20 Best Anime Like One-Punch Man You Can’t Skip

20 Best Anime Like One-Punch Man You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

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If you are a fan of One-Punch Man and have watched it already, you are surely longing for more. Well, the anime on this list are definitely something for you then, because we are bringing you the best anime like One-Punch Man you can watch today.

20. Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagan, written by Kazuki Nakashima, is an anime packed with adventure, comedy, drama, and mecha. This anime was first aired in April 2007, it themes the life of the human race in a supposed future. Also, it describes when they are forced to live in underground villages by the supreme Spiral King, Lord Genome. 

However, Simon, a meek young digger, is persuaded by his friend Kamina, a famous troublemaker, to join Team Gurren. Therefore, their aim is to escape so that they can see the surface one day.

Their dream is set in motion when Simon stumbles upon a core drill and a Gunman who helps them save their village. Subsequently, they save their people from a Gunmen attack and drill their way out to the surface. In a wrap, they together with a bunch of new friends and the entire human race, try to take down the fearsome Lord Genome.

19. Kill La Kill

20 Best Anime Like One-Punch Man You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

If you like superhuman abilities and extraterrestrial forces invading the earth like in the story of One Punch Man, then you’d like this. Kill La Kill’s plot is set in Honnouji Academy on the island of Honnō city. Here, the students are made to wear a Goku uniform made of life fibers that give superhuman abilities.

Subsequently, the hero, Ryuko Matoil, arrives at Honnouji Academy as a transfer student in search of the murderer of her father. Also, she seeks answers as she surmounts several brawls with Satsuki, the prominent student in the school. 

With Senketsu, a protective garment, and her sword cutting through Goku, Ryuko has the ultimate battle with Satsuki at the annual Naturals election. Later on, a revelation is made of her intention to destroy the life fibers to avenge her father and sister’s death. However, the murderer of Ryuko’s father steps in,  and she is Ragyo, Ryuko’s unknown mother.  

Ragyo plans on total control of the life fibers, which turn out soon to be the humans’ certain doom. Now it’s the humans versus Ragyo and the life fibers as she tries to signal the invasion of the alienated life fibers. 

But will Ryuko and the humans be able to stop Ragyo before it becomes too late? 

Find out on Kill La Kill.

18. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia concentrates on Izuku Midoriya, a young man born in a world full of individuals who have special abilities known as “Quirk”. But sadly, Izuku Midoriya has none. So instead, he iconizes a superhero called All Might, who conceals an injury for a long, but decides to step down as a result. 

However, before All Might steps down, he passes his Quirk on to Izuku after recognizing the lad as a potential hero. Join Izuku in this adventure-packed superhero fantasy as he enrolls in high school for superhero training while facing threats head-on.

17. To Be Hero

20 Best Anime Like One-Punch Man You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

Ossan is a handsome though naughty and lazy man living with his daughter who, unlike him, is brilliant and resourceful. His life changes after he is sucked down a toilet and given superpowers to guard the earth.

Although he now has powers, he loses his body appellation (good looks), and his daughter has a hard time accepting that the huge chubby man is her dad. But as clumsy as Saitama in One Punch Man, Ossan tries to get his daughter’s approval while saving the world.

16. Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo

Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo is an eccentric comedy anime. Initially released in 2005, the series applies absurdist humor to give its audience a hard laugh. So if the comedic relief of One Man Punch wasn’t enough for you, then I suggest you take a look at Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo.

In the anime, the entire world is forced to live without growing their hair. Yeah, that’s right, a world full of bald people, how crazy is that. However, the story’s hero is Bo-bobo, who uses his powerful Hanage Shinkem to fight. This Shinken which is Fist of the Nose Hair is used to fight against the dreadful Mahurangi Empire’s ruler and his friends.

15. Charlotte

20 Best Anime Like One-Punch Man You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

In an alternate reality, a short period comet passes at intervals of 75 years. However, it spreads a cloud of dust around the earth during this time, giving kids below fourteen years of age superhuman abilities. Yuu wakes up to realize that he has received the ability to possess people’s bodies only for a short while. Therefore, he uses this to his advantage. 

Nao Tomori, a girl who can make herself invisible to her target, coerces him to join Hoshinoumi Academy. Here, she promises to keep him safe and others like himself from people who would exploit them.

Yuu discovers his newfound power could enable him to relinquish one of his powers after taking possession of the person. So he decides to steal all the powers from the world to keep it safe from those who can’t yield it properly. Additionally, he intends to steal the powers of those with foul intentions. 

But, will Yuu be able to carry out this task before the effect of his decision takes its toll on him? Watch and find out for yourself.

14. Heroman

Heroman is a Japanese anime created by Marvel’s Stan Lee and Bones. It features Joey, an orphan staying at his grandma’s in Centre City. It’s sad that a fun new toy is now in the market, and Joey can’t seem to have enough to afford it. 

He managed to get one off the street but couldn’t get it to work. Finally, his spirit is lifted when a bolt of strange lightning hits his toy, making it giant as an average man and giving it life. He makes a new friend who is now called Heroman, the earth’s only protector.

13. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

20 Best Anime Like One-Punch Man You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

Even if you have an awful sense of humor, this will undoubtedly burst you up with laughter. The storyline revolves around Sakamoto, a popular, handsome, calm, and intelligent high school student loved by many.

Though everyone adores him, he has a few rivals that seek to ridicule him for all to see. You would enjoy watching Sakamoto, as he rises above every prank thrown at him and causes big laughs.

12. The God of High School

The God of High School, or GOH as it is popularly called, plays about reality with three realms. Definitely, they are the human realm, the sage realm occupied by demons, and the heavenly realm where gods reside. 

However, it all began a long time ago when the gods gave humans the power to defend themselves from demons if the need arose. Subsequently, this power was called a “borrowed power.”

Also, Mori is a seventeen-year-old athlete in martial arts. Thus, he enters the God of High School tournament to win its glorious prize, a wish grantable by a human, no questions asked. However, Mori soon learns that a lot of the participants used borrowed powers that were legal. Going forward, he makes two new friends, Daewi Han and Mira Yoo. Subsequently, Mori fights his way through the competition, discovering who he truly is.

11. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

20 Best Anime Like One-Punch Man You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

Kusuo Saiki is a timid high school student with psychic abilities like psychokinesis that allows him to move objects with his mind and teleportation. Though he has vowed never to use or expose his powers, he is faced regularly with circumstances that make him do otherwise.

10. Cyborg 009

The evil Black Ghost Organization takes in nine hostages and experiments on them, turning them into cyborgs, ideal human weapons for warfare. However, the leader of the Black Ghost, Skull, is foiled when one of his scientists, Dr. Isaac Gilmore, helps these hostages escape.

The nine cyborgs rally themselves and stop the Black Ghost’s evil plans. Nevertheless, they succeed in their efforts and then venture out into the world to find new threats and protect the earth.

9. Samurai Flamenco

20 Best Anime Like One-Punch Man You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

Masayoshi Hazama growing up fantasizes about the idea of becoming a superhero since he was a little boy. However, he works as a famous model, which serves him as his primary source of income. Dressing up at night, Masayoshi becomes “Samurai Flamenco,” who helps bring justice to the city.

He battles a range of offenders including juvenile delinquents and people who don’t litter properly.

However, his actions catch the public’s eye and prompt a police officer, Hidenori Gotou, to discover who the city’s new masked vigilante is. At this point, Gotou stops Masayoshi telling him to leave the crime-fighting to the bigger boys. 

However, with the world’s fate now at risk, Masayoshi and Gotou must now join forces to prevent the impending doom.

8. Death Note

Death Note is a 37-episode anime television series directed by Tetsurō Araki and written by Toshiki Inoue.  Nevertheless, the Death Note anime does not have much of a resemblance to the One Punch Man. However, one thing it does share in common is the lead roles’ ability to put an end to bad guys as swiftly as possible. 

The story follows Light Yagami, who comes across a mysterious notebook, the Death Note, belonging to a Shinigami named Ryuk. You can use the death note to kill anyone whose name is written down in its pages anywhere in the world. But as long as the one in possession knows his target’s name and can call to mind his target’s face, it’s feasible. 


20 Best Anime Like Death Note You Can’t Skip

However, Light, having a distaste for criminals and creating a god-like aura around himself uses the Death Note to kill criminals worldwide.

When the world notices that bad guys are dropping dead by mysterious causes, an elite team is led by detective L to catch the one responsible. L manages to outsmart Light and manages to track him down to the Kanto region of Japan. However, when another death note is spotted in possession of Misa Amane, an actress and model, Light tries to get close to her. 

Now, he has to use her Death Note to uncover L’s real identity. Well, it’s up to you if you want to find what Light does and if he manages to overcome L before he gets to him.

7. Gintama

20 Best Anime Like One-Punch Man You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

Can you imagine battling aliens back in the renaissance period? There were no guns or aid from modern technology, and you had to do the best you could with a sword. Nevertheless, Gintama takes place in a world back in the Edo period where the humans are faced with aliens called Amanto. 

Unfortunately, they could do very little to save themselves as the Shōgun surrendered to the aliens.  


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Though all hope seems lost, one samurai, Gintoki Sakata, remains fearless and fights back at their new alien neighbors. After saving Shinpachi’s sister from the aliens planning to send her to a brothel, he saves Kagura, a girl known to have superhuman strength.

Then, rallying up some old friends, Gintoki prepares for an epic battle between Utsuro to determine the fate of the earth.

6. Overlord

Overlord takes place in a fictitious future in a time where science has pushed beyond all boundaries and produced technological advancements. One of these is creating a gaming sequence known as Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game or DMMORPG for short. Thus the technology is so great that it allows its players to be in the game. 

However, when the game servers are to be shut down after running for a long time, the Guilds all log out but one, a skeletal “Overlord” named Momonga. 

Therefore, when the game shuts down, Momonga realizes that he was not automatically logged out. Instead, he was trapped in the game in the form of his avatar. But having no other choice, Momonga journeys through the game to find answers, with more gamers getting trapped along with him.

5. Assassination Classroom

20 Best Anime Like One-Punch Man You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

Koro-Sensei arrives on earth after destroying 70% of the moon, giving it a more crimson shape. Thus, the yellow octopus-like alien promises to destroy the world if he is not killed at the end of one year. However, he retires back to Kunugigaoka Junior High School to teach as a regular teacher and trains the students in the assassination.

Though his training in the art of assassination is quite commendable, he has certain features that render him unkillable by the students.

As time passes, other assassins begin to try their best to kill Koro-sensei. This is much to their benefit because the Japanese Government has offered a hundred million Dollars to anyone who could kill Koro-Sensei. Finally, one student in the 3-E class, Nagisa Shiota, moves strategically, making a list of Koro-Sensei’s weaknesses. 

In the end, will the class manage to kill Koro-Sensei before the earth’s time runs out?

4. Tiger and Bunny

Tiger and Bunny starts in a fictitious version of New York City known as SternBild City, where over the last 45 years, heroes known as NEXT have been popping up. NEXT stands for Noted Entities with Extraordinary Talents. However, these heroes work for companies providing costumes and other benefits as the heroes brand them properly.

A hero, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, best known as “Wild Tiger,” gets a new partner, Barnaby Brooks, Jr, who does anything Kotetsu can do. But, unfortunately, this similarity causes a big problem in their cooperation.

As time progresses, a new criminal wanted for multiple murders makes the public doubt the capabilities of NEXT.

3. Mob Psycho 100

20 Best Anime Like One-Punch Man You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

The Mob Psycho is the first on our list to have been written as a web Manga by the same person, ONE. It was initially released in April of 2016. Also, it focuses on Mob, a boy still in middle school who seems barely noticeable by others.

Mob possesses a sixth sense, an ability to get a claimed perception of your surroundings, not your other insights. However, his powers are known to go off due to his emotional instability. Therefore, they grow stronger beyond their limits before he finally encounters others with psychic abilities like his.

2. The Devil is a Part-Timer

The story is about Satan, the Devil, as he wishes to conquer the world of Ente Isla. The Devil attacks Ente Isla along with his top demon officer, only to be foiled by Emilia. Thus, he retreats with only one of his generals, Alciel, to the human world when the rest are killed. 

Subsequently, Satan and Alciel take the form of humans, thus trying to survive, Satan takes a part-time job. 

A sweet comic atmosphere is created when Emilia also comes to earth in a human form along with other characters from Ente Isla.

1. Dragon Ball

20 Best Anime Like One-Punch Man You Can’t Skip (2021 Update)

Finally, we are down to the last anime series on our list. Dragon Ball has risen to be one of the best anime of all time, with its manga sold in more than 40 countries. Also, its anime series has aired in over 80 countries. 

The series follows a sequence with the characters’ transition over time. It follows: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball Super, and Super Dragon Ball Heroes. 

The story follows Goku very similar to Saitama in many ways, but mainly on how they both push their bodies to their limit. Here, Goku meets Bulma who persuades him to go in search of the Dragon Balls to enable them to summon the Wish Dragon. However, his journey to Dragon Ball leads him into martial arts. 


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Soon, he soon discovers that he is from planet Vegeta containing “Saiyans,” a very destructive race with super abilities. But as time passes, young Goku grows, starts a family, and is involved in grand battles with supreme deities. 

Watch the nail-biting series of Dragon Ball as Goku engages in never-ending battles to keep his beloved earth safe.     

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