Who Is Biscuit Oliva’s Girlfriend Maria & What Happened to Her?


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The world of Baki is full of some of the most interesting characters in manga and anime history, as most characters tend to be quite unique in their personalities. Of course, we know that Biscuit Oliva is one of the unique characters in Baki due to his circumstances as a VIP convict. But while Oliva may be a convict, he lives in the Arizona State Prison with his girlfriend, Maria. So, who exactly is Maria, and what happened to her?

Maria is Biscuit Oliva’s girlfriend and lives with him in the Arizona State Prison. She was a slender and beautiful woman before she gained weight and became too obese to even walk on her own two feet. Baki slept beside Maria in her bed to goad Biscuit into finishing Jun Guevaru so he could fight Baki.

While she isn’t a very important character in the entire Baki storyline, let’s not forget that Maria played a big role in the prison saga of the manga and anime because this allowed Baki to find a way to fight Biscuit. Nevertheless, she is still a minor character compared to the other characters. Let’s look into Maria’s story to understand her role in the Baki manga and anime.

Maria’s Background Explained

During the events of the Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre anime, we learn that Baki Hanma is trying to become stronger than he ever was to prepare for his upcoming fated battle with his father, Yuujirou Hanma. Considering that Yuujirou is the strongest creature on the planet, Baki needed to find opponents that could push him to the next level. That is where Biscuit Oliva comes in.

Baki kidnapped the US president so that he would get incarcerated in the Arizona State Prison, which was the place where Oliva resided as a VIP convict that the US government used as an assassin. And he wanted to be in that prison so he could challenge Biscuit to a fight.


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However, while in prison, Jun Guevaru, a strong inmate, decided to challenge Biscuit to a fight because he wanted to be the next “Unchained,” a title reserved only for Oliva. Baki was restless the entire time, and that was when he decided to take matters into his own hands. His plan involved Maria.

Maria is Biscuit Oliva’s girlfriend and lives with him in the Arizona State Prison. She is the one person that matters the most to Biscuit, as he is quite obsessed with her. However, while Biscuit may be madly in love with Maria, she let herself go and allows her massive appetite to contribute to her weight gain.

maria 2

In the past, Maria was a very beautiful and slender woman. However, she became morbidly obese and could no longer walk on her own two feet. She mostly spends her days lying down on her bed while gaining weight. And her personality seems to be just as bad as her weight.

Even though Oliva is madly in love with her, Maria is an arrogant woman that doesn’t care about anything, sometimes including Oliva. She also has a sense of entitlement that makes her believe everything in the world should belong to her. And one of the reasons she developed this sense of entitlement is that Biscuit constantly spoils her.

Even though Oliva is quite stunned by her beauty, Maria doesn’t appreciate what he does for her. She always insults Oliva and treats him with total contempt, as if he is completely useless. Nevertheless, Oliva doesn’t seem affected by Maria’s cruelty towards him as he still tries to spoil her with his love.


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It is possible that Maria developed this personality due to how she gained so much weight. She used to be a very young and slender woman, but she ended up becoming morbidly obese to the point that she admits that she is no longer beautiful.

Other than that, there aren’t many things that were revealed about Maria. We aren’t sure how she gained so much weight, but it is possible that getting spoiled by Biscuit’s love contributed to her massive weight gain. Her past is also quite unknown, as she was only a minor character in the storyline of Baki.

What Happened to Maria in Baki?

During the part wherein Jun and Biscuit are still fighting, Baki decides to fight Oliva immediately. As such, at one point in the storyline, he decided to sleep beside Maria, who was comfortable enough to cuddle with the teenager. Maria felt quite comfortable with Baki and didn’t treat him with the same cruelty often prevalent around Biscuit Oliva.

baki and maria

When Biscuit learned about what Baki did to Maria and that Maria enjoyed the young man’s attention and time, Oliva became so angry that he quickly finished his fight with Jun so that he could fight Hanma.

As such, while Maria may be a minor character in the storyline, it was clear that Baki used her to get to Biscuit Oliva, knowing well enough that the American’s girlfriend was the only person he cared about. And it was because Biscuit was so angry at Baki that he decided to fight the teenager.

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