38 Best Amber Heard Movies, Ranked

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Amber Heard has been in the news quite recently for reasons that may not be entirely positive. Of course, we all know that she is in the middle of a legal war with superstar actor Johnny Depp, as their marriage didn’t end in the best way possible and because there have been allegations of abuse on both sides.

While Amber Heard may not be in the most positive limelight due to her issues with Johnny Depp, what we can agree on is that she has done quite well in her career as an actress. As such, we are here to look at the best Amber Heard movies ranked.

38. Gully (2019)

Amber Heard Gully

Even though Amber Heard was already a household name during the latter part of the 2010s, thanks to her relationship with Johnny Depp and her involvement in other big productions (like Aquaman), she still had roles that weren’t exactly that good. One of them is Gully, which is a movie that you might say is one of her worst but isn’t exactly the worst. The only reason why we are putting it here is the fact that she was already well-known by this time, but she still got involved in a bad movie.


Is Amber Heard Going to Jail? Here’s What Could Happen

In Gully, Amber Heard plays a supporting role behind other actors, who are the focus of this movie. Gully follows the story of three friends from a rough neighborhood in Los Angeles as they end up going on a wild night of partying. Over the course of 48 hours, they go on a hedonistic party that is quite rough and destructive.

37. The Beautiful Ordinary (2007)

image w1280 1

During the early part of her career, Amber Heard appeared in movies that allowed her to steadily rise through the ranks, even though some of these movies weren’t exactly that good. That said, The Beautiful Ordinary is one of the early movies that Amber Heard appeared in, but the film itself wasn’t that very good or successful.

The Beautiful Ordinary follows the story of a group of teenagers during the summer of 1999 as they live through their final day of high school so that they can move forward with what they have to do with their respective lives. This story allows us to see interconnected narratives that involve different high school students living different lives and tackling different problems, such as sexuality, drugs, and popularity.

36. The River Why (2010)

maxresdefault 9

The River Why is a movie that Amber Heard appeared in while she was in the middle of her steady rise through the Hollywood ranks. And while this movie isn’t exactly the best in terms of its overall quality, it still was able to showcase Heard’s acumen for acting, especially as a supporting actress.

In this movie, Amber Heard plays the leading lady with whom the main character, named Gus, falls in love. Gus left the city so that he could enjoy a peaceful and quiet life living in the wilderness while he was in the middle of self-discovery. While he was living in the wilderness, he realized his love for nature, especially after she found romance in a young woman.

35. SideFX (2004)

003 Amber Heard as Shay

A lot of up-and-coming actors tend to appear in bad movies during the earlier part of their careers while they are still starting out, and SideFX is one of the first movies that Amber Heard appeared in. She was still in her late teens when she did this movie, as this was only the third production she appeared in during the earlier part of her career.

Of course, considering that Heard herself was typecast into the usual beautiful and sexy blonde roles during the earlier part of her career, she appears as one of the college students in SideFX. This movie is all about college students partying as everything turns upside down when a medieval sex drug invades the party and turns into bloodthirsty monsters. They soon found out that there was a good reason why this sex drug was eradicated by the church during the medieval period.

34. The Prince (2015)

In the early part of the 2010s, Amber Heard had already established herself as one of the rising stars that could fit the role of beautiful teenage women. The Prince, a TV movie, was one of the roles she took while she was steadily rising through the ranks of some of the brightest young stars that Hollywood could offer. And this was released just about the same time when Amber Heard was already dating Johnny Depp.

The Prince follows the story of rich Manhattan kids in the usual high school teen drama that you often see on TV. In that regard, nothing much happens in this movie except for the usual high school teen drama involving romance, friendship, and partying.

33. I Do… Until I Don’t (2017)

i do until i dont amber heard

During the time when Amber Heard was already with Johnny Depp, she saw a good role in the romance movie I Do… Until I Don’t, which is also a pretty funny movie that allows you to see the true meaning of marriage. And the fact that Heard appeared in such a movie is quite ironic, considering that her marriage with Depp was nothing short of disastrous.

In I Do… Until I Don’t, Heard plays a secondary role to the stars of the movie. This movie follows the story of a documentarian who is cynical about the concept of marriage as she follows three different married couples and their life story to prove that marriage should only be a seven-year contract instead of a lifetime commitment.

32. Price to Pay (2006)

Of course, when Price to Pay was filmed, Amber Heard was still in her teenage years, and that means that she fit the role she was given in this teenage-oriented movie very well. And, of course, she was typecast in another role that fit her profile as a beautiful young lady that was yet to truly find her breakout role in Hollywood.

Price to Pay follows the story of the friends and acquaintances of a privileged young woman who has been mean to her. Their goal is to team up with one another so that they can take their revenge on her for all of the things she has said and done.

31. Day 73 With Sarah (2007)

Lasting just 17 minutes, Day 73 With Sarah is a short film that allowed Amber Heard to play a big role in a small movie. In that regard, you could say that this is one of the films that actually allowed people to see what she could do with her talent, even though the movie may be as short as it is.

Starring Elle Fanning when she was just a very young child actress, Day 73 With Sarah follows the story of a little girl who tries to save herself and her mother from her abusive stepfather. She does so with the help of her dead father. However, what she didn’t know was that the plan that she was about to hatch had consequences. 

30. London Fields (2018)

amber heard.jpg

London Fields is one of Amber Heard’s newer films ever since she earned the role of Mera in Justice League and Aquaman. But as promising as this movie might seem like in terms of its premise and storyline, it is anything but good. In fact, it might be a bit too disappointing for some of the more discerning tastes out there.

The movie follows the story of a clairvoyant woman named Nicola Six, who is portrayed by Heard, as she has been living with the fact that she had already predicted her own death. From there, she enters into a love affair with three different men, and one of these men will eventually murder her.

29. Spin (2007)

Also entitled You Are Here, Spin is your quintessential Los Angeles movie about clubbing and nightlife. In this movie, Amber Heard is once again in a minor role as she is still in the middle of starting out as a Hollywood name at this point in her life.

In Spin, the story revolves around Californians who love clubbing and partying as they juggle from one bedmate to another so that they can find true love. The movie is set against the backdrop of the trendy nightclub lifestyle in Los Angeles as this might be a good film to watch if you’re also into that kind of a lifestyle.

28. Drop Dead Sexy (2005)

Drop Dead Sexy is only Amber Heard’s sixth acting gig ever since she started acting in 2004. That means that she was still quite young and in her late teens during this somewhat low-budget movie. Of course, she was typecast into a minor role of a sexy young lady, as the title of the movie might suggest.

The movie revolves around two friends, Frank and Eddie, who are looking to make it big. However, their plans go wrong in their attempts to land some huge cash as they tried to smuggle cigarettes but saw their attempt ending up in smoke. As such, the entire movie revolves around them trying to find a way to get back the money they lost when they tried to smuggle cigarettes for a nightclub owner.

27. One More Time (2015)


Amber Heard earns herself a much bigger role in this movie as she is now one of the stars of One More Time. And this is a movie that’s about reconnecting with family and giving your dreams a second shot.

In One More Time, Amber Heard plays the role of a talented musician that has been struggling to make a break in the industry. This prompts her to try to reconnect with her wealthy father, who used to be one of the top musicians in the industry but is already at an advanced age. However, the father-daughter duo begins to reconnect when the aging music star attempts to make a comeback in the industry.

26. The Adderall Diaries (2015)


The Adderall Diaries is one of the more serious movies on this list and is one of the better films featuring Amber Heard in one of the leading roles. She may not be the star of the movie as she takes a backseat to James Franco, but she is the main character’s love interest in a movie that can be quite intriguing, despite its apparent flaws.

In The Adderall Diaries, Franco plays the role of a troubled author who is in the middle of writer’s block. He attempts to reconnect with his estranged father as he investigates the murder case of a missing wife and the trial of her husband so that he can try to find his momentum once more as a writer.

25. The Informers (2008)


The Informers is another one of the movies that typecast Amber Heard in a movie that’s all about hedonism. As such, the film is about the usual uninhibited culture in the party scene in 80s Los Angeles as it explores different themes, such as sex, drugs, violence, and anything similar to those.

This movie is a suspense drama film that features the story of a group of hedonists who try to live their lives in 80s LA without any moral compass whatsoever. As such, they go on an adventure that’s full of sex, drugs, and violence without any kind of inhibition whatsoever.

24. ExTerminators (2009)


As Amber Heard was already rising through the Hollywood ranks as a young actress during the latter part of the 2000s, she teamed up with two sexy actresses who were already at the tail-end of their respective primes when ExTerminators came out. In a sense, it was a movie that allowed Heard to learn a thing or two from Heather Graham and Jennifer Coolidge.

ExTerminators follows the story of three women (Heard, Graham, and Coolidge) who have anger-management issues and were able to meet one another in anger-management class. They decided to use their weakness to their advantage by starting a traditional business that makes use of their unconventional methods.

23. And Soon the Darkness (2010)

image w856

Aside from her role as an actress in this movie, Amber Heard is also a co-producer in And Soon the Darkness, which is her first crack at producing a film. This was one of the first films that saw Heard rising to the leading actress role.

And Soon the Darkness follows the story of two American girls who went on a bike trip in Argentina. However, one of the girls goes missing after the two have a heated argument, and this leads the other girl to search for her friend. In her search, she is joined by another American, who claims that her girlfriend had gone missing months before. Meanwhile, the only police officer in town assists them in their search but is acting in a rather peculiar and suspicious manner.

22. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

all the boys love mandy lane

While Amber Heard may have been typecast into a role that portrays her as the beautiful and desirable teenage girl in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, it is also equally true that she was able to land a leading role in this movie as the titular character. And this isn’t your usual teenage high school drama.

In this mystery thriller, Mandy Lane is the cream of the crop in her high school, as all of the boys are attracted to her, despite her apparent innocence. Meanwhile, a group of high school students invited her to a party at a secluded ranch. However, as the party raged on, the number of students began to drop, and people were beginning to mysteriously disappear.

21. Drive Angry (2011)

maxresdefault 3 1

Amber Heard, after some of her earlier leading lady roles, earned herself a leading role alongside Nicolas Cage during a time period in the film industry when there were a lot of Nic Cage movies. But having a role alongside Cage allowed Heard to gain more attention as she was already a rising star at this point in her career.

Drive Angry follows the story of a father who broke out of Hell and is on his way to save his daughter from a Satanic cult leader who wishes to sacrifice the child to obtain dark powers. As he was on his way to save his daughter, he saved Amber Heard’s character from her ruthless boyfriend as they ended up getting hunted by the Devil’s emissary called The Accountant. It is quite literally a movie that allows us to see Nicolas Cage driving angrily in a race against time.

20. Paranoia (2013)


Paranoia is a bigger production wherein Amber Heard was able to play a big role alongside notable names like Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford. She plays the role of the main character’s love interest in a movie that’s all about corporate espionage.

The movie follows the story of a young employee who ends up getting blackmailed by his billionaire boss and forces him into becoming a corporate spy in another company run by the billionaire’s former mentor. This is a drama-thriller that focuses on corporate espionage and the price that people have to pay for their corporate greed.

19. The Stepfather (2009)

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Amber Heard was in her early 20s when The Stepfather was filmed, as we get to see her in a role that typecasts her as the usual beautiful young lady playing a good role alongside the main character of the movie. Still, this crime-thriller movie might be something that you’d want to watch if you’re into suspense films.

The Stepfather follows the story of a young man who comes home from military school, only to find out that his father has been living with her new boyfriend. He begins to bond with his mother’s new romantic interest, but he ends up getting suspicious about him, especially because he seems a bit too good to be true.

18. The Ward (2010)


While Amber Heard’s earlier years as an actress were full of roles that were similar to one another in the sense that she played a beautiful young woman in a teen-oriented movie, The Ward is one of the more unique films that she has appeared in throughout her entire career.


50 Best Horror Movies From The 2000s You Have To Watch (Again)

The Ward is a supernatural psychological horror film that might not be the best movie to watch for those who don’t like scary movies but is actually quite enjoyable. Heard is the main character of the movie as the film is set in a psychiatric hospital where she was institutionalized for setting fire to a farmhouse. But, during her stay in the hospital, she begins to feel the wrath of the ghost of a former inmate, who terrorizes her throughout the entire film.

17. Machete Kills (2013)


Machete Kills is the sequel movie to the popular action-thriller, Machete, starring the legendary Danny Trejo in one of his most popular movies. While Amber Heard had already earned herself leading roles at this point in her career, she plays a somewhat smaller supporting role in this Robert Rodriguez cult favorite.

In Machete Kills, ex-Federal agent Machete Cortez is given the task of killing down a terrorist by no less than the US president himself as the country is threatened by the possibility of a nuclear attack. As such, Machete travels to Mexico, where he has to fight his way through assassins and drug cartels in the hopes of fulfilling his mission.

16. Magic Mike XXL (2015)


If there was a movie that screamed fan service to women out there, Magic Mike XXL is one of those films, as the movie stars some of the most desirable men in Hollywood. Considering that this movie focuses more on men, Amber Heard and the other women take a backseat as they have smaller supporting roles in this film.

Magic Mike XXL is the sequel to the first Magic Mike film as it features retired male stripper Mike Lane, who reunites with old friends. He decided to join his friends’ group to travel for one final stripping performance. But as Mike travels with his friends to Myrtle Beach, old memories of his old life resurface as he enjoys the memories of some of the best moments he has ever had as a stripper.

15. Syrup (2013)


At this point in her career, Amber Heard had become credible enough to become an executive producer in a movie that she also starred in. This movie is also one of the films that allowed Hollywood to see that she can carry that leading role really well. And this is also the final film that she produced herself.

Syrup follows the story of a low-ranking marketing executive who comes up with a plan that could potentially make them earn millions. To fulfill this plan, he had to put his trust in his smart and attractive co-workers as they found a way to keep this plan safe from corporate spies.

14. Never Back Down (2008)


If there was a movie that mostly flew under the radar but was able to give Amber Heard the spotlight she needed to grow as an actress, then this action teen drama is that movie. Never Back Down isn’t the best movie that Amber Heard has done, but it was a good movie that allowed her to showcase what she could do as a leading lady.


55 Best Fighting Movies of All Time

Never Back Down follows the story of a rebellious teen that ends up in a new school that has an underground fight club. As he gets entangled with the school bully’s girlfriend, he ends up getting pummeled in an underground fight. Looking for a rematch, he seeks the help of an MMA mentor who teaches him the importance of discipline, perseverance, and dedication in the art of mixed martial arts so that he can achieve his goal of coming out on top.

13. Alpha Dog (2006)


Alpha Dog is Amber Heard’s ninth production as an actress as she plays a very minor role behind known names, such as Justin Timberlake, Bruce Willis, Emile Hirsch, and the late Anton Yelchin. In that regard, you might actually end up missing her in this movie because of how small her role and screen time is.

The movie follows the story of a young drug dealer who is living the best version of his life thanks to the fact that his dad is the one supplying him. However, when a dangerous junkie fails to pay for his drugs, the drug dealer kidnaps his brother in the hopes of forcing the junkie to pay. And what they didn’t know was that there were consequences that awaited their actions.

12. Justice League (2017)

justice league

Justice League was Amber Heard’s biggest production at that point in her career. While she doesn’t get a lot of screentime in this movie, it was in this film that her character as Mera was introduced. And this role was what solidified her name in big-production movies like Justice League.

In Justice League, Batman forms a superhero group after he was moved by Superman’s sacrifice in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. As such, he teams up with Wonder Woman to recruit The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg so that they can form a superhero group that could protect the planet from dangerous individuals, such as Steppenwolf, who seeks to destroy the planet.

11. 3 Days to Kill (2014)


Following her success in movies that involve a lot of action, Amber Heard sees herself finding a supporting role in 3 Days to Kill, an action-thriller that is full of suspense and drama all at the same time. And while she doesn’t have the biggest role in this movie, she was still able to have one of the top supporting roles in it.

3 Days to Kill follows the story of a dying CIA agent that needed to retire and spend more time with his family. However, an elite CIA agent named Vivi (Amber Heard) enlists his help to kill a weapons trafficker because she believes that he is the only one with the skills to complete this mission. She gives him an experimental drug that could help prolong his life for this final mission.

10. Friday Night Lights (2004)


After appearing in an episode of the TV series Jack & Bobby, which was Amber Heard’s first-ever acting role, she appeared in the movie version of Friday Night Lights, which is her second acting role and her first-ever movie. And because she was still starting out in the industry at this point in her career, she had a very small role in Friday Night Lights.

The movie is a sports drama that focuses on the coach of the Permian High School Panthers as he struggles with the obstacles that are in front of him. And because the team is in a comparatively small town with a tight-knit community, the pressure is on him to lead his team towards victory.

9. The Danish Girl (2015)


One of the best films that Amber Heard has ever appeared in is The Danish Girl, which is also the movie that truly captured Eddie Redmayne’s acting prowess. In this movie, Amber Heard plays a secondary role but is able to support an entire narrative that’s focused on Redmayne’s character.

The Danish Girl is a true story that follows the tale of Danish painters Einar and Gerda, who are married. Gerda asked Einar to pose as a woman for one of her paintings, but this triggered his dormant gender identity as a woman as he adopted the name, Lili. In that regard, he became the first person in the world to undergo gender reassignment but ended up dying as a result of the complications of the surgery.

8. The Rum Diary (2011)

Rum Diary.jpg

This might sound a bit awkward, but The Rum Diary stars Johnny Depp as the leading actor in a movie that saw Amber Heard playing a supporting role to more established names in the industry. The Rum Diary is probably the film that allowed Depp and Heard to connect with one another and eventually form a relationship.

In The Rum Diary, Depp plays the role of an unsuccessful writer who moves to Puerto Rico so that he can join a failing newspaper. This was where he ends up running into Amber Heard’s character, which is actually the fiancé of a corrupt realtor. As he finally found his guts, he decided to write about the corrupt practices of his newspaper’s editor and the very same realtor that Heard’s character was in a relationship with. But writing about them plunges him into deep trouble.

7. The Joneses (2009)

MV5BNzAzNDc4NTQ1N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTgxMzAzMw@@. V1

The Joneses came out at a time when Amber Heard was already making a name for herself as a capable supporting actress. Of course, she once again has a supporting role in this movie as he plays a young woman in a family setup. And what you should know is that she did really well in this comedy-drama film.

This movie follows the story of Steve and Kate Jones, who move with their kids (Amber Heard included) to an upper-class suburb as they were able to make a name for themselves in the neighborhood due to how trendy they are. However, the neighbors were unaware of the real truth behind this family that looked almost too perfect to be true.

6. Pineapple Express (2008)


Amber Heard, during the earlier part of her career, wasn’t a stranger to comedy movies because she played a role in Pineapple Express, a cult classic in the stoner culture. The movie stars stone movie icons, James Franco and Seth Rogen, as Amber Heard plays a somewhat small role in a movie that focuses more on the friendship between the main characters.

Pineapple Express follows the story of a court-process clerk who witnessed the murder committed by a cop and a drug lord. This forces him and his drug dealer to run in panic as he leaves behind his rare strain of marijuana, Pineapple Express, in panic. And the problem they now face is the fact that he and his drug dealer know that the cop and the drug lord could now use the strain of weed to trace them.

5. North Country (2005)

Only Amber Heard’s eighth film in her career at that point, North Country focuses on one of the most sensitive cases that the US has ever faced. In this movie, Amber Heard plays the younger version of Charlize Theron’s character.

Set in 1984, North Country follows the story of the first-ever successful sexual harassment case in the history of the US, as this is a fictionalized version of Jenson vs. Eveleth Mines. In this movie, a woman worked as a miner filler but ended up experiencing a lot of different forms of abuse.

4. Zombieland (2009)

Girl from 4062 e1497486620641

One of the best zombie movies ever made is Zombieland, which is a comedic take on what is usually a horror-thriller genre. Amber Heard sees herself playing a small role in this movie as a girl nicknamed 406 by the main character, who doesn’t even know her real name. Heard is only seen in a flashback scene where she got bit by a zombie and ends up turning into one.


Was Amber Heard in Zombieland? (& Who Was She Playing)

Zombieland follows the adventures of four different survivors of a zombie apocalypse as they seek to find a place where they can potentially stay safe on a long-term basis. However, because they didn’t know each other prior to the zombie apocalypse, they begin to show signs of mistrust of one another in a movie that is full of gory action and laughter.

3. Aquaman (2018)

aquaman 2

Amber Heard landed arguably the biggest role in her career in Aquaman, which is part of the greater DC extended universe. She plays the role of the leading lady named Mera, who is royalty in Atlantis and is the romantic interest of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman character. Heard’s character debuted in Justice League, but she only had a few scenes in that movie.

Aquaman follows the origin story of Aquaman, one of the most popular names in DC comics, as he struggles to reconcile the fact that he is half-human and half-Atlantean. And because of his royal heritage, he is forced to return to Atlantis to find a way to stop his brother from rising to the throne of the kingdom and use it to attack the world of humans.

2. Her Smell (2018)

EpHAVXtWMAAFDZk.jpg large

While Her Smell is one of the best movies that Amber Heard has ever appeared in, she has a small supporting role in this film as it focuses more on Elisabeth Moss, Cara Delevingne, and other young stars. And this movie is a coming-of-age drama that is quite a masterpiece, especially if you love stories that focus on how people overcome their own struggles.

Her Smell follows the story of a punk rocker who struggles with sobriety as she tries to push her band to success. In that regard, she has to come to terms with some of the individual issues of her past so that she could find the creative inspiration that allowed her band to become successful before.

1. Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)


Basically, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is the Snyder cut version of the film before a different director took over the project following Snyder’s departure from the film. This is a longer and better version of the Justice League movie as it is four hours long due to the fact that Snyder really exhausted all of the time and resources he could use to deliver a more meaningful origin story for the Justice League.

Of course, Amber Heard reprises her role as Mera in this film as she got more screentime compared to the original cut of Justice League. However, the Snyder Cut still focuses on the central members of the Justice League, such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg. And because of the very fact that this film is exhaustive in terms of how it gives the Justice League a great origin story, it is the best movie that Amber Heard has ever been in.

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