Batman vs. The Hulk: Who Will Win in a Fight?

batman vs hulk

There is no doubt about the fact that Batman is right up there at the top in terms of the most powerful superheroes of all time because he is simply an iconic character. But as iconic as Batman may be, that doesn’t mean that he is the strongest comic book character. A character such as the Hulk is the superior being when it comes to strength, even though he isn’t necessarily the sharpest character. So, who between Batman and the Hulk will win in a fight?

The Hulk will no doubt defeat Batman by making use of his vast superiority in terms of his physical attributes. Batman doesn’t stand a chance against the Hulk’s superior strength, durability, and speed. However, with enough prep time and with the right equipment, Batman could still have a chance.

When it comes to comic book characters, strength alone isn’t the defining factor when it comes to a fight because there are a lot of factors that go into a battle between superheroes. In that regard, Batman may still win using his tactical mind against an overpowering Hulk, who would win more times than not. That said, let’s look at this fight in greater detail.


Batman isn’t exactly someone you would say has super strength, but he has trained his body hard enough for him to be able to reach strength levels that only top athletes could reach. There is a chance that he could carry and press a few hundred pounds, but he isn’t someone that has peak levels of strength. Still, Batman is a lot stronger than the average human and is quite possibly able to match top athletes in terms of his strength.

The Hulk’s strength is immeasurable because he only gets stronger the angrier he gets. At his bast anger level, he is already incredibly strong and capable of matching or exceeding the strength levels of incredibly strong characters like Thor. But when he is at the peak of his anger, his strength can destroy cities and shatter continents. This is where the concept of World Breaker Hulk comes in, as this character was strong enough to level entire cities.


Even at the Hulk’s base level of strength, he is already exponentially stronger than Batman in every sense of the word.

Batman 0, Hulk 1


Batman is impressively durable for an ordinary man. His suit might be equipped with some padding that allows him to absorb blows and impact, but he still is an ordinary man that doesn’t have the same kind of durability as some of the other superheroes in comic book history. In that regard, he may be able to survive attacks from superhuman characters, but there is only so much that his human body can take.


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One of the aspects that make the Hulk incredible is his unbelievable durability. His body is already nearly indestructible as he could hardly take any kind of damage. In the comics, the Hulk is also nearly immortal because he is basically difficult to kill and can come back from anything that kills him. This means that, even if someone finds a way to kill the Hulk, he will end up coming back angrier and stronger than ever.

hulk missile

Batman can get killed by anything that can kill an ordinary human being, even though he might be a bit more durable. However, Hulk is functionally immortal. This is a no-contest.

Batman 0, Hulk 2


Thanks to his training, Batman is incredibly nimble, quick, and fast for an ordinary human being as he can move as well as any ninja can. His ninja training allows him to have quick reflexes and nimble feet that aid him in fights against superhuman beings that could kill him with one blow. He is capable of dodging attacks and is quite adept at reacting to his opponents. Still, he doesn’t possess superhuman speed but is simply just faster and quicker than most humans.

Despite his size, the Hulk is deceptively fast because of his amazingly strong legs. He can run fast enough to evade missiles and mortar shells and is capable of moving from one city to another in a hurry. The Hulk also possesses amazing reflexes that allow him to catch Captain America’s shield throw and Hawkeye’s arrow. On top of that, he was also able to hit Quicksilver running at full speed.

hulk quicksilver

Of course, considering that Batman is an ordinary human being, he doesn’t have a chance against the Hulk’s incredible superhuman speed. 

Batman 0, Hulk 3


Batman’s intelligence is not something that is purely logical or scientific in nature but is more tactical and strategic. He thinks several steps ahead of his opponents, no matter how exponentially stronger his enemy may be. As such, he is capable of creating contingency plans that are based on his opponents’ weaknesses because he is simply a person that thinks ahead of time and looks at all the angles when it comes to assessing his enemy. Batman is so intelligent that he was even able to create scenarios that could kill all of the individual members of the Justice League.


The Hulk is only smart when he is Bruce Banner or whenever he is able to harmonize Banner’s brain with the Hulk’s physical capabilities. But even so, he is only smart in a scientific manner and isn’t someone that is strategic in the way he thinks because Banner’s brain wasn’t built for combat. And whenever the Hulk is simply the Hulk, he is actually an idiot that is the complete opposite of Bruce Banner in terms of intelligence.


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As they say, with enough prep time, Batman can beat anyone. This is exactly the case here, as he can potentially defeat the Hulk using his tactical mind and intelligence.

Batman 1, Hulk 3


Due to his human limitations, Batman doesn’t exactly fight without the use of special equipment that he often prepares ahead of time. He does have a utility belt with a host of gadgets that can be useful in a fight. However, when he knows what he is up against ahead of time, he tends to use equipment that allows him to maximize his opponent’s weakness. For example, Batman fought Superman with the use of a mechanical suit and Kryptonite.

bat mech suit

The Hulk almost always fights barehanded and doesn’t use special equipment. There are some cases when he is armored and is equipped with weapons that allow him to make the most out of his unlimited strength. But, in most cases, the Hulk often fights using his fists because there simply is no need for him to use something else.

Again, with enough prep time, Batman should be able to find equipment that could allow him to take advantage of the Hulk’s weaknesses. This is why he takes this round.

Batman 2, Hulk 3

Batman vs. Hulk: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Batman is the very personification of going into battle prepared because he has to use every asset at his disposal to make up for his limitations as an ordinary human being. But even though Batman could still win against the Hulk with enough prep time and with the right equipment, he still has to find a way around the Hulk’s incredible physical attributes. That is why the Hulk will most likely win against Batman in a fight.

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