‘Oshi no Ko’: Will Hikaru Kamiki Die? Here’s What Happens


The storyline of Oshi no Ko is quite dark due to how it explores themes like lies, murder, and death. Of course, we all know that the story revolves around Aqua’s quest to discover the truth behind his death in his previous life and the murder of his new mother, Ai Hoshino. All clues lead him to the man that fathered him in his new life, Hikaru Kamiki, who is quite a sadistic person. So, will Hikaru Kamiki die?

There are no indications regarding the possibility that Hikaru Kamiki will die in the events of Oshi no Ko. However, he will likely not die because we all know that Aqua is looking for justice instead of pure vengeance. As such, there’s a good chance he will be found guilty of his crimes instead of dying.

While it may be true that Aqua wants vengeance for what happened to him when he was still Doctor Gorou Amamiya, it is also true that he wants justice. That is why there is a good chance that Hikaru will not die because justice means allowing the law to punish him for his involvement in the murder of Ai Hoshino. Now, let’s look at whether or not Hikaru Kamiki will die.

Who Is Hikaru Kamiki?

The storyline of Oshi no Ko quickly got fans hooked because it is a manga and anime that can be quite dark in its themes, even though it may look happy and cheerful on the outside. Of course, the story focuses on the main protagonist named, Aqua, who used to be a doctor named Gorou Amamiya before he was reborn as one of the children of Ai Hoshino when he was murdered. He was the doctor tending to Ai, a popular girl group idol, and her unborn twins before a stalker of the idol killed him. The same stalker killed Ai when Aqua was still just a young infant.

ai hoshino death

So, with his memories of the past intact, Aqua is now looking to find out who was responsible for the death of his mother. The man who killed him and Ai was Ryosuke. However, he committed suicide right after killing Ai. But Aqua knows there’s a bigger mystery behind Ai’s death, and that was when the clues started pointing to Hikaru Kamiki.

Hikaru Kamiki was an aspiring actor who had a hard life growing up. Due to his good looks, he was presumably molested at 11 while still working his way up as a young aspiring actor. Hikaru met Ai when he was just 15, and that was when they started a consummated secret relationship.


Because Hikaru and Ai had a sexual relationship, Hikaru is the father of the twin children of Ai. That means that he is the one that fathered Aqua and Ruby even though both of them were reborn from their previous lives and had their memories intact. And while he may have the face of an angel, Hikaru hides a deep secret that makes him one of the scariest men in the entire storyline of Oshi no Ko.

The truth is that Hikaru is a sadistic and insane murderer who loves seeing people die. He loves targeting female celebrities at the prime of their lives as doing so makes him “feel the weight of his own life.” And it is probably the fact that he was molested by a married actress when he was just 11 that allowed him to develop a grudge against female celebrities.


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As such, while he wasn’t the one that killed Gorou and Ai, he was the man that allowed Ryosuke to kill them. That’s because Hikaru was the one that presumably told Ryosuke that Ai was pregnant and was hiding in a hospital in a remote town. He knew that Ryosuke, an obsessed fan, would become too overcome with anger and would kill Ai. As such, it is widely believed that the man behind Ai Hoshino’s death is none other than the man that fathered her twins.

Nevertheless, the fact that Hikaru visited Ai’s grave might mean that he really did love her, albeit in a twisted way. But the thing is that he has always been skillful at hiding his true nature whenever he is in public, as this was a skill that he learned as an aspiring actor. 

Will Hikaru Kamiki Die?

The thing about Hikaru Kamiki is that he is actually the primary antagonist of the Oshi no Ko storyline, as Aqua believes that he may have a connection to Ai Hoshino’s death. And while Hikaru may be the biological father of Aqua in his reborn life, he still is Gorou Amamiya and is quite dedicated to his quest of seeking justice for his new mother’s death.

As such, after Ryosuke killed Ai and subsequently committed suicide, Aqua dedicated his entire life to seeking justice for his mother’s murder, as the police prematurely ended the investigation when Ryosuke killed himself. Aqua believes that his biological father has a role in Ai’s death because he understood that there was no way that Ryosuke would have found out that Ai was pregnant and was staying in the rural town hospital where Gorou worked. This made him think that the only person other than Ichigo who might have known that Ai was pregnant was the only man that could have leaked the information to Ryosuke.


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This is why Aqua’s goal is to find a way to incriminate Hikaru Kamiki and connect the murder of his mother to his biological father. Of course, Hikaru never stopped killing after Ai died, and that’s there’s a really good chance that he was the one that orchestrated Ai’s murder. In that regard, Aqua has vengeance on his mind.


Even though he wants revenge for the death of Ai, Aqua seeks justice just as much as vengeance. That means there’s a possibility that what he wants isn’t for Hikaru to die but to get punished by the full power of the law. Still, he recognizes that Japanese laws could never try Hikaru because he was still a minor when Ai dead. As such, he also knows that the only way for Hikaru to get punished is if the authorities find out that he was also responsible for killing other young adult celebrities.

With all that said, it would be too easy of a way out for Hikaru if he were to die without getting punished by the law. That is why there’s a good chance that Aqua seeks the law to punish Hikaru for his crimes. And that’s why we don’t believe that Hikaru Kamiki will die anytime soon.

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