Benedict Cumberbatch Talks About His Future As Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the newest, 28th chapter in the gigantic Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’re still waiting for the official box-office results that the movie achieved during its opening weekend, but fans who watched the movie are already theorizing when and where we’re going to see all these beloved characters next.

Elizabeth Olsen recently talked about her future as Wanda Maximoff, and while she remained rather coy about it, the fans have no doubt that we’re going to see her again. On the other hand, the movie’s lead star Benedict Cumberbatch has no doubt he will play the role of Doctor Strange for a long time to come.

In two separate interviews that Cumberbatch recently had, he expressed no doubt that he will play Doctor Strange again, and what’s even better, he’s very excited about it, just like we are.

“I really can’t wait to see what the fan reaction is to this and where it takes Strange, and who he is by the end of the film. But I think it sets him up for a really exciting future.” — Benedict Cumberbatch for Extra

“I’m not tired of it all yet. I really enjoy playing this character, and I’ve still got a lot left to give as him, and a lot more adventures I want to have with him.” — Benedict Cumberbatch for Total Film

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Benedict Cumberbatch debuted as Doctor Strange in 2016’s original movie of the same name. Ever since he got the role, he played the character in seven different projects; six movies and one animated series. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was a second standalone Doctor Strange film, which means that the next most obvious thing for Cumberbatch is to return for Doctor Strange 3. Of course, there are still crossovers and other movies in which he can appear, but we’re pretty sure that Strange will eventually conclude his own trilogy. We just need to wait for Marvel Studios’ official word.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness now plays in theaters.

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