Batwoman: First Official Look At Bridget Regan As Poison Ivy Revealed

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Batwoman TV show is set to continue its Season 3 on The CW tonight. The eighth episode of the third season will finally introduce Agent Carter star Bridget Regan as Pamela Isley, also known as the famous supervillain Poison Ivy. Thanks to TVLine, now we have the official first look at the character, and if we might say, she looks amazing.

Bridget Regan was cast as Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy in August 2021. The casting received positive feedback from the fans and they’ve been waiting for her on-screen debut ever since. So far in the season, we have learned that Pamela Isley was the ex-girlfriend of Renee Montoya (Victoria Cartagena). Back in the day, when Batman was still active, Pamela Isley turned into an eco-terrorist known as Poison Ivy. Montoya asked Batman for help, and Batman defeated her and locked her veins in his trophy room in the Batcave.

But, years after both Bruce Wayne and Batman left Gotham, Batwoman is now the main hero in the city. After Ivy’s veins from the Batcave poisoned and corrupted the mind of Batwoman’s friend Mary Hamilton, Batwoman will need to find a way to save her, and with the original Poison Ivy now coming back, that task will be tougher than ever. Nicole Kang, who plays Mary Hamilton on the show, recently shared the image of herself and Regan in their supervillain costumes, and now we got the official look on the original Poison Ivy.


Batwoman: First Look At Pamela Isley’s Suit Revealed

I wanted long hair, long nails, long lashes just like she’s growing — she is a plant. I based everything on [the] idea that plants are better than people, and that was it. I was really drawn to her mission. I was drawn to this metamorphosis that she’s gone through — her extreme commitment to that mission, how radicalized she is, how passionate she is.” — Bridget Regan for TVLine

Batwoman returns tonight with an all-new episode only on The CW.

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