‘Batgirls’ Editor Clarifies Stephanie Brown’s and Cassandra Cain’s Relationship Amid Speculation on Their Sexuality

Batgirls Editor Clarifies Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cains Relationship Amid Speculation on Their

‘Batgirls’ is a comic book series published by DC Comics that follows the adventures of several characters who have assumed the Batgirl mantle. The series prominently features Barbara Gordon (the original Batgirl, also known as Oracle), Cassandra Cain, and Stephanie Brown. Barbara Gordon serves as a mentor to Cassandra and Stephanie, who take on the Batgirl roles more directly.

A notable aspect of the story is the relationship between Cassandra and Stephanie. The two bond through shared trauma and develop a beautiful friendship, which some fans began to interpret as a romantic relationship.

Shippers are a common presence in nearly every fandom, with the anime fandom arguably being the most fervent. In the ‘Batgirls’ series, one of the most popular ships involved the interactions between Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain, which some fans perceived as romantic.

Recently, series editor Jessica Chen addressed the nature of their relationship after fans questioned whether the romantic undertones were intentional and why the characters weren’t made a couple. Chen clarified that their relationship is based on her own friendships and that there is nothing romantic between them. She emphasized that people can support each other and be very close friends without being a couple, a concept that seems increasingly hard for some to grasp.

Jessica Chen

We based Cass & Steph’s best friend relationship off our own real ones, and actually, all my close female friendships are incredibly supportive with one another in the exact same way Cass & Steph are (like sisters from other misters), and without and romantic undertones! Sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but these two are the bestests of BFFFFFF! 🙂

Some fans were disappointed with Chen’s response, asserting that the “Cass & Steph” ship would remain part of their headcanon. Meanwhile, other fans were pleased, arguing that not every character needs to be LGBT and that there is already ample representation, particularly among female characters in Gotham.

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