‘Before Someone Gets Hurt’ Ending Explained: Who Survives the Film Shoot?

Before Someone Gets Hurt Ending

Welcome to the Ending Explained for ‘Before Someone Gets Hurt,’ a horror film released in 2018, directed by Shane Barbanel and starring Michael Welsh, Alexandra Turshen, Will Rogers, Julia Morrison, Aaron Sauter, Patrick Woodall, and Katie Henney. The film is Barbanel’s first outing as a director, and from the get-go, it is clear that this is a very amateurish type of film, not only in the filmmaking side of things but also in its premise. It tells the story of a film crew shooting inside a haunted house where bad things happen to them.

‘Before Someone Gets Hurt’ is a very bad movie. The actors are trying to make something out of nothing, which enhances the fact that this movie was not ready at the moment of shooting. The script is ridiculous and commits some of the biggest and most annoying mistakes a filmmaker can make in a horror movie without any sort of irony.

The result is a lack of character development or any real connection to the characters on screen or the story that they are apparently trying to tell. Without this connection, nothing happening on the screen has any weight.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for ‘Before Someone Gets Hurt.’ Read at your own risk.

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Who is haunting the house?

‘Before Someone Gets Hurt’ begins by introducing us to our group of protagonists. This type of film crew dedicates their time to going into apparently haunted houses. They look for clues to see if something supernatural is actually happening at the place or if it is just the fabrication of someone’s imagination. The crew consists of Tim, Stacy, Gary, Alison, Billy, Stefan, Jamie, and Lisa. They all have different responsibilities, from hosting the show to being the producer, director, technician, and researcher.


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The team’s production has become quite popular online, and we see them going around one of the haunted houses, and by the end, they give the owners the answers to their questions. In this case, the house isn’t haunted, and all the weird noises have real explanations. However, Stefan says he has been in talks with the SYFY Channel to bring the show to National Television. And so, the team must step up.

They need to do more behind the scenes and maybe find a truly haunted house. Stacy suggests an address she got recently, and they all agree this is their next target.

Before Someone Gets Hurt Ending Explained 2

On the road, we start learning a bit about the relationships among the crew. Tim and Stacy are dating, Billy is Tim’s little brother, and Stefan seems to be quite a pain in the ass. On the road, they learn that Stacy got the address from a ghost.

Someone texted her the address using the name of a dead person, a former house owner. We also learn that there have been around fourteen murders inside the house throughout its history. Stefan sends Billy ahead of the rest of the crew to install lights and cameras everywhere. However, when the crew reaches the house, Billy is nowhere to be seen.

The team doesn’t pay attention to Billy’s absence. They believe he is just acting up some drama. The team arrives and takes a tour around the house. For a house that is abandoned, everything is still in place.

No one has come to steal anything from the house. Alison concludes that no one wants anything from the house because they don’t want whatever is haunting the house to follow them. Everything, from the floors to the ceilings, is cursed. The tour continues, and the house looks pretty normal until a murderer appears, cornering Tim and getting ready to kill him.

Who survives the film shoot?

The murderer tracks Tim around the house, and it all seems lost; Tim is about to die. However, when the murderer is about to give the final blow, everyone else comes out, and it turns out that everything is just a prank. This happens several more times during the movie, and it isn’t very pleasant.

By the end, you expect everything to be a prank, and so, when the deaths come, they have no impact. The movie does this bit, a bit too much. Tim is angry but soon has a good attitude; he just got a spoonful of his medicine.

Everyone is set up at their stations and ready to spend all night in the house looking for supernatural clues. Billy is still nowhere to be seen.

There is another prank in the basement with some lights and electric switches. Tim discovers that Billy is outside the house. His glare is lost, as if he has seen a real ghost. Tim later asks Stefan not to push Billy for a story, but he does it anyway. Jaime pranks Billy one more time, and things get heated. Tim tries to calm things down and just survive the night. Billy disappears once again.

Before Someone Gets Hurt Ending Explained 3

Gary thinks that we are dealing with some powerful satanic forces here. An ancient order named Novum has been trying to reinstall Satan in heaven. It seems like the past victims were all victims of this organization. It is here that the real murders start. Alison dies, and she is found crucified to a wall. Her wrists have numbers, and Gary determines that this is Novum. They need to kill a certain number of people for a ritual and are very close to their objective. Stefan is the next to die, also crucified. The rest of the crew starts suspecting the murderer is Billy because of his strange new attitude.


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The deaths continue, with Lisa dying and Jaime being pushed by a strange, invincible force. Whatever there is in the house is not human. Gary dies sitting in his computer, and Jaime tries to kill Billy before he kills him. However, the strange force makes Jaime kill himself. Stacy and Time manage to have sex in the middle of this terrible situation, and they are expelled from the house by a mysterious force. Tim watches through the door as his brother Billy gets taken by the force.

The movie then cuts to Tim visiting Stacy at the doctor’s office. His attitude doesn’t reflect having passed through a situation where he saw all of his friends dying before his eyes. He is only worried about Stacy. The doctor says she is fine and that she is also pregnant. The movie ends with Stacy watching footage of a possessed Alison. The ending implies that Stacy and Tim’s kid will be Satan or a sort of antichrist and that this was always Novum’s plan and the reason they were lured to the house in the first place.