, frequently without telling Arthur or Lynn. Ro begins to doubt if the baby is really Regina’s. 

Two more concerns come up throughout the investigation: whether Arthur and Lynn can have a good marriage and professional relationship in their present roles; and if Ro and Martin are prepared to become parents if they ever marry.

7. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Last Scene Alive (2018)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Hollywood makes its way to Lawrenceton as a film production shoots in the town. “Whimsical Murder” was written by Robin Daniels, a mystery writer, and former Lawrenceton resident, to complement his book of the same name, which will be published simultaneously with the film. 

Robin, who was a member of the Lawrenceton’s Real Murders Discussion Club when he lived there, based the characters on real-life residents, including the lead character Adelaide on Aurora Teagarden – “Ro” to her friends – who was also an active member of the Real Murders Discussion Club and the town’s mystery-solving librarian when Robin dated her. 

Ellen Post produced the film, Joel Parker directed it, Will Weir assisted Parker, Celia Shaw starred as Adelaide, and Meredith Wear plays Adelaide’s reporter best friend, despite Meredith’s desire for the lead part. Celia obtained the position via Robin, with whom she previously dated. Everyone in town is fascinated by the project and wants to be a part of it, with Aida Teagarden, Ro’s realtor mother, landing a position as a site scout after meeting Parker, the two of them fell in love instantly. 

Even Taylor Harden, the craft service girl, is star-struck; she is a big admirer of Robin’s mystery murder books. The two people who are not completely enthralled by the production are Martin Bartell, Ro’s ex-CIA turned businessman boyfriend, who believes Robin’s return is an attempt to win back Ro, even though Martin is preoccupied with another matter involving his former CIA partner and best friend; and Ro herself, who is taken aback by all the attention. 

On the first day of shooting, insecure Celia is discovered dead in her trailer, a murder that seems to have been perpetrated by someone associated with the project. Although Police Chief Lynn Smith tries all she can to discourage Ro in particular from being involved, the Discussion Club, which includes the return of Lynn’s husband, Police Detective Arthur Smith, mobilizes to try to ascertain what happened to Celia. 

However, if certain rumors about Celia’s death are accurate, and she was previously romantically engaged with Robin, Ro may also be a target for reasons other than coming too near to the truth.

8. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Reap What You Sew (2018)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Poppy Wilson just returned to her hometown of Lawrenceton with seed money from her rich father Marv Wilson to establish a yarn and embroidery company with her closest friend Cara Embler. 

While the brick-and-mortar shop, Cara’s domain, is doing well, the major moneymaker for the company has been Poppy’s hosted YouTube videos, and she and Cara intend to write a book, which should also be profitable, judging by the number of subscribers to their YouTube channel. 

Poppy has been seeing Dustin Sykes, a local newspaper writer, for three months. He invites her to attend a dinner at which he will be honored. When Poppy’s childhood friend Aurora “Roe” Teagarden fails to appear, her closest friend, Dustin’s reporter colleague Sally Allison, rushes to Poppy’s apartment, which she was renting from Roe’s realtor mother Aida Teagarden. 

They discover Poppy there, dead from a stab wound. Because Police Chief Lynn Smith is on maternity leave, her husband Arthur Smith serves as acting Chief and conducts the investigation. He is aware that members of the Real Murders Discussion Club, headed by Roe, Sally, Mayor Sternholz, and Jason Dell (who is launching a private investigation company with his cousin Perry), want to conduct their investigations, and he attempts to discourage them. 

Although many of the suspects are longtime friends, family members, and/or upstanding Lawrenceton citizens, the chief suspects are Dustin, whom Poppy rejected when he proposed; Sally’s cousin Lizzy Allison, who suspected her lawyer fiancé Bubba Rankart of having an affair with Poppy, one of his clients; Bubba himself, as much incriminating evidence points in his direction; and Nicole Wilson, newly married to Po. 

Given that Nicole and Marv are living with Aida and Roe while in Lawrencton, Roe and Aida may find themselves in the crossfire if Nicole is the killer of Poppy and then attempts to murder Marv.

9. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: The Disappearing Game (2018)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Aurora Teagarden – “Ro” to her friends and family – is a librarian and member of Lawrenceton College’s Real Murders debate group. Since her cousin Phillip Pifer began attending Lawrenceton College, Aurora has served as a big sister to him. Her time with him is intended to divert her attention away from the fact that she is missing her serious lover Martin Bartell, who left to rejoin the CIA. 

While Ro claims she is not ready to date again, her closest friend, newspaper writer Sally Allison, and her mother, realtor Aida Teagarden, disagree. Ro and Aida bring Phillip and his dorm roommate Josh Farrell, as well as Josh’s girlfriend Tammy Driscoll, out to dinner for Phillip’s birthday. When Ro goes searching for them after they skip dinner due to a falsehood made by Phillip, she finds Tammy’s corpse in the back alley behind the salon where she had a hair appointment, her death a result of an apparent hit and run. 

Detective Arthur Smith, a former member of the Real Murders group, is in charge of the police inquiry. With Phillip and Josh missing, they became the primary suspects in Tammy’s murder, particularly given reports from coworkers that Josh and Tammy were often fighting about Josh’s possessiveness toward her. 

To safeguard her family, Ro and other Real Murders members Sally and Jason Dell investigate what occurred, to Arthur’s displeasure, who wants them to keep out of his way until he needs them. Nick Miller, Tammy’s Psychology professor, and Ro’s new neighbor is one of the amateur sleuths. Aida and Sally see him as Ro’s possible first suitor post-Martin. 

Complicating the inquiry is the disappearance of Clayton Harrison, the son of affluent Aida’s friends Dan and Carolyn Harrison. Clayton, who is also a college student and someone Phillip used to socialize with when they were children whenever Phillip visited the town, is often seen as a spoiled and entitled wealthy child. 

Clayton has been involved in a series of scrapes, the most recent being discovered defacing a campus memorial given by local businessman Dale Murphy. Might Phillip, Josh, and Clayton’s absence be a result of their fleeing the police for perpetrating the murder of Tammy, or could they have been caught in the crossfire of who murdered her?

10. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Game of Cat and a Mouse (2019)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Aurora Teagarden – Ro to her friends – is a librarian and president of the Lawrenceton Real Murders Discussion Club. She is widely regarded as the club’s most knowledgeable member when it comes to real-life murders. Who she brings to the club is her younger cousin, college student Phillip Pifer, which irritates Ro’s mother, realtor Aida Teagarden, who only sees trouble in discussing murder, and a relatively new friend, Nick Miller, a psychology professor at the local college, Ro and Nick appear to be on the verge of a relationship. 

In Ro setting up a discussion about the Lipstick Murders the day before a meeting, the club members arrive to discover that Ro’s discussion materials have been vandalized or stolen, the vandal leaving a calling card in the form of a literary quote scribbled on one of Ro’s Lipstick Murders crime scene photos. 

When Aida’s workplace is later damaged with a similar literary quotation calling card on another Lipstick Murders crime scene picture and some of Ro’s papers are taken in the prior incident, Ro is believed to be the common link and target of the criminal’s activities based on other evidence. Lynn Smith, Police Chief, and her husband, Homicide Detective Arthur Smith – who, much to Lynn’s disgust, is a Real Murders member – are on the lookout for anybody with a vendetta against Ro. 

The suspects include new club member Davis Mettle, who appears to resent Ro’s superiority on the subject; Edward Irons, a regular at the library who blames Ro for not having his self-published book stocked in the library; Nick’s new T.A. Dina McMillan, an academically bright but socially insecure woman who appears to have an instant dislike for Ro; and, much to Ro’s chagrin, Valer. 

Although Lynn has always been resentful of the Real Murders Club members, particularly Ro, she does appreciate the help of her friend and Nick’s employer, Forensic Psychologist Bree Carson, who may be able to offer further insight beyond the surface evidence. 

This collective will have to work quickly to apprehend the perpetrator, as he or she has committed subsequent crimes – with the same signature of the literary quote on a photo and stolen items from the previous crime left at the scene – against people close to Ro, with the crimes becoming increasingly violent and arguably aimed at Ro herself.

11. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: An Inheritance to Die For (2019)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Prosperous and charitable Gladys Allison-McCourt is the owner of Allicourt Industries, the town of Lawrenceton’s largest business. Gladys’ son, Cade McCourt, was recently appointed CEO of the company, and he appears to be at odds with several people, including retired Victor Hansen, the former CEO, who believes Cade is out of his element and is running the company into the ground; Tannis Clemmons, Gladys’ longtime personal assistant, who battles Cade for influence over his mother; and Jeremy Connor, Gladys’ foreman. 

Gladys falls and dies of a heart attack during the wedding reception of her niece Lizzie Allison and Gladys’ lawyer Bubba Rankart, which was catered by Jeremy. As Police Chief Lynn Smith and her husband, Homicide Detective Arthur Smith, investigate, they discover that Gladys did not die of a heart attack as originally believed, but rather of cyanide poisoning, as shown by cyanide residues discovered in a water glass and a wine glass used at the reception. 

When Gladys’ recently revised will is read, the murder investigation takes on a new flavor, with two unexpected beneficiaries receiving the majority of the estate – the person inheriting both the mansion and the business has no idea why Gladys would choose her as the primary beneficiary – rather than Cade, who was the primary beneficiary in the original will but is virtually comatose. 

Cade, therefore, rises to the top of the suspect list in what was a tumultuous connection he had with his mother. To Lynn’s dismay, librarian Aurora Teagarden – Ro to her friends – and her best friend/Gladys’ niece, newspaper reporter Sally Allison, both members of the town’s Real Murders Discussion Club, begin investigating with the assistance of their Real Murders colleagues with a greater motive than simply their curiosity about the who’s and why’s of murders in general. 

Ro’s new boyfriend, the Psychology Professor Nick Miller, sacrifices a significant portion of his professional life at the college to assist in any way he can. Nick does so to be closer to Ro and to guarantee her safety, particularly because a killer is on the loose, but his proximity to Ro in what he thinks is an almost ideal relationship may spark other unexpected emotions in Ro.

12. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Very Foul Play (2019)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

At the eleventh hour, Aurora Teagarden – Ro to her friends – a Lawrenceton librarian and President of the town’s Real Murders Discussion Club is asked to give a presentation and moderate a panel discussion at “From Motive to Murder,” an annual true crime and mystery conference held at the same mountain resort each year. 

What Ro was unaware of when she accepted was that the other panelist in her session would be Lawrenceton Police Chief Lynn Smith, who has long shown resentment at Ro and the other club members interfering in murder investigations. Along with some of the other club members, a few people from Lawrenceton who would usually avoid such an occasion, such as Ro’s mother, realtor Aida Teagarden, find up going due to circumstances. 

Linda Bennett, the event’s organizer, has historically written and produced a murder mystery play, with guest speakers invited to take on some of the parts for the event’s single performance. During this unique performance, a member of the cast or conference is assassinated on-stage during a well-timed blackout. Particularly given that one of their own is the prime suspect in the eyes of the local police based only on circumstantial evidence and no genuine motivation, Ro and the other Real Murders members begin their investigation to exonerate their buddy, whom they know is innocent. 

The difference between this case and others they’ve investigated in Lawrenceton is that Lynn and her husband, Detective Arthur Smith, who is also a member of the Real Murders club, are on the outside looking in and are therefore compelled to collaborate with Ro and her colleagues. 

The leading suspects in their minds are Linda Bennett herself, who is struggling financially as a result of the event and the theater’s threat; developer Boyd Stauberg, who usually gets what he wants by wielding his power; Boyd’s son Brett Stauberg, who was in an on-again/off-again relationship with the victim, and they who were apparently of the same mind.

13. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Heist and Seek (2020)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

The Lawrenceton Public Library is hosting a Renaissance gala fundraiser, with a few items on loan from the Seattle Museum of History, including a crown worn by Elizabeth I, on exhibit. James Reading, a museum board member, wants this to be the first of many similar loans to groups to increase publicity for the museum’s Tudor display, but Assistant Director Kelly Stevens opposed the loan, thinking it would be too risky. 

Along with the museum’s security services, the Lawrenceton Police Department, headed by Chief Lynn Smith and her husband Detective Arthur Smith, will be responsible for venue security. The crown vanishes minutes after the last check on the components before their planned reveal at the gala’s official presentation. 

Assistant Librarian Aurora Teagarden – Ro to her friends – her Criminology Professor boyfriend Nick Miller, and their fellow members of the Real Murders Discussion Club, particularly those present at the gala, are compelled to investigate the theft, much to Lynn’s chagrin, as Lynn has always resented Ro interfering with police investigations. When the main suspect is discovered dead, the inquiry shifts closer to the Discussion Club’s wheelhouse, with the idea that the deceased, although the one who committed the heist, was just a front person for the killer. 

Someone who may be able to provide some light on Ro and Nick is Nick’s colleague Eric Hanson, a Professor of Western Civilization whom Nick and Ro attempted to match up with Ro’s closest friend and fellow Club member, reporter Sally Allison. Sally, on the other hand, felt no chemistry with professor Eric until he expressed an interest in this case. 

Among the suspects is mild-mannered Howard Kane, a regular library patron who Ro discovers is an ex-con who served time for theft; Seattle-based importer/exporter Miya Quan, who refused to be searched following the theft, threatening legal action if she was; and Kelly Stevens herself, who has made no secret of her desire for her boss’ job, citing the theft and her opposition to the loa. 

Throughout, Nick attempts to outsmart super-sleuth Ro by proposing to her at a moment she least expects, an investigation that may throw a wrench into the proceedings in more ways than one.

14. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Reunited and It Feels So Deadly (2020)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Ro, Sally, and Arthur are in town for their 20-year high school reunion. As with every high school reunion, there is a diverse group of classmates: those who used to date – many first loves – and have since moved on to other life partners/spouses, including Ro, who is in attendance with her first boyfriend, Parker Stevens; and those who may want that first love rekindled. 

With all of these behind-the-scenes complications, Ro, Nick, and Arthur find a corpse in the hotel pool during the reunion festivities; the victim is one of Ro and Arthur’s old classmates who was killed, particularly stabbed with a knife that is nowhere to be seen. 

While Arthur leads the investigation for the Lawrenceton Police Department, Ro, Nick, Sally, Phillip, and their other Real Murders club members can’t help but become involved, Ro and Sally because they have a personal stake in the victim and suspects being people they’ve known their entire lives, and Nick because he has a personal stake in Parker being one of the suspects, putting Ro’s relationship with Parke at risk.

15. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: How to Con a Con (2021)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Aida Teagarden’s (Marilu Henner) new customer has arrived. The Averys are considering selling their house and retiring to Hawaii. However, when Aida does the usual financing check on the home, she discovers one that the Averys were not expecting.

When Aurora (Candance Cameron Bure) learns about it, she immediately starts poking around to see what she can discover. Then Mr. Avery is assassinated, and Aurora’s curiosity is piqued.

Aurora attempts to solve the case with the assistance of her fiancé, Nick Miller (Niall Matter), Sally (Lexa Doig), and the members of the Real Murders Club. Is his murder connected to the fraudulent loan?

16. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Til Death Do Us Part(2021)

In the episode, Roe prepares for her wedding but discovers a skull only days before the big day. Aurora is concerned that her father is a suspect. Before they walk down the aisle, she and Nick rush to solve the cold case. She quickly learns that her father is the main suspect in the crime. Aurora and her fiancé must work quickly to apprehend the assailant. Despite her librarianship, she clashes with the local police, who want to prevent her from conducting investigations.

17. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Honeymoon, Honeymurder (2021)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Aurora and Nick uncover a corpse while on a “pre-honeymoon” vacation, and as they come closer to figuring out what occurred, danger approaches.

When their flight is delayed, Aurora’s friend Lizzie suggests they stay a few days at her aunt’s isolated lakeside house as a kind of “pre-honeymoon.” However, as is customary for Nick and Aurora, they find themselves in the wrong location at the wrong time and come upon a corpse during their romantic vacation.

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