‘Oshi no Ko’: Will Akane Die in the Future? Theory Explained

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The storyline of Oshi no Ko is quite unique because it explores dark themes, such as death, in manga and anime that can be quite colorful in terms of their outside appearance. In that regard, we know that many different characters explore the difficulties of stardom in Oshi no Ko, and one of them is Akane, one of the most important supporting characters in the storyline. Considering that Akane is a young female celebrity, her life isn’t very easy, and she is actually in danger due to the very theme of the story. So, will Akane die in the future?

There’s a good chance that Akane will die in Oshi no Ko due to her involvement in Aqua’s plan for revenge. In that regard, she will likely end up getting murdered at one point in the future because she is privy to some of the theories of Aqua regarding the man that killed Ai Hoshino.

The entire storyline of Oshi no Ko is that it can be quite dark, especially when you look at the fact that there is a murderer on the loose. As such, Akane has raised several death flags in the storyline because she is one of the people close to Aqua, who is out for justice and revenge. We all know that someone who wants revenge doesn’t always end up happy, and Aqua will likely lose Akane. Now, let’s discuss this theory.

Who Is Akane in Oshi no Ko?

While the storyline of Oshi no Ko focuses more on Aqua and his quest to find the truth behind the death of his mother in his reborn life, we all know that other characters are involved in his story. One of the characters that he met along the way while growing up as a young celebrity is Akane.

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Akane was one of the teenagers that signed up for the reality show called “My Love with a Star Begins Now, which also includes Aqua. However, the problem was that Akane was a very shy and reserved girl that failed to stand out compared to the other teenagers on the show. As such, she developed a rivalry with Yuki, the favorite of the show’s fans.

However, out of anger, Akane attacked Yuki, who quickly forgave her. The internet had other ideas because fans quickly assaulted Akane with hateful messages. She even got death threats and messages from fans that wished for her death, and that was when Akane learned that being a young celebrity wasn’t entirely easy and dreamy.

Akane read all of the comments regarding what she did to Yuki, which broke her down to the point that she decided to commit suicide. She was about to jump off a bridge onto a highway before Aqua grabbed and saved her. Aqua embraced her tightly and promised that everything was going to be alright.


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When the other cast members learned what Akane did, Yuki ran up to her and slapped her with tears in her eyes while asking why she would do such a thing. That was when Akane learned that everyone on the show cared about her and that they were all worried about what she attempted to do.

Due to the incident regarding Akane’s near-suicide attempt, all of her colleagues worked together to help improve Akane’s public standing with the fans by showing that she and Yuki were friends. Aqua was in charge of that campaign as public opinion regarding Akane improved. Fans began supporting her despite the initial outrage regarding what she did to Yuki earlier.

Akane developed feelings for Aqua because how he was the one that saved her life and improved her reputation. As such, she allowed Aqua to take her first kiss as he believed Akane would be useful for achieving his revenge. That was when Akane became Aqua’s love interest on the reality show, as Aqua was using Akane to get what he wanted. In that regard, she became a willing part of Aqua’s revenge.

Will Akane Die in the Future?

While Akane may be Aqua’s current love interest in the storyline and is one of the most important supporting characters in Oshi no Ko, some fans believe that she will die at one point. Of course, that’s because there are “death flags” that fans were quick to point out regarding Akane’s character.

The first death flag is the fact that Akane was willing to be part of Aqua’s revenge and that Aqua was willing to become Akane’s romantic interest because he knows she can be useful to him in the future. As such, there is a good chance that Akane is dispensable because Aqua initially only wanted to be with her because she could be useful for his revenge plot.

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Another death flag is that there’s a good chance that Akane knows that the mother of Aqua and Ruby is Ai. The identity of the twins’ parents is still a secret because Ai Hoshino’s reputation needs to be protected even though she is already dead. So, if Akane knows that Ai mothered Aqua and Ruby, she may need to be “silenced” as she knows more than she should.


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Of course, there’s also the fact that Aqua started to realize that he could love. He starts to develop feelings for Akane, which means that she is not safe as long as Aqua wants to seek vengeance against the man who killed his mother. And we know that revenge stories don’t always work out in favor of the main character, as Aqua might end up realizing that he would lose a lot of things along the way in satisfying his thirst for revenge.

As such, Akane will likely end up as collateral damage in Aqua’s quest for justice and revenge. She is one of the people closest to Aqua, which means she is in danger as long as Aqua wants to keep heading down the path of vengeance. Of course, the one that will kill Akane is likely Hikaru Kamiki due to his habit of killing female celebrities in the prime of their lives.

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