20 Best Anime Dragon Girls You Need to See (with Images)

20 Best Anime Dragon Girls You Need to See (with Images)

We know that anime characters come in various shapes and sizes, some of which have been completely unknown in the West before the appearance of anime. The dragon girl trope is one such example. We know that dragons are one of the most common mythical creatures in Asian art, which is why it’s no surprise that dragons have also made their way into the world of anime. But, aside from “classical” dragons, there is a specific blend between a dragon and a human female character known as a dragon girl, which is not uncommon in isekai anime series. In this article, we are going to give you a list of the 20 best dragon girls in the world of anime.

20. Flatorte 

Franchise: I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

A blue purple haired dragon girl and is over 400 years old than Laika. When she first meets Azusa and her extended family of hers, as she and her flock try to interrupt Laika’s older sister’s wedding (out of simple jealousy of her outspoken behavior), she chased Azusa away. her own fiancé. After Azusa single-handedly beats up the assailants, and Beelzebub stops a final act of aggression, she is forced to sign a peace treaty between the red and blue dragons. Later, as part of her peace obligations, she also (much to Laika’s annoyance) joins Azusa’s company, her only alternative being to commit suicide due to her innate discipline.

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19. Iris

Franchise: The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest

Also known as “Iris the Dark Dragon”, she is one of the oldest and strongest female dragons still alive. She is the only one who knows Matthias’ true identity after meeting a thousand years later and decided to keep it a secret at his request.

18. Nina Drango

Franchise: Rage of Bahamut

She is a bounty hunter and student of Leone Favoro, who came to Anatae to earn a living. The citizens of the capital love her jovial nature. Born of a dragon father and a human mother, Nina possesses superhuman strength and can sometimes unwittingly transform into a red dragon in the presence of handsome young men. She falls in love with Charioce XVII, whom she met in her youth, Chris.

17. Maruga

Franchise: Dragon Crisis!

A dragon that Ryuji’ encounters during his voyage to the beach. She is actually the princess of the ice dragons. Originally, she has a contemptuous attitude towards Ryuji, but she warms up to him. It is suggested that she likes Ryuji as she turns red whenever Ryuji is there. She asks Ryuji for a favor – to take a cursed lost treasure from another Level 10 Breaker, George Evans. After the incident, she appears in the final two episodes of the anime, where she convinces Ryuji to save Rose. Since the black dragon Onyx lived in their country, they have known each other since childhood.

16. Ilulu

Franchise: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Ilulu is another dragon of the Chaos faction. Her human form is a woman of a rather short stature and red hair, often retaining her dragon arms in addition to her horns and tail. Although she is approximately the same age as Tōru, her behavior is clearly childlike and marked by insecurity. In her past, as a child, she played with people a lot and had a good relationship with them.

However, after her parents were killed in a human attack, the other dragons of the Chaos faction convinced her of human evil. She comes to the modern world to destroy the relationship between Tōru and Kobayashi, since she absolutely hates such coexistence between humans and dragons. After failing to beat Tōru in battle and also failing to pit Kanna against Kobayashi, she attempts to seduce Kobayashi himself, ultimately failing too.

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When she is later saved from a harmony dragon by the intervention of Kobayashi and Tōru, she changes her attitude and later moves in with Kobayashi as well, to whom she is now as attracted as Tōru, leading to a new rivalry between the two. However, they put their differences aside for Kobayashi’s sake, and Tōru, like Kanna before him, helps Ilulu settle into the human world.

15. Tomoe

Franchise: Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy

Formerly known as Shen, she is one of the Higher Dragons that exist in the Goddess World. She is currently part of the group of Makoto’s servants in the series. She can transform into a large blue dragon.

14. Tio Klarus

Franchise: Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

Tio is a “pervert” with the main status of M, but she is honest and the words she speaks are similar to the old legends. Her “M” personality became this because she was defeated by Hajime’s group in the northern mountains of Ul village. She dedicated herself to Hajime to become her slave and called Hajime ” Teacher”. Tio originally came from the Ryujin Clarce tribe.

Her magic and defense are significantly high, especially in her Dragon form, even Hajime’s group attacks only broke this dragon’s scales. She is 563 years old and Yue respects her, but not for long as she sees her perversion. Her appearance is that of a black haired woman in her 20s with golden eyes. Her dragon form is a few meters long with golden eyes and black dragon scales. Her job class is Guardian. She later marries Hajime and becomes his third wife.

13. Elma

Franchise: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Elma is a female water dragon and belongs to the Harmony faction. Her human form is that of a young woman with black hair dyed purple at the tips and blue eyes. When working, she also wears glasses and also hides her horn and dragon tail, which she otherwise keeps. She is Tōru’s nemesis in the dragon world, with their conflict based less on personal dislike than on their faction affiliations.

As such, Elma is equal to her in terms of strength, but equipped with different abilities, e.g. unable to open dimension gates like Tōru. After trying in vain to bring Tōru back to the world of dragons and being unable to return herself, Elma joins the company under the name Elma Jōi, where Kobayashi also works, in order to earn her own living in the new world. but must first be taught by Kobayashi, to whom she consequently develops a very good collegial and friendly relationship, initially much to the displeasure of Tōru.

With this, she finally settles their mutual conflict, both for the sake of Kobayashi and so as not to disturb the order of the new world. Elma is stubborn, ambitious, and hardworking, but also naïve and finds it difficult to make decisions. She also has a great weakness for food, especially sweets, and is easily influenced by it.

12. Milim Nava

Franchise: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Milim Nava is the True Demon King known as “Destroyer” and one of the strongest That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime characters. She is the one and only Dragonoid in existence and is referred to as a tyrant due to her childishly cranky personality, as she hints at her appearance, coupled with her power. Milim is the daughter of the human Lucia and the World Creator Veldanava, the Dragon King of the Stars. Her existence is the main reason why she is considered taboo for True Dragons to have children, because she inherited most of her powers from her father, making him incredibly weak after her birth.

After Veldanava and Lucia tragically lost their lives, Milim was orphaned, with only the company of her pet dragon, created by her father with her last energy. This is probably why, even after so many years, Milim’s mind has remained that of a child, combined with the fact that she is also not physically mature. Years later, the little dragon was killed by a nation that longed for Milim’s power, and she, unable to bear the loss of the one dear to her, went on a rampage and slaughtered those responsible, as well as provoking his rise.

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Her overwhelming fury, however, caused her to lose her sense of self and she ended up subconsciously fighting with Guy Crimson, whose intention was to calm her down, but the battle lasted seven days and seven nights, turning the prosperous lands into the west into a wasteland. sorry. Eventually, the battle ended thanks to the Fairy Queen Ramiris, who, to calm Milim, absorbed her aura along with Guy’s magic and became a demon king.

11. Mink

Franchise: Dragon Half

Mink is half-draconian and looks like a young girl with wings. She possesses great strength and agility and is almost practically invincible. She is crazy about Dick Saucer, whose concerts she would like to attend. Despite her true nature, all she wants is to be a normal girl.

10. Tear Lightning

Franchise: Unlimited Fafnir

A “D” girl who transfers to the Brynhildr class. She claims to be Yū’s wife and firmly believes that he is a dragon. She had lived a peaceful life until a dragon cult led by Kili burned down her house and killed her parents. Having been praised by the cult, she was proud to be a dragon, but after meeting Yū, she changed her perspective and dedicated herself to living as a human. She considers Iris to be her rival for Yū’s affections, claiming that he will not lose to her.

9. Quetzalcoatl / Lucoa

Franchise: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Quetzalcoatl, most commonly referred to simply as Lucoa, is a neutral Observer faction dragon and former Aztec goddess who lost her divine status after being under the influence of a cursed spirit and causing a scandal related to her sister, similar to the myth of the essence of Quetzalcoatl, on which the figure is based.

Appearing as a human, she is a very shapely woman with blonde hair ending in green-blue tips and distinctive heterochromia. Her most striking feature is her unusually large breasts. She is wise, always acts friendly, always has advice for her friends, and is generally very carefree through life, but does not like being asked about her past.

After interfering with a summoning spell used by the junior magician Shōta to prevent him from actually summoning a demon, she moves in with him as his supposed “summoning”. Lucoa happily flaunts her human body, which completely overwhelms and embarrasses Shōta, who is on the verge of puberty, and also regularly leads to her being taken away by staff at various locations for being too lightly dressed.

8. Eco

Franchise: Dragonar Academy

Eco is a special dragon sidekick who appears in the form of a petite human girl. Although she develops emotions for Ash, she nevertheless treats him as if he were her slave, which regularly annoys him. Eco is completely aware that Ash is her master and that she is the “pet” (as she likes to call herself), but she won’t admit it because of her pride.

She also believes that if she submits, she will only be a “tame pet” and will never be loved more than just a pet, which is not the kind of love she expects to get from Ash. Eco can access Dragweiss, a place where she can muster the ability to give Ash magical armor known as Ark, and when she does, they also gain an Ark weapon imbued with elemental power.

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She is later revealed as the Imperial Princess of the Sacred Dragon Imperial Family of Avalon. Her full name is Eco Aurora-Christa Pendragon Lena Anherusu-Ilya Roransu Liliane-Muriel-Octavia-Robertine de la Rosa Resuperansu van de Compostela Avalon. According to Mother Dragon, Eco is both human and dragon. This was arranged so she could breed with Ash and save the dragon race from extinction.

7. Kuro

Franchise: Restaurant to Another World

One of the six great elder dragons of the otherworld endowed with death. The mere fact of her presence kills all living beings in the surrounding area due to the faint aura of death she emits. To avoid killing more innocents, she exiled herself to the broken moon of the world.

By pure chance, a door to the Maw appears near her, enters the restaurant, and knowing nothing of human customs due to her long isolation, she ends up consuming so much chicken curry that her old friend, the Red Queen, encourages the Chef to hire her as a waitress to reimburse what she consumes. To communicate with others, Kuro assumes the form of a young dark-haired elf, though she usually communicates telepathically.

6. Laika

Franchise: I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

A red dragon girl around 300 years old who can change her shape. Originally very arrogant, she came to Azusa to fight her and prove that she was the strongest of them. After being beaten deeply by Azusa, she joins her as her first apprentice and her housekeeper.

5. Grea

Franchise: Manaria Friends

A half-human, half-dragon girl who was a misfit in the home of dragons. Grea enrolled in Mysteria’s Academy of Magic to try life with humans. Initially, she was self-conscious about her appearance, but her friendship with Anne is helping her become more confident. Although this is never made fully explicit, Grea seems to have romantic feelings for Anne, who is her true friend in Mysteria.

4. Zefiris 

Franchise: Scrapped Princess

A very powerful immaterial being, she is, like the Peacemakers, a combat artificial intelligence created during the Genesis War. Zefiris is the last Dragon in the world of Providence in full possession of his faculties. Early in the series, Zefiris materializes in mid-air, asking Pacifica to tell Gloria (another Dragon, having taken the form of a giant frog) to go to sleep.

Gloria then takes human form and disappears. Initially, Zefiris is content to give the Casulls information about assassins sent against Pacifica, but later she seems to have a hidden desire for revenge. After defeating the Peacemaker Galil by merging with Shannon, she calls him “my master”. It turns out that Zefiris is a dragon who fought with his master Becknum Mauser 5000 years before, during the Genesis War.

Calm, solemn, and silent, Zefiris often struggles with the dilemma of following the plan written 5,000 years ago to free men from this sealed world. This plan, designed to be carried out at all costs, even if many people, who are after all only “crazy beings”, had to be sacrificed for a greater good. This questioning of the plan contrasts with the views of Nathalie, another Dragon, who tries to brainwash Shannon with her powers.

3. Rose

Franchise: Dragon Crisis!

Little is known about Rose, however, she is a young dragon, and is still unable to change form. When she is released from the “Fang” crime syndicate she only says the word Ryuji, but she soon starts to learn other words. Since she couldn’t communicate or didn’t know her name, Ryuji gives her the name Rose because the dragon mark on the back of her left hand resembles a rose. Rose is aggressive towards almost everyone, especially if they try to touch her necklace, except for Ryuji whom she becomes so attached to and even sleeps with.

She loves Ryuji deeply, but still wonders if Ryuji cares about her feelings. When Ryuji was younger he was the one who found Rose when she was born, Eriko says it was “love at first sight”. Later, some of the dragons recognized Ryuji as Rose’s boyfriend, due to the misunderstanding of what happened with the “Engaged” he performed with Rose.

2. Tōru

Franchise: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Tōru is a female dragon from another world and belongs to the Chaos faction there. In her human form, she appears as a young woman with long, blond hair tipped with fiery red and eyes with dilated, red pupils; in most cases, she also keeps her horns and dragon tail as a human, but is therefore mistaken by most for just a cosplayer.

Like many other dragons, Tōru, in addition to her ability to transform into a human, is also skilled in a number of spells, including opening dimensional portals, which explains the dragons’ appearance in the modern world. She has a cheerful but naive personality, is madly in love with Kobayashi and therefore does everything to be the best possible maiden.

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She also professes her love for Kobayashi openly and regularly, which goes so far that as a running gag of the series, she keeps trying to secretly smuggle pieces of her (poisonous) dragon tail into the food she prepares, which always disgusts Kobayashi see through In addition to her unwavering loyalty, she is also jealous and quickly becomes suspicious as soon as she thinks she scents a rival for Kobayashi’s favor.

Tōru sheds her original aversion to humans after meeting Kobayashi; However, she continues to show a certain sense of superiority over the species that she considers “inferior” and therefore has to be regularly put in her place by Kobayashi.

1. Kanna Kamui

Franchise: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Kanna Kamui is a young dragon girl who was temporarily banished from the dragon world after a variety of pranks, and is a good friend of Tōru. In human form, she is an elementary school-age girl with white and lavender hair and blue eyes, who is commonly thought to be exceptionally cute. She is the only known non-faction dragon.

Although Kanna is older than her human form suggests, she displays very childlike demeanors, is curious, and loves games and cute things. She also has a habit of simply eating insects and small animals. However, despite her childlike personality, Kanna is more even-tempered compared to Tōru, less likely to get upset, and has less trouble hiding her dragon nature.

She draws her powers from electricity, which she charges in the human world with her dragon tail plugged into an outlet. After failing to persuade Tōru to go back to her world with her, Kobayashi offers to stay with her as she cannot return on her own. Although initially distrustful of Kobayashi, the two develop a good relationship very quickly, and eventually, Kanna comes to see Kobayashi as a kind of mother figure, as she looks up to Tōru like a big sister.

Over the course of the series, after Kobayashi enrolls her at her request and buys her school supplies, Kanna attends the third-grade class at Oborozuka Elementary School under the name Kanna Kobayashi, and clearly enjoys being among ordinary children who immediately admire her, unaware of their true nature as a dragon. The character is based on Kannakamuy, the thunder deity of the Ainu in northern Japan, which is why she claims to come from the island of Uschishir when she is introduced to the school.

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