Batwoman Season 3 Wrapped Production

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The DC show Batwoman officially finished the production of its third season. The third season of the series will be the shortest season yet, consisting of only 13 episodes, and seven of them already aired. So, only six episodes left.

Batwoman TV series premiered in October 2019 with Ruby Rose starring as Kate Kane, Bruce Wayne’s cousin who swore to protect Gotham City in his absence. The first season was set to have 22 episodes, but it was cut to 20 due to the pandemic. Shortly after finishing the first season, Rose announced that she won’t return in the second season, which caused some major changes to the series. Ryan Wilder, an original character made exclusively for the show was created to take up the mantle of Batwoman, and Javicia Leslie was cast. Wallis Day was cast as the new Kate Kate in the second season to finish the character’s storyline.


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The second season consisted of 18 episodes. The third season was announced in February 2021 and premiered in October. So far, the season showed us Ryan Wilder embracing her new life as the masked vigilante, while she’s forced to work with her mortal enemy Alice. You can check the synopsis of the season down below:

In season three of Batwoman, Ryan Wilder has shed her parole for the Batsuit and her van for the Batcave to carry out the legacy of Batwoman and protect Gotham’s underserved communities. Her journey continues as she and the Bat Team focus on finding Batman’s scattered trophies, a collection of objects seized from Gotham’s most infamous villains, before they land in pernicious hands. Meanwhile, Ryan personally struggles with the bombshell dropped by Alice – that her birth mother is still alive. Alice is locked up in Arkham and holding on to hope that her father, a recently incarcerated Jacob Kane, will save her…but nothing can keep an evil woman down. Mary is graduating from medical school and finding difficulty juggling her roles as a full-fledged MD at her clinic and as a vital part of the Bat Team. At the same time, Luke is winging it as a superhero after discovering a suit made for him by his father, but he soon realizes it takes more than a suit to be super. Having said goodbye to Kate and the Crows, Sophie feels free to find a new purpose, but while making the most of her newly liberated lifestyle, she finds herself in the middle of an exciting but very unexpected love triangle. As visits from villains past loom over Gotham and anyone can become a baddie by finding a wayward Bat trophy, Renee Montoya steps in to supervise recovery of the scattered artifacts, forcing an unwelcome partnership between Gotham’s favorite hero and most notorious ne’er-do-well. And despite best efforts to avoid her newly uncovered past, Ryan is thrust into the world of super mogul Jada Jet and her son Marquis when Wayne Enterprises lands on the radar of another one of Gotham’s most powerful families.

The cast and crew of the show are celebrating the wrap of production on season 3. It’s still unknown if the series will be renewed for Season 4. Viewership ratings aren’t promising, but you never know. We are expecting news about the potential fourth season during January. Batwoman will return with all-new episode on January 12, 2022.

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