Black Adam vs. Batman: Who Would Win, & Why?

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The world of DC is full of some of the most amazing characters that are quite unique in terms of their personality and abilities. Of course, Black Adam is becoming one of the more popular superheroes in DC, especially with the upcoming release of the character’s solo movie. But Batman is still arguably the greatest DC character of all time. So, in a fight between Black Adam and Batman, who would win?

Black Adam would defeat Batman because of the very fact that he is a lot stronger and has powers that are beyond what Bruce Wayne could do. It might be true that Batman has a tactical mind that has allowed him to outsmart almost any kind of DC villain. But even his intelligence has a limit against pure power.

Yes, Batman is great, intelligent, and badass. But there’s only so much that he could do against a being that has the immense strength and power of Black Adam. That means that he probably wouldn’t stand a chance against Black Adam unless he has enough preparation time to find the villain’s weakness. With that said, let’s look at this battle in greater detail.


There is no arguing against the fact that Black Adam possesses immense strength that is difficult to measure. He is blessed with the strength of the Egyptian god named Amon, and it is this strength that allows him to fight heroes and villains alike and protect Kahndaq. He is so strong that he can lift 100,000 tons with relative ease and could even lift a tank without any effort at all. In fact, his strength levels are comparable to Superman’s because he could fight the Kryptonian without getting overpowered.


Batman has the strength level of a peak human athlete, and that means that he is as strong as any ordinary human can be. In a way, this has allowed him to show off impressive feats of strength by being able to fight powerful villains like Bane and Killer Croc. He doesn’t have any strength enhancements whatsoever but can become stronger by wearing his mechanized bat suit. Other than that, he is simply as strong as where his human body can take him.

This is a no-contest here because there is no way that Batman’s peak human levels of strength could match the godly strength that Black Adam possesses. Not even all of Batman’s strength could even match the strength of Black Adam’s pinky finger.

Black Adam 1, Batman 0

Combat Skills

Because of his powers, Black Adam was never much of a hand-to-hand fighter. He was never a skilled combatant because of the fact that he could simply brawl his way out of a fight using his immense strength. Of course, someone like Black Adam and any other superpowered being with immense strength wouldn’t need to develop fighting skills. Nevertheless, his lack of fighting skills has never hindered him in a fight against someone who is just as strong.


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The one thing that Batman has over most of the other superheroes in DC is his fighting ability. Not a lot of superheroes could stand up to Batman’s combat prowess because he was trained by the League of Shadows, the greatest organization of assassins in DC. That is why he fights like a ninja but could also use his peak-level strength to good use in straight-up brawls. And Batman has been able to defeat stronger characters by making use of his superior combat prowess.

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Black Adam may be strong, but his lack of combat skills could end up becoming a weakness if ever he were to fight a character who is just as strong but has better fighting abilities. As such, if Batman were to find a way to bridge the strength gap between him and Black Adam, he should be able to win using his fighting skills.

Black Adam 1, Batman 1


He may be a brawler and a powerful entity, but Black Adam is an intelligent man that was gifted with the wisdom of the Egyptian god of learning called Zehuti. As such, he is wise and intelligent enough to find a way out of certain situations. He puts his wisdom to good use when it comes to battle tactics and a lot of other things like diplomacy. Of course, considering that he is the ruler of an entire nation, he needs to be wise and smart enough to govern his people well.

Batman may be a regular human, but he is not ordinary when it comes to the way he thinks. Bruce Wayne was never as scientifically smart as the other DC characters, who are also considered geniuses in their own right but what makes him different is the fact that his mind is tactical. He often uses his intelligence by coming up with plans and tactics that allow him to stay several steps ahead of his opponents and by creating contingency plans in any kind of situation. In fact, he is so smart that he was able to find a contingency plan for every member of the Justice League if ever they were to go rogue.

BatmanDarkseid 1

Black Adam is smart and wise, but he doesn’t have the ruthless tactical mind that Batman possesses. It has always been said that Batman can defeat any opponent with enough preparation time and when he has enough leverage on his side. He even outsmarted Darkseid that the godlike being was impressed with his intelligence.

Black Adam 1, Batman 2

Endurance and Durability

Blessed by the stamina of Shu and the courage of Mehen, Black Adam is incredibly durable to the point that he never gets tired and can go on without eating, drinking, or resting. He doesn’t feel any fatigue at all and can go on for days without even feeling tired. On top of that, he has an incredibly durable body that can withstand almost any kind of damage to the point that he could go toe-to-toe with Superman in a fight without getting injured. This is why he is one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe.

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Batman trained his body to the point that it was at the peak of human performance. His stamina is superb that he can fight and keep himself awake with minimal rest. He doesn’t even need to sleep a lot because he has trained his body to the point that he can go on without resting, eating, or drinking for a long time. Of course, thanks to the rigorous training that he endured under the League of Shadows, he is durable enough to survive attacks from superpowered beings.

Yes, Batman is an impressive specimen when compared to ordinary humans, but he is still just human. On the other hand, Black Adam’s physique is augmented by the powers of the gods, and that means that he wins this round.

Black Adam 2, Batman 2


The fact that Black Adam has been around since the time of Ancient Egypt speaks for itself. He has been fighting invaders and protecting Kahndaq for the longest time possible, and that means that he is at least a couple of thousand years already. Throughout that time, he has defeated alien invaders and has also stood up against beings that are nearly just as strong as he is. That means that he has a lot of experience as a fighter.


For a regular human, Batman’s experience is immeasurable because of the fact that he has fought against different types of characters throughout his entire career as a vigilante. From maniacs like Joker to godlike beings like Darkseid, he has seen them all and has lived through them despite the fact that he is just an ordinary human being. And he has done this for decades as one of the most consistent characters in the entire DC universe.


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While Batman has been fighting for a very long time, Black Adam has been doing what he has been doing for millennia. In that regard, Black Adam’s experience trumps whatever Bruce Wayne has experienced in his entire life.

Black Adam 3, Batman 2

Black Adam vs. Batman: Who Wins?

In a fight between a god and an ordinary human being, the god will always win, and that’s why Black Adam will win in a battle against Batman. It might be true that, for a regular human, Bruce Wayne can do things that no one else can do and can come up with strategies that can defeat anyone. In fact, given enough prep time, he could defeat Black Adam just like how he could defeat Superman. However, if the playing field was leveled, Black Adam would easily defeat Batman

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