All 19 ‘Aurora Teagarden’ Movies in Order

all aurora teagarden movies in order

Navigating the suspenseful realm of mystery films, the Aurora Teagarden series has always held a special place in my heart. This librarian-turned-detective, with her knack for solving intricate mysteries, has enthralled audiences film after film. For both newcomers and seasoned fans, I’ve curated a guide to all the Aurora Teagarden movies in order, presented in their chronological sequence. So, let’s embark on this chronological journey and uncover the layers of each tale in the right sequence. Ready to dive in?

Editor’s Note: As of October 2023, 19 ‘Aurora Teagarden’ mysteries have been released. Be sure to revisit us periodically; we’ll update the list as new movies are unveiled.

‘Aurora Teagarden’ movies in release date order

The ‘Aurora Teagarden’ franchise started back in 2015, and across profilic 8 years, it gave rise to 19 movies in total. Let’s see what they are.

  1. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Bone to Pick (2015)
  2. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Real Murders (2015)
  3. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Three Bedrooms, One Corpse (2016)
  4. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: The Julius House (2016)
  5. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Dead Over Heels (2017)
  6. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Bundle of Trouble (2017)
  7. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Last Scene Alive (2018)
  8. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Reap What You Sew (2018)
  9. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: The Disappearing Game (2018)
  10. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Game of Cat and a Mouse (2019)
  11. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: An Inheritance to Die For (2019)
  12. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Very Foul Play (2019)
  13. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Heist and Seek (2020)
  14. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Reunited and It Feels So Deadly (2020)
  15. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: How to Con a Con’ (2021)
  16. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Til Death Do Us Part’ (2021)
  17. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Honeymoon, Honeymurder’ (2021)
  18. Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Haunted by Murder’ (2022)
  19. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Something New’ (2023)

Are all movies featuring Aurora Teagarden connected & what is the best way to watch them?

All ‘Autora Teagarden’ movies are connected, and they follow a chronological order that forms one continuous storyline. The best way to watch the movies is in release date order since this will give you the best insight into Roe’s character development as well as expansion of her professional inclinations.

Aurora Teagarden’ movies in order chronological order

Under the intriguing umbrella of mystery films, the ‘Aurora Teagarden’ series stands out with its compelling narratives and memorable characters. For fans eager to experience the full depth of Aurora’s detective journey, here’s a comprehensive list of all the movies, presented in their exact chronological order.

1. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Bone to Pick (2015)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Aurora Teagarden, a single librarian from Lawrenceton, goes by the nickname “Ro” and participates in a real-murders discussion group, much to the disapproval of her mother, Aida Teagarden, a real estate agent. A friendly (or not-so-friendly) competition arises within the club, particularly between Ro and John Queensland, the uncle of Ro’s best friend, Sally Allison.


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After the death of elderly club member Jane Engles, Ro is astonished to discover that Jane has left her entire inheritance, including a substantial sum of money and a home, to her. Ro believes Jane intended to solve a past neighborhood crime. Despite the potential danger, she chooses not to inform the police and keeps her involvement secret from various individuals, including her newest lover, Father Scott Aubrey.

2. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Real Murders (2015)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Aurora’s real murders discussion club meeting is canceled when a new resident, Robin Daniels, a favorite mystery novelist and temporary university professor, is arranged to speak by fellow member Sally Allison.

The investigation into a murder that mirrors a 1934 case is led by Homicide Officer Lynn Liggett-Smith, who shares a bond with Ro due to her previous amateur investigations. As the killer targets club members and their loved ones, with the crimes resembling past cases, Ro, the police, and the club members collaborate to thwart future attempts and uncover the murderer’s identity. At the same time, Ro navigates developing emotions for Robin.

3. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Three Bedrooms, One Corpse (2016)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

During a house showing for her mother’s real estate business, Ro and Martin Bartell, a Pan-Agra executive and former military member, discover the body of Tanya Lee Greenhouse, a local real estate agent.


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Homicide Detective Lynn Liggett begins a murder investigation, initially focusing on the town’s real estate agents. Ro, driven by her interest in murders and a desire to protect her mother, becomes actively involved in the case, suspecting a connection to undetected high-end art thefts and putting Martin at the top of her suspect list as she learns more about his unknown background.

4. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery: The Julius House (2016)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Ro is in the early stages of a romantic relationship with ex-CIA agent Martin Bartell. Despite receiving a large bequest and her mother’s advice, real estate agent Aida Teagarden, Ro, decides to purchase a rural home, the notorious Julius home, five miles outside of Lawrenceton.

The Julius family disappeared four years ago, and Ro, along with her fellow real murder club members, investigates the mysterious case against the wishes of the Julius family. Tensions emerge, particularly regarding Charity Julius’ connection with a kid named Harley Dimmoch. As Ro explores hidden areas of the home, Martin fears she might be dangerously close to uncovering a truth that could jeopardize her safety. Meanwhile, John, Aida’s boyfriend, may face a choice between supporting Ro’s investigations and prioritizing his relationship with Aida.

5. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Dead Over Heels (2017)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Ro, and her friend Sally Allison witness a corpse falling from a single-engine aircraft in Ro’s yard. The victim is Lawrenceton Chief of Police Frederick Burns, who had recently inquired about Ro’s boyfriend, Martin Bartell. Burns’ murder is investigated by Detective Lynn Smith, acting as Police Chief, against the protocol, leading to tension with Detective Pete Lambert.

Lambert is eager to solve the case to enhance his reputation, but Ro, against her wishes, is compelled to investigate, especially to uncover why Burns wanted to meet with Martin. Another key figure in the unofficial inquiry is Tim Prentiss, Martin’s former CIA colleague and someone Ro envisions a future with Sally.

6. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Bundle of Trouble (2017)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Ro and her lover, ex-CIA agent Martin Bartell, are taken aback when Regina Walker arrives with her newborn son Hayden, revealing she’s married and had been living in Corinth, Washington. After leaving Regina and Hayden at Ro’s to attend a party, Ro and Martin return home to find Regina gone, her bag left behind, and a dead man identified as Craig Walker on Ro’s front porch.


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Detective Arthur Smith leads the investigation, discovering Hayden and Rory Brown alive in the house, leading to questions about Craig and Rory’s criminal history. Ro and Martin conduct their own investigations, raising doubts about the baby’s true parentage, while broader concerns arise about the relationships between Arthur and Lynn and Ro and Martin’s readiness for parenthood if they decide to marry.

7. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Last Scene Alive (2018)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Hollywood descends upon Lawrenceton as a film production, “Whimsical Murder,” based on a book by former resident and mystery writer Robin Daniels, shoots in town. Robin’s characters, including lead Adelaide, inspired by Aurora Teagarden (Ro), are based on real-life residents. The film is produced by Ellen Post, directed by Joel Parker, and stars Celia Shaw as Adelaide, with Meredith Wear playing Adelaide’s best friend.

The entire town is captivated by the project, with even Ro’s mother, Aida Teagarden, joining as a site scout and falling in love with Parker. At the same time, tensions arise for Ro as her ex-CIA boyfriend, Martin Bartell, suspects Robin’s return is motivated by a desire to win back Ro. On the first day of the shooting, Celia is found dead in her trailer, prompting the Real Murders Discussion Club, including Police Detective Arthur Smith, to investigate. However, Ro may be in danger if rumors about her connection to Celia and Robin prove true.

8. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Reap What You Sew (2018)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Poppy Wilson returns to Lawrenceton to establish a yarn and embroidery company with her friend Cara Embler, funded by Poppy’s wealthy father. Their brick-and-mortar shop and YouTube videos have proven successful, and they plan to write a book.

Poppy, dating local newspaper writer Dustin Sykes, is found dead in her apartment, prompting Roe Teagarden, Sally Allison, and others from the Real Murders Discussion Club to investigate. Acting Police Chief Arthur Smith discourages their involvement as they consider suspects like Dustin, Sally’s cousin Lizzy Allison, lawyer Bubba Rankart, and Nicole Wilson, raising concerns for Roe and Aida’s safety if Nicole is the killer.

9. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery: The Disappearing Game (2018)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Missing her serious lover, Martin Bartell, who returned to the CIA, Ro spends time with her cousin Phillip at Lawrenceton College. During Phillip’s birthday dinner with his roommate Josh and Josh’s girlfriend Tammy, Ro discovers Tammy’s corpse in an alley, seemingly hit and run.

Detective Arthur Smith leads the police inquiry, with Phillip and Josh as primary suspects, prompting Ro, Sally Allison, and Jason Dell from Real Murders to investigate, much to Arthur’s displeasure. The disappearance of Clayton Harrison, a college student and friend of Phillip, further complicates the case, leaving open the possibility of fleeing suspects or unintended entanglement in Tammy’s murder.

10. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Game of Cat and a Mouse’ (2019)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

As Ro prepares to discuss the Lipstick Murders, her discussion materials are vandalized with a calling card, and Aida’s workplace is similarly targeted, linking Ro to the criminal activities. Police Chief Lynn Smith and Homicide Detective Arthur Smith, a Real Murders member, investigate suspects, including new club member Davis Mettle, library regular Edward Irons, Nick’s T.A. Dina McMillan, and Valer.


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The crimes escalate with the same literary quote signature, becoming increasingly violent and seemingly targeted at Ro, prompting the collective effort to quickly apprehend the perpetrator.

11. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery: An Inheritance to Die For (2019)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Gladys Allison-McCourt, the owner of Allicourt Industries, dies during her niece Lizzie’s wedding reception, initially believed to be a heart attack but later revealed to be cyanide poisoning. Cade McCourt, recently appointed CEO and Gladys’ son, becomes a prime suspect due to their tumultuous relationship.

The investigation takes a new turn when Gladys’ revised will favors unexpected beneficiaries, excluding Cade. Librarian Aurora Teagarden (Ro) and her friend Sally Allison, members of the Real Murders Discussion Club, join the investigation, with Ro’s new boyfriend, Psychology Professor Nick Miller, sacrificing his professional life to assist and ensure Ro’s safety.

12. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Very Foul Play (2019)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Ro is unexpectedly asked to give a presentation at the “From Motive to Murder” conference, where she discovers Police Chief Lynn Smith as her co-panelist. The conference, hosted by Linda Bennett, includes a murder mystery play, during which a cast or conference member is assassinated on-stage.

Ro and the Real Murders members investigate when one of their own becomes the prime suspect, collaborating with Lynn and Detective Arthur Smith, who are on the outside. The leading suspects include Linda Bennett, financially struggling due to the event, and developer Boyd Stauberg and his son Brett, both linked to the victim.

13. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Heist and Seek (2020)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

The Lawrenceton Public Library hosts a Renaissance gala featuring items on loan from the Seattle Museum of History, including Elizabeth I’s crown, which goes missing. Aurora Teagarden, her boyfriend Nick Miller, and the Real Murders Discussion Club members investigate the theft, annoying Chief Lynn Smith, who resents Ro’s interference in police matters.


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When the prime suspect is found dead, the focus shifts to the possibility of the deceased being a front person for the true killer. Suspects include ex-con Howard Kane, importer/exporter Miya Quan, and Assistant Director Kelly Stevens, who aspires to her boss’s job.

14. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Reunited and It Feels So Deadly (2020)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Ro, Sally, and Arthur attend their 20-year high school reunion, where old relationships and potential rekindlings complicate the gathering. Amidst the festivities, they discover a corpse in the hotel pool, sparking an investigation led by Arthur for the Lawrenceton Police Department.

The victim, an old classmate, was fatally stabbed, and the Real Murders club members, including Ro, Sally, and Nick, become involved due to personal connections with the victim and suspects, risking relationships and adding complexity to the case.

15. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery: How to Con a Con (2021)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Aida Teagarden’s new client, the Averys, are contemplating selling their house and retiring to Hawaii, but a surprising revelation during the financing check adds a mysterious layer. When Mr. Avery is suddenly murdered, Aurora, fueled by curiosity, starts investigating with the support of her fiancé Nick, Sally, and the Real Murders Club. The question arises: is the murder linked to the fraudulent loan that Aurora uncovered?

16. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Til Death Do Us Part (2021)

Aurora Teagarden Mystery Til Death Do Us Part2021

As Ro gets ready for her wedding, she stumbles upon a skull just days before the ceremony, causing concern that her father might be a suspect. In a race against time before walking down the aisle, Aurora and Nick delve into solving the cold case. The revelation that her father is the prime suspect adds urgency to their efforts. Despite her librarian background, Aurora faces clashes with the local police who aim to restrict her investigative activities.

17. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Honeymoon, Honeymurder (2021)

Aurora Teagarden Movies in Order; Chronological Watch Order

Aurora and Nick stumble upon a corpse during their “pre-honeymoon” vacation, and as they delve into the mystery, danger looms closer. Their flight delay leads them to stay at a lakeside house suggested by Aurora’s friend Lizzie for a few days. However, true to their usual luck, they find themselves in an unfortunate situation, discovering a dead body during what was supposed to be a romantic getaway.

18. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Haunted by Murder’ (2022)

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Haunted by Murder

The murder investigation is revived in a house with a haunted reputation among the Lawrenceton locals. Years ago, when Aurora and Sally were teenagers, they stumbled upon a body in this same house, an event etched into their memories.

The eerie and mysterious atmosphere of the haunted house adds a layer of complexity to the investigation, as Aurora and Sally find themselves revisiting a place tied to their past and a crime that has lingered unsolved for years. The reopening of this case not only raises questions about the present murder but also brings back haunting memories from their youth.

19. ‘Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Something New’ (2023)

Something New 2023

Young Aurora Teagarden, portrayed by Skyler Samuels, comes back to Lawrenceton after completing college, eager to pursue her post-graduate degree and reconnect with her roots. However, her return takes an unexpected turn when she becomes entangled in a mysterious situation involving her close friend Sally’s fiancée, played by Kayla Heller.


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As Aurora delves into the mystery, she unravels a complex web of secrets, suspicions, and hidden motives, forcing her to navigate through the intricacies of relationships and uncover the truth behind the enigmatic circumstances surrounding Sally’s partner.

Where to watch the movies featuring Aurora Teagarden?

You can watch the entire ‘Aurora Teagarden’ franchise on Hallmark’s movies & mysteries, the movies can also be streamed via Hallmark Movies Now service which is accessible from Amazon.

Will there be more ‘Aurora Teagarden’ movies?

The last movie was released in 2023, and currently, Hallmark has no plans to continue the franchise. If anything changes, we’re going to update this post.

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