‘Baby Fever’ Ending, Explained: What Happens At The End Of Baby Fever?

Baby Fever

Baby Fever is a brand-new show from Netflix that explores the intricacies of maternity through the eyes of a fertility doctor who doesn’t have kids herself and gets into a terrible situation when she does something to rectify that. The complete series contains only six episodes of around 30 minutes each, and in just three hours, Baby Fever manages to tell a compelling story about a character that is just as flawed as every one of us.


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The series stars Josephine Park in the role of Nana, and the actress delivers one of the best works of the year when it comes to female performances. The story takes the character on a rollercoaster of emotions and also through some very tense situations. Park manages to sell every single moment through the story, showcasing the fact that she is in control of a full range of emotions and reactions through her acting.

If you need something cool and short to watch, Baby Fever is the option for you. The following paragraphs contain spoilers.

What Happens To Nana In Baby Fever?

At the start of the show, we are introduced to Nana, a fertility doctor who works in a private clinic in Copenhagen. Nana is very successful at her job, and most of her clients end up pregnant just like they wanted. She is a rising star among the staff. Her best friend is Simone, who also works in the clinic as a receptionist and secretary. The pair has an amazing relationship, both inside and outside the clinic.

When a brand-new scanner arrives at the clinic, Nana feels the need to try it herself and recruits Simone to scan her insides. During the scanning, Nana finds something alarming. She discovers that her age has caught up to her, and she only has around six more months of fertility, after that she won’t be able to have a baby. Having a baby was never on Nana’s life plans, but now that the possibility is closing to her, she starts thinking about it.

Baby Fever

Outside the clinic, Nana has been going out with another member of the staff, but later she comes across Mathias, an old flame. They dated each other years ago, but it didn’t end well. Mathias is visiting the clinic to leave his sperm at the sperm bank. Nana thinks that if she could have a baby, it would be with Mathias. Later that day, she gets drunk with Simone, and without thinking about it, she breaks into the sperm bank, steals Mathias’ sample, and inseminates herself with it.

The next day, she cannot believe what she did, and neither can the security personnel, who have seen clear signs that someone broke in at night. The blame falls on Simone as she was the one responsible for closing the bank gate. Nana doesn’t say anything to avoid trouble. A couple of days later, she finds out that she is pregnant. She starts puking constantly.

Does Nana Reveal The Truth About Her Pregnancy In Baby Fever?

Nana tries to keep her life just like normal, but at some point, she reveals that she is pregnant to Simone. Simone is happy for her friend and asks who is the father. Nana is desperate and says that the father is Sornen the member of the staff she has been dating. In reality, Nana is not attracted to him, she only has eyes for Mathias, but the situation with him is a bit complicated.

The security personnel at the sperm bank keeps getting closer to know whose sample is missing. Nana doesn’t know if she can convince Mathias to have sex and make it seem as if it was there that she got pregnant. She discovers that Mathias has cancer, and that is why he was at the sperm bank. Mathias closes the possibility that they could become a couple.

Baby Fever

Evidence starts to pile on, and it is revealed to the clinic that someone did, in fact, stole a sperm sample when they broke in. Someone needs to be blamed, and the clinic lets Simon let go. It is quite sad because she did nothing wrong. Simone also discovers that it was Nana who stole the sample but doesn’t rat on her. However, her tongue slips when she comments to Sornen that she could be the father of Nana’s child. Everything falls down when, in front of Mathias, Sornen asks if he is the father of the kid.

Nana starts to think if it would be best if she just had an abortion, and she starts looking for options. However, after seeing a couple of her clients and seeing how even after many struggles some of them keep battling to have a child, Nana decides to keep it. But before doing any of that, she needs to put her life in order.

Nana finally reveals the truth and gets fired from the clinic, not before apologizing to Simone for getting her into trouble and also managing to give her job back to her. The two friends reconcile, and we see Nana making pace with the fact that she will become a mother after dealing with her clients. At the end of the show, she approaches Mathias’ house to probably ask him if they can start all over again.

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