Batman vs. Goku: Who Would Win In Fight?

batman vs goku

Two of the most popular characters in fiction history are Batman and Goku, who are both the stars of their respective comic/manga storylines. These characters are both incredibly popular all over the world for entirely different reasons. But the thing we know is that they are both heroes that are really great fighters in their own respective universes. But if we were to pit Batman and Goku in a fight, who would win?

Goku will obviously win a fight against Batman. The only way Batman could beat Goku is if he’s smart enough and has prep time to create a weapon to beat him. Otherwise, nothing that Batman can do could remotely be enough to even put a scratch on Goku in a straight-up fight.

Batman may be an iconic fictional character and is right up there at the top in terms of some of the most iconic characters of all time, but Goku is simply at a different level when it comes to how powerful he is. In that regard, Batman will probably never be able to beat Goku. But we’ll show you the details of this hypothetical fight so that you’ll understand why Goku wins.


Batman may be an ordinary man, but he has trained his strength up to the highest possible level for a human being. That means that he is almost just as strong as the strongest ordinary human being and is capable of dishing out punishment with his punches and attacks even when he is up against opponents with superhuman physical attributes. In that regard, he is no ordinary man when it comes to his physical capabilities, despite the fact that he has no superpowers whatsoever.

Time and time again, we have seen Goku doing some of the most ridiculous things with his strength. At this point in the Dragon Ball storyline, his strength has reached divine proportions to the point that he has become stronger than the Gods of Destruction of the other universes. In that regard, he is one of the strongest mortal characters in all of Dragon Ball and has the strength to destroy planets with a punch if he is evil enough to do so. Goku is, in fact, often regarded as the strongest fictional character in terms of pure strength alone.

goku beerus 2

There is no way Batman could ever match Goku’s strength. Goku has more strength in his pinky finger than a thousand Batmen put together. That means that this round easily goes to Goku’s side.

Batman 0, Goku 1


While he may be an ordinary human being but Batman has trained his body to such a level that he is able to move faster and react quicker than most other ordinary people. He was trained by ninjas and assassins, and that means that he knows how to move and react quickly. In fact, his reaction time is so good that he could actually evade the attacks of characters that have superhuman speed. As such, Batman is no slouch when it comes to fighting, even if he may be an ordinary human being.


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Goku’s speed is one of his best assets as it has always been stressed in Dragon Ball that speed is one of the determining factors of a fight. In Dragon Ball, faster characters have been able to defeat stronger characters by blitzing them with their speed. Of course, considering that Goku has mastered Ultra Instinct in the manga, he is one of the fastest characters in the entire Dragon Ball continuity and is capable of avoiding attacks instinctively as his body immediately reacts to any incoming attack.

Goku speed

We all know that Batman may be fast and quick for an ordinary human being, but Goku is able to move at blinding speeds in the middle of a fight. In fact, some of the strongest fighters in the Dragon Ball story couldn’t even see Goku’s movements when he was in Ultra Instinct.

Batman 0, Goku 2


As mentioned, Batman is just an ordinary human being with no powers whatsoever. Nevertheless, money is power, and Bruce Wayne has plenty of money because he is a billionaire that basically funded the entire Justice League. In that regard, Batman has often used his money to his advantage when it comes to gadgets that he has used in different fights. No ordinary person could afford the gadgets and tech that Batman uses, and it is quite surprising why no one has ever figured out that Bruce Wayne is the only one that could afford to become Batman.

Characters in the Dragon Ball storyline have access to a power called Ki, which is what allows them to harness their own energy so that they can use them to create energy blasts in whatever form. That is why Goku is able to make use of Ki blasts and a powerful energy-based attack called Kamehameha. On top of that, Goku has also learned unique abilities like Instant Transmission, which allows him to lock onto a person’s energy signal and instantly teleport to their location. Goku can also harness the energy of living beings around him and use it to create a powerful Spirit Bomb.

goku kamehameha

As rich as Batman may be, there is no way that his money could ever defeat Goku’s powers. Goku simply has too many powers at his disposal and could annihilate an entire planet with one of his energy-based attacks.

Batman 0, Goku 3


One of the things that people know about Batman is that he is an incredibly intelligent character that knows how to use his intellect in various ways. In some incarnations of Batman, he is a scientific genius that knows a thing or two about a lot of different fields of sciences, such as physics and engineering. However, in almost all of Batman’s incarnations, he is a strategic genius that’s often ten steps ahead of his opponent in terms of thinking of plans and tactics that he could use to defeat them. He even thought of contingency plans for every member of the Justice League. On top of that, at one point, he was able to defeat Darkseid without even throwing a single punch.

batman darkseid

If there is one weakness in Goku’s armor, it is his lack of intelligence. Goku has never been the most intelligent character in Dragon Ball, as Vegeta often berates him for being an idiot. Nevertheless, Goku has always been a genius in a fight because he knows how to adjust his strategy on the fly and is never too headstrong whenever he approaches an opponent. Simply put, outside of a fight, Goku is actually quite stupid, even though he may look like the smartest person whenever he is fighting someone he needs to outsmart.


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Oku may be a genius whenever he is fighting someone, but he is simply not at the level of Batman’s intelligence. Batman is so smart that he has defeated superpowered beings. And with enough prep time, he may be able to find a way to defeat Goku.

Batman 1, Goku 3

Fighting Skills

Trained by ninjas and assassins in the League of Assassins, Batman is a highly effective hand-to-hand combatant that has been able to defeat the likes of Deathstroke and Ra’s al Ghul, who are two of the greatest fighters the League of Assassins have ever produced. Batwoman has identified at least 14 different martial arts that Batman uses in a fight. In fact, Batman has been able to defeat characters much stronger than him because he is simply a much better fighter. And Batman, while he doesn’t use weapons that much, is also a master of armed combat.

batman deathstroke

During the start of the Dragon Ball storyline, Goku was just a kid that was looking to learn more about martial arts from different masters all over the world so that he could win the martial arts tournament. However, Dragon Ball has evolved since then as Goku has focused more on reaching insane power levels. Still, he has maintained his martial arts training and has trained with different martial artists all over the universe to hone his talents as arguably the greatest martial artist in the entire Dragon Ball storyline.

The martial arts used in the Dragon Ball continuity are much different compared to the martial arts in the DC universe, but we do know that both Batman and Goku are great martial artists. If they were both equal in strength, there is a good chance that they would end up fighting on par with one another.

Batman 1, Goku 3


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Batman vs. Goku: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Yes, we all know that Batman is incredibly smart and is able to outsmart and outclass a lot of his opponents when given enough prep time so that he can find their weak points. But the fact is that Goku has almost no weaknesses, as the only way he was ever beaten in Dragon Ball was when he fought someone stronger than him. In that regard, there is only a slim chance that Batman could find a way to defeat Goku with enough prep time. But if he couldn’t find a weakness in the Saiyan’s incredibly powerful physique and insane divine power levels, there is no way that Batman could even put a scratch on Goku.

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