‘Baki Hanma’: What Happened to Pickle? Caveman’s Fate Explained


The most peculiar ‘Baki Hanma’ character we’ve ever seen is Pickle, who ended up surprising the humans of the modern day because he was a prehistoric caveman that had physical feats and abilities that far surpass what the ordinary human is capable of. In that regard, all of the different fighters of the world, including Baki, wanted a piece of him because he was so powerful that he presented himself as the next great challenge that a martial artist needed to overcome to become stronger. He ended up fighting Baki, who was the biggest challenge to him. But what happened to Pickle after fighting Baki?

Pickle defeated Baki in their fight when he resorted to using a new technique that required him to evolve on the spot to defeat an opponent about to beat him down. After that, humans voted to send him back to his frozen state, only for him to escape and decide his fate in the real world.

The fact that Baki was able to fight on par with a prehistoric man known for killing T-Rexes was one of the greatest things we could ever see from any of the fighters in the world of ‘Baki Hanma,’ and this was the fight that made him realize that he could now fight his father on par. As for Pickle, he gave himself a chance to choose his fate and what would happen to him next while living in an entirely different world from what he was used to.

Pickle vs. Baki

One of the things that we know about Pickle from ‘Baki Hanma’ is that he never prepared himself for the big change he had to go through in his entire life. In his era, which was 190 million years before the events of the storyline, he was just fighting a T-Rex. He was about to eat it before the entire world suddenly got frozen due to the massive drop in the atmosphere’s temperature.

Pickle and the dinosaur were frozen in ice and preserved due to the high salt content in the area. They were eventually found in Colorado, where Professor Payne decided to thaw him out to study him.


Upon waking up, Pickle was immediately exposed to an entirely new world he wasn’t familiar with because he didn’t even know what had happened to him. There was no way to explain what had happened to him because he couldn’t understand speech or simple human logic due to his prehistoric nature. And he only understood that he needed to hunt, fight, and eat to survive.

Pickle’s strength was what allowed Strydum to make a deal with him to bring him to Japan, where he could meet the strongest fighters in the world because the US general thought that someone as strong as Pickle would have been able to find himself at home with the greatest martial artists that the world had to offer. And upon learning that this gigantic caveman existed, the world’s strongest fighters were quick to try their hand at defeating Pickle, only for the massive prehistoric man to defeat them and eat parts of their body as part of his nature of eating whatever he defeated.


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Of course, the case was different when he fought Baki because Pickle no longer had to fight and hunt to survive upon learning that Payne had found a way to use the T-Rex meat to provide the caveman a huge food supply. This led to Baki provoking Pickle into a fight by attacking his pride. As such, this fight between Baki and Pickle was not just a fight for survival but a battle for pride.

In the end, Baki proved to be every bit of a challenge to Pickle after he had used all the things he learned about the different martial arts of the world to good use. He even mimicked the fighting styles of the dinosaurs that Pickle fought in the past to give the massive caveman a reason to fear him.

Ultimately, Baki overpowers Pickle until he offers the caveman a chance to fight him in a test of stamina, which Pickle wins when he uses a Judo move that knocks Baki out for good.

pickle and baki

Pickle’s pride had been affected by the fact that he was forced to use an entirely new technique to defeat a man who was much smaller than him but could strike fear into his heart. That was why he didn’t even try to kill or eat Baki after eating him. Instead, he just left the premises while Baki followed him.

The two became friends who understood each other after trading blows in a fight that could have gone Baki’s way if it weren’t for the fact that he offered the caveman a chance to beat him.

Pickle was supposed to be frozen again

After that, Payne and Strydum wondered what they needed to do with Pickle because they didn’t want him to experience having to go through several bouts with strong fighters throughout his entire life. That was when the UN allowed the people to decide what should be done with the caveman. The world’s people voted to send him back to the ice in a close outcome.


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In that regard, Pickle was supposed to get refrozen back in ice, but Payne thought that this was the wrong move because Pickle the scientific discovery of a lifetime. He also thought that Pickle was their responsibility because he didn’t want another group of people or a new generation to try to find a way to deal with the problems related to a prehistoric caveman that was several times stronger than some of the strongest fighters of the world.

Pickle chose his own fate

However, it was clear that no one would tell Pickle his fate. Payne and Strydum returned to the facility where Pickle was supposed to be frozen again. However, he took the head of the T-Rex that he killed millions of years ago and decided to give it to Strydum as a parting gift for allowing him to have fun when he fought the strongest fighters in the world.

Pickle left the facility and started roaming the streets of Tokyo, Japan, where he eventually disappeared. He had chosen his fate and decided to start life anew in an entirely new era that was so different from what he was used to in his previous life. And the fact that he evolved suddenly in his fight with Baki when he used a Judo move proved that he could grow and evolve with the changing times.

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