Beau DeMayo Reflects on Emotional Episode 5 of ‘X-Men ’97’:“The Whole World Is Unsafe…”

Beau DeMayo Creator of X Men 97 Fired Ahead of Shows Premiere in a Shocking Turn of Events

We’re halfway through ‘X-Men ’97,’ and fans are already praising it as one of Marvel Studios’ best productions in a long time. Episode 5 was particularly moving, and the reactions to the latest episode have been intense, with many noting its emotional impact.

In this episode, Genosha comes under attack, leading to Magneto and Gambit sacrificing themselves to halt the Sentinels and destroy Mister Mold. Meanwhile, Cyclops and Jean’s relationship hits a rough patch as Jean learns of Cyclops’ telepathic communication with Madelyne, while she finds herself drawn to Wolverine. This is just a brief summary of the recent events in the series.

After the episode aired, Beau DeMayo shared some insights on X, detailing his initial intentions with the episode. He highlighted the contrast between the cheerful and nostalgic tone of the earlier episodes and the darker tone of episode 5, intended to showcase the world’s inherent dangers.

Additionally, DeMayo discussed Jean’s memory disassociation and identity crisis, themes often experienced by survivors of sexual assault.

Beau DeMayo, despite his role in creating the latest Marvel Studios project, was dismissed just days before the premiere of ‘X-Men ’97.’ The exact reason for his termination was never publicly disclosed, but insiders and leaks suggested it was due to difficulties in his behavior on the job.

Speculation arose that DeMayo’s dismissal may have been prompted by a significant incident, given the sudden and decisive nature of his departure just before the premiere. Additionally, with season 2 of ‘X-Men ’97’ already in production and season 3 in development, some suspect there may be more to the story.

Regardless, it is hoped that DeMayo’s departure will not impact the quality of the show. ‘X-Men ’97’ is released every Wednesday on the Disney+ platform.

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