Berserk: Main Characters’ Ages, Species, Nationalities, Occupations & More

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Berserk has a ton of entertaining plot twists and adventures to offer to anticipating fans, following a young and talented swordsman in a world filled with mercenaries and war. The Berserk saga has been out for many years now, having acquired many fans over the course of its running – many of which are still intrigued by the main and supporting characters within the Berserk series.

The title features a range of interesting and unique characters from various backgrounds and cultures – creating a melting pot of amazing personalities, elements, and dynamics. Below is everything you need to know about the Berserk main characters’ ages, species, nationalities, occupations, and more, using canon information from the creators while assessing theories and findings from avid Berserk fans.

Berserk CharacterApproximate AgeSpecies/ Kind
Guts24 – 25 years oldHuman
Griffith26 – 27 years oldHuman (formerly)
Casca24 – 25 years oldHuman
PuckUnknownPisky Elf
Schierke13 – 14 years oldHuman (witch)
Isidro14 – 15 years oldHuman
Serpico22 – 23 years oldHuman
Farnese21 – 22 years oldHuman
Rickert19 – 20 years oldHuman
Skull KnightApproximately 1000 years oldAnimated skeletal armor
GanishkaUnknownHuman (formerly)
Charlotte23 – 24 years oldHuman

What Do We Know About the Main Berserk Characters’ Ages?

Fans have had quite a tricky time trying to discern the exact ages of the main Berserk characters, as these figures are not stated outright for the most part – not to mention the fact that the storyline includes otherworldly creatures or beings with alternating species. However, quite a few enthusiasts have been able to piece the entire Berserk storyline together to find an approximate timeline for each of the character’s approximate ages at different points in the storyline’s progression.

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Starting off with the primary protagonist, Guts, was assumed to be around 11 years old by Gambino in the first episode of Volume 4 in the Berserk manga series, titled “The Golden Age Chapter 2”. Following this episode, Guts was shown after a time skip of around four years, meaning he would have been approximately 15 years old when he joined the Band of the Hawk.


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At the same time, Rickert was believed to be around ten tears old at the very youngest, when Guts joined the Band of the Hawk. Berserk fans are then met with another time skip that covers about three years, meaning that Guts would have been around 18 years old while Rickert would have been around 13 years old at this time.

In episode 13, Princess Charlotte is stated to be around 16 years old, and episode 16 reveals that Casca was 12 years old when she joined the Band of the Hawk. Griffith is believed to have been around 14 or 15 years old when he initially joined the Band of the Hawk – making Casca around 18 years old (the same age as Guts), Griffith around 20 years old or 21 years old, and Rickert around 13 years old by the beginning of episode 1.

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By the end of the Golden Age Arc, over a year had passed within the Berserk universe – indicated by depictions of seasonal or environmental changes. At this time, Guts and Casca would have been somewhere between the ages of 19 years old and 20 years old, Griffith would have been between 22 years old and 23 years old, Rickert would have been around 15 years old, and Princess Charlotte would have been just over 18 years old based on the tracking of years and months.

In Episode 125, the final episode of the Binding Chain chapter, another passage of time was indicated for the main Berserk characters. Both Guts and Casca would have been around 22 years old by this time, Griffith would have been somewhere between the ages of 24 years old and 25 years old, Rickert would have been about 17 years old, and Princess Charlotte would have been just over 20 years old at the time.


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From episodes 185 and 186, fans can deduce that Farnese de Vandimion was around 16 years old before she was sent to the monastery, while Farnese’s older half-brother, Serpico, was around 17 years old at the time. Following the same time skips and passages of time compared to the other main Berserk characters, Farnese would have been around 19 years old by the end of the Binding Chain chapter, while Serpico would have been around 20 years old.

Over two years would have passed at the time of episodes 244 to 285 in the Berserk manga series. This would make Guts and Casca between 24 and 25 years old, Griffith between 26 and 27 years old, Rickert around 19 years old, Farnese around 21 years old, Serpico around 22 years old, Princess Charlotte around 23 years old, Schierke around 13 years old, and Isidro about 14 years old.

Berserk CharacterApproximate Age (Years & Months)
Guts24 years & 7 – 11 months old
Griffith26 years & 7 – 11 months to 27 years & 7 – 11 months old
Casca24 years & 7 – 11 months old
Schierke13 years & a few months old
Isidro14 years & a few months old
Serpico22 years & 7 – 9 months old
Farnese21 years & 7 – 9 months old
Rickert19 years & 7 – 11 months old
Skull KnightApproximately 1000 years old
Charlotte23 years & a few months old

Since Skull Knight is classified as an Undead being with Animated skeletal armor, his true age remains unknown. However, many Berserk fans speculate that he could be approximately 1000 years old, having waged war against the God Hand and the apostles for about a millennium, making him the eldest of all the Berserk main characters in theory.

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Of course, these ages are not considered official or canon – they are estimates resulting from fans tracking the characters’ overall aging process throughout the storyline. However, they appear relatively accurate as they align with the saga’s events. For cases where the species is not comparable to humans, such as Puck, calculating the character’s age is essentially impossible. The exact age of Ganishka is currently unknown.

Berserk Main Characters’ Species, Genders & Nicknames

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Berserk saga is that it brings characters of varying ancestries together. The selection of characters includes additional mythical creatures and even characters with both former and present ‘Kinds’.


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While most of the main Berserk characters are classified as Human within the saga, there are also a handful of other character types. Below are all of the recorded species or Kinds for the main Berserk characters, their biological genders at birth, and the nicknames and aliases that each character has gained throughout their lifespan.

Berserk CharacterSpecies/ KindGenderNicknames/ Aliases
GutsHumanMaleBlack Swordsman, Struggler, Berserker, Branded Swordsman, Hundred Man Slayer
GriffithHuman (formerly)
Male“Wings of Darkness” Femto, White Falcon, Falcon of Light, Falcon of Darkness, Blessed King of Longing, The Absolute
CascaHumanFemaleBig Sis, Elaine, Black Witch, Branded Girl
PuckPisky ElfMaleUnknown
SchierkeHuman (witch)FemaleUnknown
IsidroHumanMaleSneakidro, Dropey, Droppy, Monkey
SerpicoHumanMaleSerpy (by Puck)
FarneseHumanFemaleFarny, Vandimion Devil Child, Wandering Princess, Seahorse’s Guardian Angel
Skull KnightAnimated skeletal armor
GanishkaHuman (formerly)
MaleSerpent Prince, Dread Emperor, Demon King, Demon God, Thunder Emperor, Shiva

What Do We Know About the Main Berserk Characters’ Heights & Weights?

Considering the entire Berserk saga features characters that identify as numerous species, the characters would not have fairly comparable heights and weights. Characters who are significantly older than others may have much lower height and weight stats due to belonging to other species – such is the case with Puck, who is a Pisky Elf.

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At the time of writing, the only recorded height and weight stats concern Isidro. He is noted to have a height of approximately 4’2”/ 130 cm and a weight of around 92 lbs/ 42 kg, which is quite understandable for a human of his age and lifestyle.

Berserk Main Characters’ Nationalities & Residences

The main Berserk characters come from varying regions and areas, which reflects quite a lot in their natures, personalities, traits, and motives. Most of the main Berserk characters are Midland concerning their nationalities, as seen below alongside each character’s former and present residences.

Berserk CharacterNationalityResidences
GutsMidlandPeripatetic (Interstice)
Wyndham (formerly)
Godot’s cottage (formerly)
GriffithMidlandWyndham (formerly)
Divine Domain
CascaMidlandPeripatetic (Interstice)
Wyndham (formerly)
Godot’s cottage (formerly)
Falconia (captured by Griffith)
FarneseUnknownHoly City (formerly)
Skull KnightUnknownUnknown

What Do We Know About the Main Berserk Characters’ Ranks, Occupations & Affiliations?

Considering that the Berserk main characters’ are undeniably talented in combat and skilled in various other capacities, each character has a crucial role to play in battle. While a handful of the main characters use magical or supernatural powers, the vast majority rely on classic techniques, experience, and training.


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Each of the main characters has a main combat style and preferred weapons, which they use alongside their unique skillsets and abilities. Below are all of the main Berserk characters’ ranks and occupations within the saga, as well as their respective allegiances and affiliations, whether they be former or present.

Berserk CharacterRankOccupationAffiliations/ Allegiance
GutsCaptain of the Band of the Falcon’s raiders (formerly)
White Phoenix Knight (formerly)
Mercenary (formerly)
Knight (formerly)
Band of the Falcon (formerly)
Midland Regular Army (formerly)
Black Swordsman Party
GriffithLeader of the original Band of the Falcon (formerly)
Viscount (formerly)
White Phoenix general (formerly)
God Hand member
Leader of the reborn Band of the Falcon
Supreme Commander of the Midland Regular Army
Council member of Falconia
Mercenary leader (formerly)
Knight (revoked; re-ennobled)
Fighting military leader
Original Band of the Falcon (formerly)
God Hand
Reborn Band of the Falcon
Midland royal family
Holy See
Council of Falconia
CascaBand of the Falcon unit commander (formerly)
White Phoenix Knight (formerly)
Mercenary leader (formerly)
Knight (formerly)
Band of the Falcon (formerly)
Luca and her girls
Black Swordsman Party
PuckUnknownPerformer (formerly)
Traveling performers (formerly)
Black Swordsman Party
SchierkeUnknownWitchBlack Swordsman Party
IsidroUnknownUnknownBlack Swordsman Party
SerpicoUnknownHerald of arms (formerly)
Farnese’s bodyguard
Holy Iron Chain Knights (formerly)
Black Swordsman Party
FarneseHoly Iron Chain Knights commander (formerly)MageHoly Iron Chain Knights
Black Swordsman Party
RickertUnknownUnknownHis traveling party
Band of the Falcon (formerly)
Midland Regular Army (formerly)
Skull KnightUnknown“Foe of the Inhumans”Unknown
GanishkaKushan emperorConquerorKushan Empire

That’s everything there is to know about the main Berserk characters’ ages, species, nationalities, occupations, and more, with images and stats thanks to the Berserk Wiki and various fans who have assessed numerous characters and shared their theories or findings within the community. While there are still tons of questions surrounding the main Berserk characters’ stats and pasts, the underlying mystery partially makes the Berserk saga so loveable.

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