Berserk: Here’s How Tall Guts Is

Berserk How Tall Is Guts

One of the best manga series in the last thirty years, Berserk, presented us with incredible stories and characters that shocked us to the core. The story of the main character, Guts, is one of the most tragic tales we see from a character, but his incredible drive and will to live by his own rules are what made Berserk’s Guts such an incredible character. More and more people are catching up to the Berserk series, and that brings a lot of questions about the characters – in particular, Guts. In this article, we will discuss how tall Guts is in Berserk.

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  • According to the manga series, if we had to guess, Guts is around 6’3 or 6’4. There is an available Berserk guidebook that contains data on numerous characters, and one of them suggests that Guts is seven feet tall.
  • The guidebook is not official and mostly contains information that is not correct and doesn’t fit the canon of the manga series. Fans suggested comparing Guts’ height to his enemies, in particular, Zondark, who called Guts “a little man” in the series and came to the conclusion that Guts is approximately 6’3 or 6’4, including the Berserk Armor, which makes him bigger.

Guts’ physique throughout Berserk series

When it comes to fictional media of any type, most of the content tries to be consistent in its lore, stories, and general facts. Mainstream comics are outside of that norm because they employ new writers for every new volume or comic book event, and that’s without mentioning hundreds of characters that are making cameos every once in a while. Manga is different in that approach since the writers are trying to establish their characters and keep their numbers limited so they don’t confuse their readers.

Berserk has always been different from the rest – besides the usual time skip between the volumes, Kentarō Miura managed to create an amazing world of Midland and the characters that are residing there. Moreover, the dark fantasy of Medieval Europe combined with Viking influences, which actually follows reliable sources, makes the Berserk series incredible and Miura a genius.

guts and casca

However, what most manga don’t really “keep a grasp of” is the consistencies of characters’ physiques. Throughout the Berserk series, Guts’ height was never determined, and people got really confused. Of course, hardcore fans are curious about every single detail about their favorite characters, so when a Berserk guidebook that featured Kentarō Miura’s interview and data about various characters of the series. However, the guidebook proved to be inaccurate since it didn’t fit the manga or anime series canon.

Guts is listed as being almost seven feet tall and taller than most members of Band of Falcons, which doesn’t add up to the canon in Berserk manga and anime series. Fans concluded that the Berserk guidebook isn’t the best source of information and data about the characters, so we will completely ignore it. We will establish our findings and what we saw from manga and anime series.


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The character of Guts is present in the manga in every story arc, which means that he went through a lot of changes as the years went by. However, we won’t mention Guts’ childhood since that doesn’t bring any valuable information for this article, and we will focus on two important story arcs or eras for the warrior – the Golden Age arc, and the Black Swordsman arc.


Guts has shown changes in his physique, especially in the time skip between these two eras, and in comparison to his teammate and lover Casca, in both arcs, Guts is taller than her. Golden Age arc shows younger Guts being slightly taller than Casca, while Black Swordsman Guts is shown to be head and shoulders taller than his lover.

The manga panels clearly show the height difference between the characters and even Zondark, the very first pseudo-apostle that Guts fights in the Berserk series. The Count guard is huge in comparison to Guts and even calls him a little man. The manga panel below “debunks” the information from the guidebook, which stated that Guts was 7’7 or 236 centimeters tall – that’s just not true.

Now that we know the general height of Guts during the Berserk series let’s see if we can determine the exact height of the Black Swordsman.

How tall is Guts in Berserk?

Golden Age arc sees Guts as a new recruit of the Band of Falcons, a mercenary group led by Griffith. The leader was impressed by Guts and his skill and challenged him to a duel, in which he beat the young warrior. Moreover, the Golden Age arc marks the biggest shock of the series – the death of the Band and Griffith’s betrayal. When it comes to Guts and his height during that time, he is slightly taller than Griffith and Casca while being quite shorter than Pippin, another member of the Band of Falcon.

guts height

Guts as Black Swordsman is quite different. Another good analysis of Guts’ height is the comparison to his sword, Dragon Slayer. The heavy and powerful weapon of choice for Guts is enormous, and according to fans and their analysis, Dragon Slayer is somewhere between 180 and 185 centimeters long (60 to 72 inches). We know that Guts can feasibly handle the sword in combat and put it on his back comfortably – that puts Guts’ height around 190 centimeters or 6 feet and three inches. These estimations are

Dragon Slayer is almost as long as Guts’ is tall, so this kind of puts the warrior’s stature in the perspective. Of course, this doesn’t mean that these estimations are completely correct since the manga doesn’t have a consistent height for every character, which can be connected to the drawing style of Berserk.


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Nevertheless, the fans and I determined that Guts is somewhere around 185 to 190 centimeters tall, and comparing him to other characters, this estimation isn’t that far off. At least, the data we provided is more credible than the ones from the guidebook, which put Guts as tall as a giant.

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