10 Best Ai Hoshino Quotes from ‘Oshi No Ko’

10 Best Ai Hoshino Quotes From Oshi No Ko

Fans of the Oshi no Ko series will know that Ai Hoshino served as the focal point of the now-defunct B-Komachi idol troupe, which was connected to Strawberry Productions. She was a troublemaker before she became an icon, lacking professionalism and trying to fit in, but he changed into the well-known idol she was. Her life changed when she unexpectedly fell pregnant with twins. Ai Hoshino is one of the central characters from the series, and while her story is interesting, in this article, we are going to discuss the things that she has said in the series.

This list will include a total of the best 10 Ai Hoshino quotes you need to know from the Oshi no Ko anime and manga. The quotes are taken from various contexts and situations, and we have decided to list them here for you and also explain the context and the meaning a bit.

1. “I thought that if I became a mother, I’d be able to love my children. But I have not yet once told my children I love them. If I were to utter those words and realize I was, in fact lying…”

The story of Oshi no Ko is quite sad, although it seems full of fun and glitter. The story is actually a facade that tells the harsh truth about the idol industry in Japan, which is full of lies. This is why most of the quotes in this article will focus on that aspect, as Ai Hoshino embodies these issues in the best way possible.

Motherhood definitely changed her, but being torn between being a mother and an idol, being torn between the idea of not being to distinguish a lie from the truth… that is what devoured Ai Hoshino that whole time and why she was so bothered by this, even though she was absolutely certain that she loved her children.

2. “Piling on lie after lie, we look happy as we sing on stage no matter what struggles we might face. What a fun job!”

This quote is the embodiment of the facade shown in the series. An idol has to be happy. An idol has to smile. An idol has to go out and sing, giving joy to the fans and making them happy. An idol has to be in her best mood when she is in front of her fans, regardless of the true state of things.

Whether Ai Hoshino was sad, angry, depressed, desperate… or anything else… well, it simply did not matter in any way. All that mattered was the happiness of the fans, and even if the idol had to lie, she had to be happy. The irony of the final comment is evident…


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3. “Idols are objects of worship, you know? They sparkle through the magic of lies. “

This is actually another deep quote whose sad truth actually hits the spot. Ai Hoshino’s comments on lies were, actually, the only real truth that she ever uttered. Idols were an object of worship. The fans loved their idols, and they were, for a lot of them, the focus of their lives.

This is why it was so important to keep the facade going and for the fans to get this beautiful, sparkly lie of a perfect idol with a perfect life. And also with a perfect lie. And the fans devoured these lies, not even caring about the truth behind them, which is why this kind of love was the most exquisite, most passionate one.

4. “I am always putting on the smile that will please people the most. I am… made of lies, after all.”

Another comment that hits the spot perfectly. Ai Hoshino was aware of her job and her duties as an idol. She knew what it entailed, what she had to do, and that she was the only one who could do it. She wasn’t herself.

She, herself, was not important at all. Not in the least. What mattered was the smile she would put on and the ecstatic clamor of the fans who loved that fake smile as if it were the ultimate truth in the world. There was nothing there save for a lie; everything Ai Hoshino gave was a lie, but a lie that ate her away and created an empty shell of a person that people loved but whose existence was pitiful.

5. “I don’t have a family, you see. I always longed for one. I’m carrying twins, right? I’m sure our family will be a cheerful and fun one!”

From time to time, the true Ai Hoshino would appear. The honest, sincere, hurt Ai Hoshino… the young girl who wanted a life, a personality… who wanted to be a person with many feelings, not just a fake smile that she had to keep perpetually. She also wanted to experience life. She wanted true love, true emotions… and not just a fake life, a lie that had to be perpetuated for her fans.

That is why she wanted a family so much, hoping that when her life would change like that, she would be happy as well. She knew it wouldn’t be perfect, but she hoped that the imperfections of their daily lives would make that life – cheerful and fun. Honestly.

6. “To me, lies are love. And in my own way, I thought I was expressing love.”

You have to understand where this one comes from, and it comes from a very deep, dark place deep inside her fractured soul. Ai Hoshino was deeply troubled by the fact that her whole life was a lie. Everything she was and stood for was simply disregarded and killed off for the sake of a fake smile, whose only point was to make fans happy and earn money.

And while she understood that, the fact that she had to completely destroy herself for the sake of a lie devastated her so much that she actually started believing it. Ai Hoshino believed that the lies she was giving and the love she was receiving for them were love simply because there was no way she could know better, and that is why this one hurts so much.


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7. “If you’re scared of falling over, you’ll just fall even more.”

A little bit of courage never hurt anyone, right? And were the context of this quote any different, we could only agree with Ai Hoshino. Sometimes, one simply has to let go of one’s fear and try because fear itself makes the situation even worse.

But, sadly, this quote, like so many, doesn’t necessarily reflect just that. It can also reflect the shallowness of Ai Hoshino’s soul, as she was completely deprived of all emotions, save for that fake smile with which she perpetuated the lie of an ideal idol. In such a state, as well, fear is completely useless and unnecessary, which is why this one has to be interpreted from both angles.

8. “Lies are the most exquisite love!”

Going back to #3, we have to state that this one is basically the end of that quote, but it is so memorable that we had to isolate it here. The love that Ai Hoshino received from her fans was amazing. It was, by all means, sincere, but the object of that love was simply a lie and nothing else.

And that is why this was exquisite – you loved something, a lie, but the lie was so ideal and so perfect that no one cared that it was a lie, and no one really bothered to change anything. Unconditional love at its finest, we suppose.

9. “Ruby, Aqua, I love you. Those words definitely weren’t a lie.”

The penultimate quote on this list is another rare truth that came out of Ai Hoshino’s mouth, which had nothing to do about the horror of the idol industry. Motherhood changed Ai. It made her a better person, a more sincere person.

And that is reflected in this quote. She really did love her children, despite everything that happened to the three of them, and if there was anything true about her character, then it was this quote.

10. “The thought of it scares me. That’s why today I will once again lie, believing the lies will become the truth. Even if I end up paying for it one day…”

And finally, a grim conclusion, a dark truth that breaks you completely. Ai Hoshino was afraid of the truth… she was so caught up in the lie that had been created around her that the truth frightened her. That is why she chose to lie, to live a lie, and to be the shell she was molded into, an empty one at that. The saddest part about this is that she was completely aware of that emptiness, and she still embraced it because everything else scared her. That is how broken she, sadly, was.

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