Beau DeMayo Reveals He Already Technically Wrote Live-Action X-Men Movie and Some of That Was Used for ‘X-Men ’97’

Beau DeMayo Creator of X Men 97 Fired Ahead of Shows Premiere in a Shocking Turn of Events

‘X-Men ’97’ emerged as an unexpected success for Marvel Studios, defying expectations after a string of disappointments. Fans embraced its authenticity and a faithful nod to the original animated series.

While many anticipated a nostalgic trip, the series surprised us with its compelling narrative. Now, it’s carving its own path, drawing in a dedicated following eager for fresh X-Men adventures. Comparisons to the past are fading as the new show earns its place in the hearts of fans craving quality X-Men storytelling.

Bringing the show to life was a collaborative effort, but one individual stands out as the driving force behind its brilliant storytelling: Beau DeMayo. Despite facing controversy as a Marvel writer and being let go just days before the season 1 premiere, DeMayo’s talent is undeniable.

Following the release of episode 5, fans have been vocal in their support for his reinstatement. Additionally, many are advocating for his involvement in crafting the story for the upcoming live-action reboot of the X-Men franchise in the MCU.

While it’s unlikely to occur as the studio is currently seeking a writer, it’s surprising to learn that DeMayo has essentially penned a live-action X-Men film, which even served as inspiration for ‘X-Men ’97.’

DeMayo disclosed that his initial script was a sequel to the 2000 ‘X-Men’ movie, and elements of that fanfiction contributed to the animated series, which now enjoys consistently high ratings.

DeMayo admitted that the script was subpar and lacked proper formatting, but he hinted at releasing it someday. Until then, we can only wait eagerly for that moment.

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