10 Best Anime Like ‘Overflow’ To Watch Next

10 Best Anime Like Overflow You Need to Watch

If you’ve stumbled upon this article by accident, Overflow might not be a title you know. And while fans of harem and hentai titles will certainly be acquainted with Overflow, we have to consider the fact that this is an 18+ anime series and that it is not suitable for all viewers. This is why we are going to be careful with the visual representations of the titles presented on this list. Overflow was initially released in 2020 and consists of a total of eight 7-minute episodes that are centered on the protagonist, Kazushi Sudou, and his harem-like adventures. In this article, we are going to bring you a list of the best anime series like Overflow you need to watch. Some of the titles are going to be hentai titles as well, while others will be regular anime series whose content is similar to that of Overflow.

1. Resort BOIN

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What it’s about: At his grandmother’s beach resort, Daisuke Ichijō meets Maya Koromogae, her companion Momona Amamiya, Shinjō Kanae, and Mika. Throughout the holiday, Daisuke is put in a variety of challenging situations by these girls, who produce intense, enjoyable, and unique experiences for him, as he has to decide which one of them he actually likes.

Why you should watch it: Resort BOIN is a hentai title so it is definitely not suited for children, but it does capture the essence of Overflow quite well, so we think you might like it.

2. Chained Soldier

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What it’s about: Mato, a city from a demonic dimension, has a fruit called “Peach”. A fruit that has the particularity of giving superpowers to those who eat it. These women are members of the anti-demon squadrons. A young boy named Yuuki Wakura finds himself plunged into Mato’s dimension by accident. In this world of monsters, he is narrowly saved by a young woman capable of transforming him into a super-powerful creature. But the activation of this power has a condition: he must become her slave.

Why you should watch it: A fairly new anime adaptation, Chained Soldier has a lot more action and shonen elements than Overflow, but it is a decent harem anime series with enough ecchi elements to satisfy fans of Overflow who preferred this side of the story.


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3. High School D×D

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What it’s about: The story’s main character, Issei Hyoudou, a high school student, is killed by a fallen angel during his first date. However, he is brought back to life by the devil Rias Gremory, a powerful demon who also serves as the president of Kuoh Academy’s Occult Research Club. Issei discovers he has evolved into the devil when he serves Rias and has to participate in numerous fights against diverse enemies.

Why you should watch it: While High School DxD is definitely a normal anime series, not a hentai series, it is probably the most borderline title on this list, which is why Overflow fans will like it (especially the uncensored version). Still, the series has an interesting plot and some interesting characters as well, so we definitely recommend it.

4. Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai

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What it’s about: Ignorant of creativity, eroge devotee Mochizuki Tomoya works as a florist but gets hired under the incorrect impression that it’s an eroge studio. When Tomoya learns that Flower is about to close because of an unsuccessful debut title, she decides to take on the task of teaching the staff, who lack expertise, the nuances of making eroge that succeed. The narrative centers on Tomoya’s conversations with the four heroines and his dual position as a nickname advisor.

Why you should watch it: Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai is a fairly popular hentai title and with a real-life setting, it is sure to provide Overflow fans with what they came for.

5. The Quintessential Quintuplets

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What it’s about: Fuutarou is a bright youngster who struggles financially and is also socially awkward. Ichika, Nino, Miku, Yotsuba, and Itsuki Nakano are a set of quintuplets with unique personalities who have hired him as their private tutor. It is Fuutarou’s responsibility to assist the quintuplets in achieving better academic results and completing high school. The sisters, however, are initially unreceptive to Fuutarou’s attempts and show little interest in learning. As the narrative develops, Fuutarou finds it difficult to relate to and comprehend each sister on a personal level in addition to tutoring them.

Why you should watch it: The Quintessential Quintuplets is a classic that all romance anime fans will definitely know; it is not a hentai series. The harem setting is something that connects it to Overflow, so we’re certain you’ll like this series.

6. Harem Camp!

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What it’s about: Kensuke Yamamichi, who was going solo camping, ends up letting girls who are in trouble due to lack of equipment at the campsite stay in his tent. A few days later, Kensuke, who was transferred to Jikizuki Gakuen as a teacher, reunited with the four girls he met at the campsite, Haruki Azuma, Aki Minami, Touko Saionji, and Natsuki Kitamura, and became an advisor to establish a camp club.

Why you should watch it: Harem Camp! is definitely not a major title, but the anime does well to exist in the limbo between a classical harem anime and a hentai title, so fans of Overflow will definitely find something they like.

7. Highschool of the Dead

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What it’s about: The world was contaminated on April 13, 2010, by a deadly disease of unknown origin, which struck the same day in major cities, transforming humans into the living dead and leading to the decline of civilization. In Japan, several students from Fujimi High School, as well as a school nurse, banded together to survive this apocalypse. The story focuses on Takashi Komuro, one of the few students to survive the first attack.

Why you should watch it: Similar to High School D×D, Highschool of the Dead replaces demons with zombies, but the gist of it is more or less the same, so if you liked D×D, you’ll like Highschool of the Dead as well.


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8. Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

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What it’s about: During spring break, Tomoya Aki, a high school student who works part-time to support his otaku lifestyle, encounters a stunning girl whom he later finds out is Megumi, a classmate. Tomoya enlists class beauties Eiri and Utaha to help design characters and construct the game plot in an effort to produce a visual novel.

Why you should watch it: Saekano is another regular anime title on this list and is a very popular romance anime as well. There are some harem elements, but there is much more to this interesting slice-of-life anime that you will definitely enjoy.

9. Kanojo × Kanojo × Kanojo

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What it’s about: The show centers on high school student Shiki Haruomi, who, as a result of a volcanic catastrophe, moves in with his relatives. When he gets there, he finds that his cousins Mafuyu, Akina, and Natsumi have grown into adult females. Shiki introduces him to new friends, including Midori Byakudan, Suzuran Himenohara, and Tsukasa Honnoji, as they help them locate their father’s formula and enter a local competition in an attempt to salvage their ice cream business.

Why you should watch it: Kanojo × Kanojo × Kanojo is popular even among non-hentai fans, as it does have a relatively interesting plot (and the name is kind of easy to memorize). Be that as it may, it is a fairly popular harem and hentai title that has a lot in common with Overflow.

10. The World God Only Knows

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What it’s about: After accepting an email challenge, Keima Katsuragi, a bishōjo gamer and high school sophomore who is referred to as the “God of Conquest,” is given the task of conquering actual girls. He is shocked when a demon named Elsie shows up and asks for his assistance in helping girls fall in love in order to retrieve lost souls from their hearts. Keima, who would much rather dominate 2D girls in video games, must reluctantly face the difficulties of real-life romance in order to fulfill the contract and prevent disastrous outcomes.

Why you should watch it: The World God Only Knows is a fairly popular anime title with harem elements, that combines traditional harem tropes with gaming and slice-of-life elements, which is why we definitely think that you’ll enjoy it. It is a regular anime series, not a hentai series.


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