Batgirl VS Batwoman: Who Would Win?

Batgirl VS Batwoman: Who Would Win?

Batgirl and Batwoman are often compared on the basis that the two are the most powerful members of the Bat family. Although both are valuable additions to the team many often wonder which one would win if the two were to fight each other?

Although the fight would be extremely close we ultimately have to give it to Batwoman due to the fact that unlike Batgirl she doesn’t really hesitate when it comes to fighting and that exact characteristic would combat Batgirl’s analytical approach to fighting.

 As we already stated the fight would be an extremely close one so if you want to find out about the strong points of both Batgirl and Batwoman make sure to read the article all the way through.

Batgirl and her powers


Batgirl is one of Batman’s many sidekicks and although the mantle was carried by many people, the most notable person who took on the role is Barbara Gordon which is why we’ll consider her Batgirl in this article.

She took on the role of Batgirl after contacting Batman to help her find her father, the GCPD Commissioner Jim Gordon. Although Batman asked her to stay behind she followed him promptly and helped with the mission which ultimately led to her becoming a full-time Batman sidekick.

Just like any other Batman sidekick, her strongest side comes out while in hand-to-hand combat. After becoming a member of the Bat family she started training with Batman regularly, which improved her martial arts skills a lot. 

Aside from proficiency in martial arts, Barbara is also skilled when it comes to a wide array of weapons. Following in Batman’s footsteps she also regularly uses different gadgets which help her elevate her fighting styles quite a lot. 

All of this skill is additionally upgraded by the fact that the constant training Barara puts herself through makes sure she stays in peak human condition. The regular conditioning impacts her strength and stamina as well as her durability in combat.

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This alone would make her a strong opponent, however, this is not where her skill list ends. Just like other members of the Bat family, Barbara has a genius level of intellect and was shown to be the smartest among Batman’s sidekicks. 

Her knowledge is one of her strongest sides and while her associates have a lot of general knowledge she has an upper hand when it comes to using it since she is knowledgeable in quite a few areas targeted specifically to help in crime fighting such as Law and Criminology.

There is another thing that makes Barbara stand out when compared to the rest of Batman’s sidekicks and that skill was unfortunately revealed in quite a tragic storyline. 

During one of Joker’s attempts to make Batman convinced that all it takes to lose it is one bad day, he kidnaps Jim Gordon and severely injures Barbara. The sustained injury made Barbara paralyzed from the waist down and many fans believe this would be it for her.

However, she resurfaced few issues later as Oracle. Although she could no longer participate in fighting crime alongside Batman she took the role of a person behind a computer for the team.

All of her computer science and hacking knowledge made her extremely useful to the team and assisted her in bringing the Bat-family together and making their operations more coherent while they are fighting crime. 

This last point especially proves how important Batgirl is. She plays such an important role in the Bat family and is one of the most powerful allies Batman has. However, you look at it she is a powerful and skilled opponent who could easily take down almost anyone she comes face to face with.

Batwoman and her powers

Batwoman and her powers

Although the two characters may seem quite similar, they are actually drastically different. The most notable character taking on the mantle of Batwoman is Kate Kane. 

Barbara Gordon became a crimefighter in her own capacity after hearing about Batman’s accomplishments. However, despite this determination, she would always be in the shadow of the Dark Knight.  

Batwoman on the other hand was inspired by Batman but went off on her own and attempted to stay away from Batman. As a result, Kate Kane has been able to build a reputation for herself as a solo hero by staying away from Batman and his sidekicks.

Although she mostly works alone she can also thrive in a team setting. She has proven herself to be such an important part of Batman’s allies that he thinks so highly of her that he did not think twice when looking for a hero to help him train a group of young heroes.

Many members of the Bat-Family owe their abilities to Batman’s training. However,  Kate Kane developed her skills in different ways. Kate went to West Point and obtained top-notch military training. 

She was at the top of her class in all of her classes and despite being forced to quit school because of her sexual orientation, she went on to prosper using the talents she had acquired.

It’s impossible to make a direct comparison between military training and Batman’s tactics. But it’s safe to assume Kate’s lessons were not the same as those taught by the Dark Knight. Kate is able to thrive without the need for technology, whereas Batman’s gadgets are what he relies on to give him an upper hand.

Aside from the different training, Kate is also in peak human condition which makes her at least an equal to various of Batman’s accomplices as well as the Dark Knight himself.

Another thing that makes Kate useful to Batman is the way she can uphold her relationship with the GCPD. Batwoman may also have a beneficial connection with the cops because of Kate Kane’s bond with Renee Montoya.  Renee is one of Gotham’s most well-known police officers, and she has worked with Kate on numerous occasions to combat crime throughout the years.

One of the reasons Batgirl is better than Batwoman, according to many fans, is her strong ties to the rest of the Bat-Family. Kate Kane’s status as a relative outsider, on the other hand, might be seen as one of her greatest assets.

Many of the Dark Knight’s sidekicks grow utterly devoted to him once he trains and works with them, and they stick with him through thick and thin. Batwoman, on the other hand, is unaffected by this possible risk.

Kate, as previously said, is her own hero. She’ll work alongside Batman and his friends, but she’ll be able to set herself apart from the team’s usual dynamic, which is based on unquestioning loyalty to the Caped Crusader.

All in all Kate Kane is an extremely powerful fighter who can easily take on all of the different Gotham villains. She has various skills that make her extremely powerful and a useful member of the Bat family. 

Batgirl VS Batwoman: Who would win?

So if these two were to fight which one would win? These two characters are often compared and many fans wonder which one would come up on top. Although the question is pretty simple, the answer is quite complicated and actually comes down to one simple thing.

This one thing comes from the different training these two have. Barbara was taught by Batman himself and it is very evident from the way she approaches fighting crime. 

This can be seen through her analytic approach to fighting. She will study her opponent if she has the time to do so in order to minimize actual fighting and overpower them with as little effort as possible. 

Kate on the other hand approaches fighting in a whole different way and it is mostly due to her military training. She was taught to go headfirst into situations and develop strategies as she goes. 

She also learned that any form of hesitation may have catastrophic consequences. All of this combined means that she wastes no time in taking down her opponents and needs little to no preparation time.

Taking this to the fight between Batwoman and Batgirl it becomes evident how Batwoman would use her training to take Batgirl down before she even began fighting. 

This kind of outcome is actually quite common when the two find themselves on the opposing sides since Barbara almost always wants to try to talk things out before actually fighting since it requires less effort and Kate takes advantage of this to gain an upper hand.

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