Baki vs. Biscuit Oliva: When Did They Fight & Who Won?

baki vs oliva

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There is no doubt that the entire Baki manga and anime storyline focuses on fighters that fight one another in the quest to become stronger. In line with that, we’ve seen Baki Hanma and Biscuit Oliva, two of the strongest fighters in the storyline. That means that they were expected to fight one another to prove who was stronger. So, when did Baki and Biscuit fight, and who won?

Baki and Biscuit Oliva fought one another during the final part of the Great Prison Battle Saga. In that fight, Baki matched Oliva’s strength with his own strength to defeat him in a pure brawl. It is also worth noting that Baki may have used the demon back in that fight to match Oliva’s power.

Of course, because Baki is the main character of the series and is on a path to becoming strong enough to fight his father, Yuujirou Hanma, it is understandable that he would be strong enough to defeat one of the strongest people on the planet. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened in the fight between Baki Hanma and Biscuit Oliva.

What Episode Does Baki Fight Oliva?

During the end of the fight between Baki Hanma and Mohammad Alai Jr., who was an easy opponent for the young prodigy, he decided to make the biggest challenge anyone on the planet can make by challenging his father, Yuujirou Hanma, in a battle between father and son. But the problem was that Baki wasn’t ready to face his father just yet because he was yet to become strong enough. And the only way for him to be strong enough to fight his father is to fight someone close to Yuujirou’s level.


One such character that could claim to be close to the level of Yuujirou Hanma is Biscuit Oliva, who is the strongest man in all of America. Oliva is a convicted assassin treated like a VIP in the Arizona State Prison. And the American prison system treats him well because the US government uses his skills to take down enemies that are far too dangerous for any other person.

Oliva, however, isn’t a trained fighter but a very muscular man with the strongest muscles in the world. His muscles are so dense that they are like steel in the sense that he can withstand shotgun shells and a thrust from a katana. And the fact that Biscuit survived an encounter with Yuujirou in the past is why he is one of the few characters that could fight the Ogre on par.


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As such, Baki needed to go to extreme lengths to get to Biscuit. He kidnapped the president and requested to be sent to the Arizona State Prison so that he could be in the same place where Oliva was. However, Biscuit wasn’t willing to fight Baki, and that was when the young Hanma decided to become the next “Unchained” by escaping the prison and making Oliva’s accomplishment look easy.

Eventually, Biscuit Oliva decided to fight Baki as he felt insulted by what the young teenager did. They fought during the 12th episode of the Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre series on Netflix. The episode is entitled “Beyond the Brawn.”

Did Baki Defeat Oliva?

The only reason why Baki decided to get incarcerated in the Arizona State Prison was the fact that he wanted to fight and defeat Biscuit Oliva so that he could gauge whether or not he was ready to take on his father, who was still the strongest creature on the entire planet when it comes to pure fighting prowess.

Baki, of course, is the same as his father in the sense that he is a master of almost all of the different forms of martial arts and is an expert mixed martial artist. So, while he understood that Oliva was going to be the toughest challenge of his life, Baki decided to fight him because he needed to face someone close to the level of his father.

In what was Baki’s toughest fight at that point in his life, he brawled with Biscuit Oliva and prevailed in a manner that wasn’t exactly what people had in mind. He used brute strength and crude fighting to defeat Biscuit Oliva.          

Is Baki Stronger Than Oliva?

The one thing that makes Biscuit Oliva so strong is his muscle mass. Due to his immensely dense muscles, he is said to be the strongest man on Earth in terms of physical strength and has a body so hard that shotgun shells from point-blank range can’t penetrate through his muscles.

In fact, Oliva doesn’t train in any form of martial arts because he only ensures his muscles are kept in top shape. That is why he works out like a superhuman and has to eat 100,000 calories in a single day to make sure that he maintains his muscle mass and strength.


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Biscuit is also so strong that he survived an encounter with Yuujirou Hanma years ago when they fought in Vietnam. The battle was a stalemate because Yuujirou decided to “save” him for a later date. And they never had a chance to fight again because Yuujirou allied with the US government.

In that regard, there is no doubt that Biscuit Oliva is muscles reincarnated and is physically at the top of the list of all the strongest humans on Earth. But Baki had something to say about that when he walked into Biscuit’s stomping grounds and decided to match him in a fight that actually favored Oliva’s style.

baki vs biscuit

Even though Baki initially struggled against Biscuit because the American convict was stronger in pure brute strength, the young Hanma could defeat him using pure brute strength. Baki and Biscuit brawled, and the younger fighter prevailed because he could awaken his demon back.

So, under normal circumstances, Biscuit Oliva should be stronger than Baki Hanma. But the fact was that Baki possessed the demon back, which augmented his physical abilities well beyond their limit. That was why his brute strength reached Biscuit’s level, as he defeated the strongest American in the world. This allowed Baki to earn enough experience in preparation for his fight with his father.

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