50 Best Horror Movies From The 2000s You Have To Watch (Again)


While there are a lot of popular horror movies during the 2010s and the 2020s, you have to admit that the 2000s era was a seminal moment for the horror genre in movies because of how many different horror films were able to combine inspired storylines with improved effects. As such, there are plenty of people who remember a lot of different horror movies during the 2000s. That is why we are here to look at some of the best horror movies from the 2000s that you need to watch.

50. Open Water (2003)


The first horror movie we have on this list is actually not the conventional horror movie you may have in mind but is still going to give you some of the best scares while offering a good mix of thrills because of how it puts you on the edge of your seats. Open Water is a shark movie that may be low-budget but is very intense when it comes to how thrilling it can be. And the thing about this movie is that it can happen in real life, and that can be really scary.

Open Water follows the story of a couple who went on a tropical vacation and went scuba diving. The couple separates themselves from the rest of the scuba group and ends up getting left by the others. As such, they are left to survive the open water with sharks swimming close by as the couple steadily accepts the possibility that they may never survive that scenario.

49. Snakes On A Plane (2006)

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Snakes on a Plane is one of the most straightforward movies on this list because it doesn’t try to be perfect or do things that it isn’t supposed to do. Instead, it simply is a movie about snakes on a plane, and there’s nothing wrong with that because it was able to deliver its simple yet effective premise perfectly, especially with a strong trademark performance by Samuel L. Jackson, who delivered the most Samuel L. Jackson line you could ever hear in a movie.

The story of Snakes on a Plane follows an FBI agent who boards a plane from Hawaii to LA to escort a witness to a crime. However, the man who committed the crime wanted the witness dead, and that prompted him to hire an assassin that released a crate of deadly snakes inside the plane. It’s a fun, thrilling, and intense movie that doesn’t do more than it should but is the stuff of horror nightmares.

48. The Mist (2007)


The Mist is the first supernatural horror movie we have on this list, as we get to see a movie that allows you to enjoy a good story that covers a lot of different themes while impressing you with its ability to work the camera and keep the people on the edge of their seats. It’s a frightening experience that comes complete with different personalities in a movie that has an interesting set of subplots.

This movie follows the story of some townspeople who ended up having to gather in a grocery store to get some supplies after a massive storm. However, something more dangerous than a storm comes their way as a mysterious and thick fog rolls in and covers the entire town. But what surprised them the most was that mysterious creatures hid inside this fog, and the people needed to band together to find a way to survive this predicament, especially when a religious zealot began to assert her crazy and twisted rendition of the scriptures.

47. 28 Weeks Later (2007)

1. 28 weeks later

There are a lot of zombie movies on this list, considering that the 2000s birthed plenty of zombie movies. Nevertheless, one of the best zombie movies of the 2000s is 28 Weeks Later, which is actually the sequel to 28 Days Later (more on that later). It isn’t entirely as good as the first movie because it lacks the element of humanism, but it still is an enjoyable zombie movie that you should watch on a lazy weekend evening. 


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28 Weeks Later happens six months after the first movie’s events, and the virus has already ravaged the entire British Isles. This prompts the US to send soldiers to Great Britain in the hopes of restoring order and helping the people reconstruct the country, thinking that the virus is already gone. However, when the refugees return to their country, one of them actually carries the virus. The worst part is that the virus has become more dangerous than before.

46. The Ring (2002)

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You can never have a list of the best 2000s horror movies without The Ring, which stands as one of the classic horror movies from that era. This is an American remake of the original Japanese Ring movie released in 1998. Nevertheless, the American version is almost just as good as its original version. And this movie is so great because it is more psychological than it is about gore or scary scenes.

The Ring follows the story of a videotape that, when watched, will kill you seven days later. A newspaper reporter tries to follow the story when a group of teenagers dies after watching the tape, and this leads her to watch the tape as well. This means that she only has seven days to try to solve a life-or-death mystery that is actually deeper than it is on the surface.

45. Grace (2009)

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Grace is a movie that isn’t your usual horror movie and won’t give you the same kind of scares as most of the other horror movies here. However, this is a graphic and disturbing film that focuses more on twisted maternal instinct. In that regard, while it won’t give you the same kind of scares as some of the other horror movies, it still is effective at what it does, which is to give you a disturbing experience.

In Grace, what happens is that an expectant mother ends up in a car crash that kills her husband and kills her daughter in her womb. The doctors told her that it was best to remove the fetus from her body because keeping it there would endanger her. However, she ignored the doctors and planned to carry the child to term. And when her daughter finally emerges, she is an undead baby that needs to feed on human blood.

44. Vampire Hunter D (2000)

vampire hunter d bloodlist

Those who aren’t fans of anime might not be familiar with this one, but Vampire Hunter D is actually one of the best horror movies of the 21st century, especially because of its sharp action scenes and gothic charms. This is one of the movies that should be able to keep your lust for horror movies at bay, as it combines gore, action, and quality all in one good package.

Vampire Hunter D happens 10,000 years in the future when vampires rule the planet at night and when the undead have risen from the ashes of a post-apocalyptic era. However, because of the vampire hunters, the vampires’ numbers have declined and are now on the verge of extinction. This is where we follow the story of D, the protagonist vampire hunter. 

43. I Sell The Dead (2008)

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There is going to be a good number of horror-comedy movies on this list because some of the best horror movies of the 2000s are actually the ones that have plenty of comedy in them. I Sell the Dead might not be the most popular horror movie on this list, but it surely is a good one, especially if you look at the fact that this low-budget film has a lot of dark humor that can get through to some fans that love a good horror-comedy film.

The story of I Sell the Dead follows a man who is about to get executed for being a grave robber. However, before he gets executed, he confesses his crimes to a priest in the hopes that he will get spared. As he tells his story, his tale becomes one that’s supernatural because of how he had to fight zombies, ghouls, and ghosts during his time as a grave robber.

42. Fido (2007)

fido still 1 1160x580.jpg

Fido is another one of the horror movies that may have a touch of comedy, especially when you look at how some of its scenes could be downright funny and entertaining. As such, it’s a good horror movie to watch if you want to get some laughs and if you are into a good combination of gore, blood, and comedy.

The story of Fido follows a world that is overrun by zombies after a cloud of space dust causes the dead to rise. Nevertheless, the world learned how to conquer and domesticate the zombies to the point that they actually became pets and menial workers to humankind. However, a zombie named Fido escaped from his collar and wound up causing havoc in the neighborhood by eating and killing the neighbors.

41. Black Sheep (2006)

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The truth of the matter is that Black Sheep is a B-movie that has a low budget but is able to make the most out of what it has by delivering a violent and grotesque experience that some horror fans would love. It is also a hilarious take on B-movies because of how it can take some of the common B-movie themes to the extreme.

Black Sheep follows the story of someone who is afraid of sheep but returns to his brother’s farm so that the rest of his siblings can buy out his share of the property. However, when he got there, he saw that the farm was full of genetically-altered sheep that eat humans and turn them into zombies. And that is where the action unfolds as he and some companions seek to stop the animals from causing any more damage. 

40. The Midnight Meat Train (2008)

Midnight Meat Train Banner

The Midnight Meat Train is a good adaptation of one of Clive Barker’s short stories. It had the makings of a good cult classic because of how it comes with a good combination of thrills and scares that could all make for a good movie night with friends and family. That said, it’s not the best 2000s movie, but it sure is scary and thrilling enough for you to enjoy.

This movie’s story follows a struggling photographer who meets the owner of a famous art gallery and believes that he now has a chance to make something out of his career. In that regard, he decided to take photos of the darker side of humanity for his showing in the gallery, and that’s when he crossed paths with a serial killer who kills late-night subway commuters. And because of his fascination with the killer, he ends up getting himself and his lover in deep trouble.

39. Splinter (2008)

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Splinter is a good movie if you are into a horror film that doesn’t seem to take things too seriously but is still a fun thriller that can give a few good scares. Of course, what we love about this film is that it tends to have a pace that’s faster than some of the other films on this list, and that means that it doesn’t have a lot of moments that might make you feel bored out of your seat.

The movie follows the story of a couple who went on a nature trip but ended up having to check into a motel after their trip went awry. But on their way to their motel, they got kidnapped by low-level criminals. However, they all ended up encountering a horde of parasites that could easily kill them. As such, this becomes a movie of survival, as they now have to find a way to outsmart the parasites to get out of the situation alive.

38. Brotherhood Of The Wolf (2001)

brotherhood wolf 1200 1200 675 675 crop 000000

Honestly speaking, Brotherhood of the Wolf isn’t by any means the most logical film but is actually quite entertaining in a manner that may be confusing to some people. It’s a film that mixes a lot of different genres together to produce a movie that can actually be fun enough for anyone to watch, despite the fact that it may not be the most logical movie out there. Then again, entertainment is its main goal, and it does well in that department.

Brotherhood of the Wolf starts out in a small French province where a brutal creature is savagely killing women and children alike. It has eluded capture for years as no person has ever seen it, but it does have enormous strength and the intelligence of a human. In that regard, the king sends a scientist and a blood brother to investigate the situation and hopefully bring the beast down. And they were the ones who discovered what the true nature of this creature was, to everyone’s surprise.

37. Frailty (2002)


One of the things that you should expect from a good horror movie is for it to give you some scares while also allowing you to feel creeped out and disturbed. So, while Frailty isn’t the most popular horror movie out there, it does well in delivering a low-key horror film that is both creepy and disturbing.

Frailty is set in Texas, where the FBI is in the middle of a search for a serial killer who calls himself God’s Hand. One night, a man approaches the lead investigator to tell him that he knows the identity of the killer they’ve been looking for, and the agent ends up becoming curious. The agent found out that it was actually the young man’s brother who was doing all of the killings, as the film is a tale of family and faith with little to no supernatural elements whatsoever.

36. Hair High (2004)

image w1280.jpg

This is one of the few animated movies that we have on this list, as Hair High is actually good enough to make it on our list of the best 2000s horror movies you need to watch. Then again, this isn’t entirely a good animated film when you look at the quality of the work, but this is an absurd and odd story that should be able to entertain those who love strange movies.

Hair High is a story about a head cheerleader who ended up dumping her quarterback boyfriend so that she could go to prom with the school’s biggest loser. However, things turn into a movie about murder and revenge in what is a disturbing, strange, and odd film that should be able to resonate well with those who love low-budget animated movies that follow a 50s kind of twist.

35. Land Of The Dead (2005)

Movie still zombies Land of the Dead 2005 director George A Romero.jpg

Land of the Dead is a part of George A. Romero’s entire Dead series, which is one of the most genre-defining series of all time. While not as good as the Night of the Living Dead, which clearly set the bar for zombie horror movies, Land of the Dead still proves to be a good movie that you might want to watch if you’re into stories about the undead.

Basically, Land of the Dead is similar to any other zombie movie in the sense that zombies have overrun the entire population. Meanwhile, the remaining humans decided to build their own society far from the undead, but the problem is that feudal distinctions are still in order in this new civilization. That said, the second-in-command decided to secretly rebel against the order, but the situation became worse when the zombies evolved and became much harder to deal with.

34. Planet Terror (2007)


Planet Terror is a throwback to the era of the grindhouse movies that were quite prevalent a few decades back. In that regard, Planet Terror is actually a pretty good homage to those movies because it gives you the low-budget feels while combining a few elements that are prevalent in the horror movies of the 2000s. 

The story of Planet Terror takes place in a small Texas town that became the playground of flesh-eating zombies. In that regard, a go-go and her ex-lover have to take matters into their own hands as they band together with the other survivors to find a way to escape this mess. And what made things more interesting is that the dancer ended up losing one of her legs to a zombie and replaced it with a machine gun appendage that proved to be the difference-maker in their attempt to survive the zombie outbreak.


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33. The Last Winter (2006)

image w1280.jpg 2

The Last Winter is not your conventional horror movie because it doesn’t have the usual creepy and ghoulish elements that you often see in the genre. Nevertheless, the entire film was able to give you the same horrific experience because of how it was able to smartly use different horror tactics that are able to shock and scare the audience well enough and even better than other horror movies.

This movie focuses on a man who was sent to evaluate the environmental effects of oil drilling in the Arctic. However, in the middle of the clash between the evaluator and the chief of the drilling crew, strange things begin to happen. Soon enough, the crew was cut off from the outside world as they feel the full force of the elements in this movie that’s all about survival.

32. Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon (2006)

behind the mask the rise of leslie vernon 01 1 g.jpg

This movie is also one of the most unique films on this list because Behind the Mask is actually a mockumentary of the gory slasher genre that has become quite prominent during a good part of the 80s and 90s. And the film also carries with it a good sense of humor that you should be able to relate to.

Behind the Mask follows the story of Leslie Vernon, a man obsessed with old-school slasher movies. That’s why he decided to follow in the footsteps of the killers in those films, as he invited a filmmaker to follow him around in his attempt to make a name for himself as a serial killer.

31. Dawn Of The Dead (2004)

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This movie is actually a remake of the original Dawn of the Dead by George A. Romero. While it does pay homage to the original movie, it is actually quite unique and original in its own way as it allows you to see a different movie that is almost just as good as the first. Nevertheless, nothing beats the original, but this one comes as close to doing so as possible.

Dawn of the Dead follows the story of a woman whose husband got attacked by a zombified neighbor. She may have escaped but realized that the entire neighborhood had become overrun by the living dead. However, she managed to find shelter in a local shopping mall together with the rest of the survivors. And that’s when they decided to form a group to fight the undead horde together.

30. Cloverfrield (2008)


Cloverfield is a seminal movie that allowed an entire Cloverfield series of films to sprout out, even though the next few movies are only loosely connected to this one. Nevertheless, the thing you need to understand about this movie is that it’s kind of like a kaiju version of the Blair Witch Project, and that means that it uses the video cam style of shooting a movie.


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The movie follows a group of New Yorkers who find themselves on the weirdest night of the city’s life when a massive creature starts attacking the city. While they were trying to find a way out of the mess, smaller creatures that seemingly came from the bigger one started attacking and stalking them, as this became a story of survival. And all of the events were captured using a handheld video camera.

29. Dog Soldiers (2002)

dog soldiers

Dog Soldiers is another one of the weird yet somewhat funny and scary movies that we have on this list, as this is a unique take on the horror genre because of how it doesn’t tend to follow the usual formula of horror movies and how original its story is. And while it did move away from the horror movies that fans were already accustomed to, it did its job really well.

The story of Dog Soldiers follows a group of British soldiers who went on a routine nighttime mission in the Scottish Highlands. However, when they went on to rendezvous with another unit, they ended up discovering that the entire unit had been massacred and only had one survivor. And it turned out that what was hunting them were werewolves, and this became a battle for survival without any means of escaping.

28. Eden Lake (2008)

Eden Lake Steve e1561470561256

Eden Lake is a movie that comes with some of the usual cliches that you would find in a lot of different movies, but the good thing about it is that it was able to stay on the right track in terms of how scary it is. It is brutal, fun, and kind of campy but never fails to entertain fans of horror movies.

In this film, a young couple goes on a weekend getaway but manages to get on the wrong side of a gang of youths. Confronting these delinquents had dire consequences to the point that the entire situation became a matter of life and death for them.

27. 1408 (2007)

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Let’s take a break from all of the gory and violent horror movies to see what 1408 is all about. This is a movie that focuses and almost entirely relies on psychological horror because of how eerily creepy it is and how it allows you to personally see how the film attacks you from a psychological standpoint.

1408 is headed by a strong performance from John Cusack, who plays a successful author who wants to debunk the supernatural things that are going on in room 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel. However, he ends up learning why this room is said to be haunted as he experiences true terror while staying in it.

26. Bubba Ho-Tep (2002)

bubba ho tep 1

If you’re into a weird movie that combines a lot of different genres into what is supposedly a horror film, you’re in for a treat in Bubba Ho-Tep. Honestly speaking, this isn’t even a good movie if you use conventional standards. But what makes it a good horror movie is the fact that it is so ridiculous that it did a great job at being ridiculous.

Bubba Ho-Tep follows the story of Elvis Presley himself, who woke up in a nursing home after a freak accident. He befriended an African-American claiming to be JFK, as they ended up experiencing weird events in the nursing home. They soon discovered that the reason why people were dying due to unnatural causes was that they were getting murdered by an Egyptian mummy named Bubba Ho-Tep.

25. Teeth (2007)

Teeth 2007 1366x445 1

Those who want something original yet funny and downright outrageous should be able to enjoy Teeth. Of course, it also stands on a level that’s almost entirely its own because of the fact that it puts a feminist twist on the horror movie genre.

Teeth is all about a young high school girl who’s a member of her school’s chastity club but ends up getting sexually attracted to a fellow student. As they engaged in sexual intercourse, they discovered in the worst way possible that her vagina actually has teeth due to a mythological condition called vagina dentata. The events of the movie focus on this insane yet bloody and enjoyable myth.

24. Thirst (2009)

maxresdefault 2 1

There has always been something about Asians and their ability to create some of the best horror movies you can find in any era. That said, Thirst is one of the best vampire movies coming from Asia as this is a film that can satisfy those who can’t get enough of the vampire genre in movies.

Thirst follows the story of a respected priest who volunteers for an experimental procedure that could possibly help cure a deadly virus. Nevertheless, he gets infected with the virus and dies, but an unknown blood transfusion revives him as a vampire. As such, he is now torn between his religious beliefs and his bloodlust as a vampire.

23. Shadow Of The Vampire (2000)

Shadow Vampire 2

From one vampire movie to another, we have Shadow of the Vampire on this list. This is a frightening western vampire movie that can be quite funny and compelling in a way that it can keep you glued to your seat. Of course, it also benefits from a powerful performance by Willem Dafoe.

Shadow of the Vampire is a director who is trying to recreate his own version of the Nosferatu vampire story in Eastern Europe. He is obsessed with making the best and most authentic vampire movie ever, and that’s what leads him to employ a real vampire who he lies about by telling his crew that he is a method actor. However, things turned for the worst due to the fact that he took a vampire to the scene of his movie, where there would be plenty of crew members working with him.

22. Taxidermia (2006)

Fans of films that focus on the graphic part of horror movies should be able to love Taxidermia. This is one of the most visually striking horror movies of the 2000s and is very creative in terms of how imaginative and witty it can be. Nevertheless, there are some people who say that it’s tough to watch, but that adds to the mystique of this great horror film.

Taxidermia spans three different generations and starts with an orderly who was so sexually frustrated during the war that he had to relieve himself in the weirdest and grossest ways possible. From there, he ended up siring a future champion glutton speed eater, who ends up producing a child obsessed with taxidermy. It’s a weird yet very witty film that those who have the stomach to finish it will enjoy.

21. The Others (2001)

maxresdefault 4

One of the greatest movies of the 2000s when it comes to the horror genre is The Others, which is one of the movies that was able to bring a scare to the viewers despite the fact that it doesn’t rely on special effects. It is a movie that proves that films can be scary and creepy without having to rely on special effects or anything similar.

The Others starts off with a religious mother who moved with her children to the English coast during the events of World War II while she awaits word on her husband, who went on to fight in the war. Her children suffer from a disease that makes them sensitive to the sun, and that’s why they were kept indoors the entire time. One of the children claims that she sees ghosts in their home, but the movie ends up giving the viewers an amazing twist that stands as one of the best horror movie twists in history.

20. Trick ‘R Treat (2007)

Trick’ R Treat is a tribute to the great Halloween films of the past, as this movie hits the right spot in terms of what any viewer would want to see from a good scary movie in time for Halloween. Without doing more of what it should do, Trick’ R Treat keeps itself rooted in its nature as a Halloween movie.

The movie explores different stories that are interwoven with one another, as we see different stories that are interwoven with one another. This film happens in a small town that faces real ghosts and ghouls during Halloween as the people learn the hard way that there are some Halloween traditions that you should never forget.

19. Paranormal Activity (2007)


Another seminal point in the history of horror movies is the release of Paranormal Activity, which is a film that shows you what a low-budget film can do when it’s done the right way. The ones behind the film made it to be a low-budget movie on purpose by using video cameras and comparatively unknown actors in this haunted house experience.


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Paranormal Activity is like Blair Witch Project that’s set in a house as we get to see a simple suburban household experiencing supernatural events at night. They set up video cameras around the house to capture the events happening in their home as the movie begins to feel like a real homemade video made by simple people experiencing frightening events in their home.

18. Pontypool (2008)


Not a lot of people have heard about this movie, but Pontypool is actually a really good low-budget zombie movie that you might want to catch if you’re interested in some of the most obscure yet high-quality zombie-horror movies that you can find. It is funny and entertaining while delivering a different brand of zombie horror.

Pontypool focuses on a DJ who reports to his job and believes that it’s just going to be another day in the office for him. However, while at work, he begins to hear reports of a virus that has been turning people into zombies, and he ends up barricading himself in his radio booth while trying to find a way to warn his listeners about what has been happening. And the oddest part is that the only way that the zombie virus can be transmitted from one person to another is through the English language.

17. The House Of The Devil (2009)

The House of the Devil e1558378394106

The House of the Devil is a film that uses familiar themes but was able to do away with the familiar and usual gory themes that horror movies tend to be known for to deliver a tense yet slow-burn type of movie that is able to make you feel creeped out in a unique manner.

This movie starts out with a college student who takes on a babysitting job so that she can move into a new apartment. However, she finds out that she won’t be babysitting a child but the mother of her employer instead. As she proceeds with her job, she soon discovers that the people in the sinister house are planning to use her in some sort of a horrifying secret.

16. A Tale Of Two Sisters (2003)

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One of the 2000s movies that helped define South Korea as one of the best countries when it comes to horror movies is A Tale of Two Sisters. This movie is effective at creeping you in its own way, even though there might be instances when it could get a bit too confusing for some viewers.

A Tale of Two Sisters focuses on a formal mental patient who reunites with her sister as they decide to live at their country home together. Meanwhile, their father had remarried, but the sisters immediately became hostile toward their father’s new wife. But as the sisters try to resume their regular lives, they begin to experience strange events happening in their home as a shocking revelation is in store for them.

15. Requiem (2006)


Requiem is a tale that can be close to the hearts of some people because it’s a naturalistic horror drama that can be quite relatable. Nevertheless, this is still a horror movie that can be just as creepy as any other horror film out there.

The story of Requiem revolves around a young college girl who goes off her medication for epilepsy, and that causes her to see apparitions and hear voices that are telling her to avoid anything related to religion. She resorts to seeking help from a priest who arranges an exorcism as she believes that she could be possessed by demons.

14. Dracula: Pages From A Virgin’s Diary (2002)


Dracula: Pages from a Virgin’s Diary is a different way of reimagining the Dracula story in this vampire movie that tends to give life to a genre that has been retold several times in the past already. It is also a dreamy and very sensuous experience that can be both scary and sensual. This is why this film tends to be unique when compared to the other Dracula movies out there.

Of course, another thing that makes this movie unique is that this is actually a ballet version of the movie. As such, Dracula here performs his seduction of Lucy through a dance that is sensual enough to attract the young lady. Nevertheless, the three suitors who were in love with Lucy vow revenge on the monster as Dracula seeks his next victim. And when the suitors fail in their attempt to destroy the undead, they hire the services of Van Helsing, who squares off against Dracula in a great battle.

13. The Descent (2005)

the descent crawler.jpg

The Descent is anchored by a strong all-female cast that is able to give you a different kind of horror in a movie genre that’s already full of vanilla horror films that some people have become tired of. And the fact that The Descent is able to capture emotional trauma and claustrophobia really well is what makes it one of the best horror movies of the 2000s.

This movie follows the story of a woman who goes cave exploring with her friends in North Carolina. However, as they descend the cave, they find themselves discovering strange cave paintings on the walls, as they realize that they are not alone. Deep inside the cave are underground predators with a taste of human flesh, as the adventure of a lifetime quickly turns into a journey for survival.

12. Slither (2006)


While Slither may be a B-movie homage that looks like it’s a low-budget film, this is actually a pretty entertaining movie to watch for those who have a taste for the B-movie classics. It is a creepy experience that should be able to provide a few humorous moments to some people but only if you have the stomach for how gory and gross it can be.

Slither takes place in a small town where not a lot of things happen and when people just live slow-paced lives. However, they didn’t realize that evil started creeping into the town when livestock began dying and when a woman went missing. This prompts the sheriff to conduct an investigation that leads to the discovery of an alien organism that seeks to eat everything it can find on the planet.

11. 28 Days Later (2002)


28 Days Later is one of the best zombie movies of all time not only because it was able to capture the genre in an entirely different light but also because of how it was able to use different themes in a movie that didn’t do too much but was able to hit all of the right notes. This is why fans of zombie movies should never go on a zombie film marathon without seeing this film.

The story of 28 Days Later follows the escape of a chimp that’s infected with the Rage virus as animal rights activists free the animal from a research lab. However, this led to a zombie apocalypse in London, as a bike courier named Jim wakes up from his coma to find out that the entire city has become overrun. He stumbles into a group of survivors and joins them on a journey in the hopes of finding a safe haven that’s free from the zombie virus.

10. The Orphanage (2007)

the orphanage 2007

Those who want to watch a movie that’s quite unnerving should be able to love The Orphanage, which is a great horror house movie that was artistically created and is quite atmospheric without having to be gory and bloody. It’s a movie that proves that a film can be scary without having to rely on bloody scenes.

The Orphanage follows the story of Laura, who used to be an orphan and was able to convince her husband that they should buy a home and convert it into a home for sick children. However, when her own adopted son disappears, they believe that the boy has died because he was terminally ill. Since then, Laura began hearing voices who may be helping her to find her lost boy or could be malevolent spirits that have their own agenda.

9. Rec (2007)

rec05 1024x768 1

Rec is kind of like Cloverfield in the sense that it also uses the same kind of video camera recording theme that allows you to experience what it’s like being in the shoes of the people who are in the movie. It also proves that the found footage genre in horror movies still has its place in a world where movie image quality is continuing to improve.

The movie follows the story of a reporter and her cameraman who end up recording the events of an outbreak of a disease that turns people into cannibals. It’s a great movie for those who love found footage films and is able to make you feel like you’re actually in the shoes of the reporter herself.

8. Ginger Snaps (2000)

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Ginger Snaps is another movie that is able to find its strength in its amazing female cast members, as this is a film that is actually quite memorable in the sense that it was able to create satire out of the common werewolf movie or teen flick. In a sense, it was able to combine both genres to create a movie that stands out on its own.

The movie follows the story of two sisters who live in a suburban town. However, when one of the sisters experiences her first period, she gets attacked by a wild creature. Still, her wounds end up healing in a miraculous manner, as the sisters realize that something isn’t right. This becomes a story of one sister saving the other while also trying to save herself from what her sister had become.

7. The Devil’s Backbone (2001)


The Devil’s Backbone is a haunting and creepy movie that is oddly atmospheric in the sense that it was able to create a great ghost story while featuring some political themes that some people will find are great additions to the film. It’s a movie that can be a bit too difficult to express in words in terms of how great it is, but it promises to be a fantastic experience.

This movie follows the story of a young orphaned boy who arrives at his new orphan shelter, which was reserved for the orphans of the Republican militia and politicians. However, the boy soon discovers that the school isn’t what it seems to be, especially when he uncovers certain secrets hiding in the shadows. This includes a young ghost that wanders the grounds of the shelter.

6. Zombieland (2009)

Those who love the zombie genre will really love Zombieland because of the fact that it was able to put a comedic twist on what is one of the most popular horror movie genres of all time. Zombieland is able to combine a good narration of the story with gory scenes, funny moments, and great action.


Zombieland follows the story of a young man who finds himself being one of the few survivors of the world, which had become Zombieland, following a zombie virus outbreak. He sticks to his rules of survival but ends up meeting three survivors as well, as he now has to find a way to manage through the world with the other survivors, who themselves have their own agenda.

5. Shaun Of The Dead (2004)

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Probably the best zombie comedy film out there, Shaun of the Dead is a goofy yet very bloody and tense zombie movie that proves that not all zombie movies should be all about the action and gore. With strong performances from the tandem of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, Shaun of the Dead proves to be a proud moment in horror-comedy history.

Shaun of the Dead follows Shaun, a 30-something man who lives a dull life and lives with his best friend in London. Meanwhile, his girlfriend wishes nothing but for him to grow up and become a man. However, when a zombie virus begins turning people into the living dead, he has to maneuver the city to protect his best friend, girlfriend, and mother in what is a comedic yet very gory and thrilling zombie movie.

4. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

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A Spanish movie, Pan’s Labyrinth didn’t become quite as popular as some of the other movies on this list, but it was able to capture the attention of the right people, who deemed this film to be one of the best horror movies of the 2000s. In a nutshell, Pan’s Labyrinth is sort of like Alice In Wonderland but for adults because of how it combines the horror of reality and fantasy all in one movie.

Pan’s Labyrinth follows the story of a young girl and her sick mother, who arrive at the post of her mother’s new husband, who is actually an army officer trying to stop a rebellion. Meanwhile, as the girl is exploring a maze, she ends up encountering a mysterious fan named Pan, who tells her that she is actually a princess that needs to complete a series of tasks so that she can become immortal. 

3. Drag Me To Hell (2009)

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Directed by Sam Raimi, who might be best known for his Spider-Man movies but is actually a great horror film director, Drag Me to Hell is a simple yet very frightening movie that may be campy to an extent but is certainly very thrilling.

Drag Me to Hell follows the story of a woman who has a great job and a loving boyfriend as she is experiencing a great life that will soon change when she denied an extension for an old woman’s home loan so that she could impress her boss. As such, the old woman decided to curse her in retaliation as she began to experience supernatural events. When she sought the help of a psychic to break the curse, she realized that saving her soul needed a price that she probably couldn’t pay.

2. Let The Right One In (2008)

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Let the Right One In is a Swedish movie that was able to give life to a seemingly exhausted vampire movie genre by allowing it to be its own film while combining it with some of the most intelligent manners of storytelling ever seen in a horror movie. This is why we believe that this is one of the best horror movies of the 2000s.

The story of the movie revolves around a young boy of 12 living with his mother in Sweden. They meet a new neighbor, who seems to be a moody girl but is nevertheless friendly enough to form a bond with the young boy. As the two became close, the mysterious girl reveals that she is actually not an ordinary girl but is harboring a deep secret that is tied to a series of murders happening within their locality.

1. The Host (2006)

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Of course, the top movie on this list is a Korean film, which proves that Asians are still undefeated when it comes to the horror movie genre. This is also one of the most intellectually satisfying movies in the horror genre as it combines a lot of different elements that are funny and scary. It is also worth noting that this is a satirical monster movie.


The 15 Best Korean Movies of All Time

The Host follows the story of how some American military personnel dumped dangerous chemicals into a South Korean river as a creature emerged from the waters and began terrorizing the locals. This creature abducts the daughter of a vendor, and they decide that they are the only ones who are able to save her while stopping the creature in the process.

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