‘Baki Hanma’: Is Pickle Related to Baki? Relationship Explained

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One of the things that we know about the ‘Baki Hanma’ storyline is that Pickle has become one of the biggest threats to the world of martial arts because he has shown how inferior the current human generation is compared to his superior physique and survival and hunting techniques. But the one thing that’s sure is that the Baki and the other members of the Hanma family are the only ones that have displayed the same physical feats that Pickle is capable of. So, does that mean that Pickle is related to Baki?

It is unlikely that Pickle is related to Baki or any other Hanma family members because he lived in Colorado nearly 200 million years ago. Meanwhile, the Hanma family can trace its roots in Japan. But the Hanma family may have prehistoric genes that are similar to Pickle.

The thing about the entire Baki storyline is that the characters tend to have superhuman abilities that far surpass what normal humans are capable of. We’ve seen that in what Pickle displayed when he dominated all the strongest martial artists of the current modern era. In that regard, the only characters that can match his physical feats are the Hanma family members, and that’s why fans believe there must be a connection. That said, let’s discuss this more.

Pickle’s strength and body structure

The Pickle Wars saga of the ‘Baki Hanma’ anime storyline has been quite extraordinary in delivering one of the most unique characters ever introduced. That’s because the entire saga revolves around Pickle, a prehistoric man frozen in ice and subsequently revived and brought to the modern day, where he faced the strongest fighters of this generation.


Pickle lived in the era of dinosaurs 190 million years ago and survived one of the harshest eras in the planet’s history by fighting and hunting dinosaurs. As such, he developed physical abilities that were far beyond what normal humans could.

The fact that he was hunting T-Rexes and triceratopses allowed him to become the apex predator of that era. And it was clear that his physical abilities were superior compared to what modern-day humans had to offer.

Nearly eight feet tall and with a body that’s so lean and muscular, Pickle is a genetic freak that has the strength, speed, and agility that allows him to hunt and kill dinosaurs. He has longer limbs that allow him to survive the harshness of the Jurassic period.

And on top of that, he was built to have a body that was meant to kill all of the strongest animals of his era millions of years ago, and that’s why not even modern-day weapons are strong enough to penetrate his thick skin and incredibly dense muscles.


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Pickle was so strong that he could stop the charge of a triceratops. He displayed the same strength Kaoru Hanayama charged at him with his full power, as Pickle was surprised to see that there was a human with the strength of a triceratops. And earlier in the storyline, he even showcased his ability to match Yuujirou Hanma in a test of strength.

Of course, the one thing that caught the eye of different fans was that Pickle sported a muscular back with muscles in places where the human body isn’t supposed to have muscles. As such, he was built to be the apex predator of his generation, similar to the fact that Baki and the other members of the Hanma family were also seemingly built to be apex warriors of their generation. 

So, what we are getting at here is that Pickle’s back and physical attributes can match the ones that only the Hanma family have been able to achieve. This has gotten some fans to speculate that Pickle may have been a long-lost descendant of the Hanma family, given that only Baki and his father have been able to showcase the ability to match this prehistoric caveman’s musculature and physical abilities.

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This connection was never explored in either the manga or the anime because the focus was on the battles between Pickle and the strongest fighters of the current generation, including Baki himself. In that regard, we can neither confirm nor deny that there is a familial connection between Pickle and Baki’s family. But we can say there is an unlikely chance that they are related due to the fact that Baki’s family has always been Japanese, whereas Pickle was found in Colorado. 

The Hanma family might have prehistoric genes

Of course, we aren’t dismissing the chance that Pickle could be a long-lost descendant of the entire Hanma family, given that he does have the musculature and the physical abilities of a Hanma. But we do believe there’s an unlikely chance that they are related due to how Pickle lived 190 million years ago and roamed the areas all over the United States instead of Asia.

Still, the one thing we can probably get out of this is the possibility that the Hanma family could have genes closer to the prehistoric people living millions of years ago. Of course, we all know that we evolved from our prehistoric ancestors millions of years ago. Still, there’s a possibility that the Hanma genetics are closer to the genes of the cavemen than those of other families.

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After all, the Hanma family members have showcased immense physical abilities that allowed them to become the strongest creatures on the entire planet. From what we’ve seen, only Pickle has displayed similar physical abilities. And we do know that Pickle probably wasn’t one of a kind back in the prehistoric age because he may have had other caveman friends and family members that shared the same physical traits that he possessed.


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So, if that’s the case, it is possible that all of the prehistoric people of that era were just as strong as Pickle or, at the very least, close to his strength. And it might be possible that a prehistoric race of humans living in Asia or Japan may have been just as strong as Pickle and could pass their genes down from generation to generation until the modern day.

That said, there might be some sort of a genetic mutation within the Hanma family members that allowed the recessive genes of these prehistoric humans to come out and become dominant within the family, especially when you consider the fact that both Baki and Yuujirou are just as strong as Pickle and have similar body types. Of course, we are only speculating here as the ‘Baki’ storyline has never really explained why the Hanma family is so damn strong.

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