15 Best Blue Villains of All Times Ranked

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We’ve seen a lot of different colored heroes and villains in the past. But how about the color blue? While blue isn’t a regular associated color for a villain, bad guys have been popping up here and there sporting the color. So, here are 15 villains who either wear mostly blue or are actually blue-skinned in popular media.

15. O.M.A.C. Prime (DC)

Omac Prime

Is one of the creations of Max Lord created to defeat Wonder Woman. OMAC Prime is comprised of the same Absorption Cell Technology that was used in the Amazo Andriod. OMACs are usually cyborgs transformed by a virus to become living machines.

14. Captain Cold (DC)

Captain Cold

Due to his father constantly abusing him, he sought refuge with his grandfather. Unfortunately, his grandfather died, and he was forced to be his father once again. Wanting to escape from his father’s abuses, he started a life of crime. He joined a small group of criminals and would do robberies for years to come.

Eventually, he and his group would get into trouble with the Flash. Snart then decided to go solo and designed a gun that would be strong enough to interfere with Flash’s speed. He finds out late that the weapon he designed had the ability to freeze people alive. Thrilled with his invention he now donned a new suit and named himself Captain Cold.

13. Bizarro (DC)


So, his skin might not be exactly blue, but he is wearing a lot of blue. In fact, his outfit is just like Superman’s. We see a younger version of Bizzaro when the duplication ray hit Superboy. However, the Bizzaro I’m referring to is the Bizzaro that was created when the duplicating ray was used on Superman. Unfortunately, things backfired for his creator because Bizarro ends up arresting him as he tries to emulate Superman. 

Arresting the bad guy isn’t enough to put him up with the heroes. Instead, he causes all sorts of havoc in Metropolitan City. Luckily enough, reporter Lois Lane creates Bizzaro Lois. Bizzaro Lois and Bizzaro eventually fall in love and leave earth to search for their own planet.

12. Nebula (Marvel)

Nebula 1

While she is depicted as one of the heroes in recent chapters and even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she was a villain in earlier releases. Nebula is one of the adopted daughters of Thanos, but Thanos has openly expressed he preferred Gamora over Nebula.

Eventually, she stopped her dream of looking for Thanos’ attention and moved on to become a space pirate who battled both heroes and villains alike. In the MCU, we’re familiar with Nebula ultimately joining the Avengers to fight Thanos. Later, she joins the Guardians of the Galaxy by the end of the last movie.

11. Ymir (Marvel)


Sometimes drawn with white, and occasionally blue. He is the most powerful of the Ice Giants. Like his kind, Ymir is covered in snow, which continuously gets regenerated due to the intense coldness his body gives off. Ymir is an old foe of Odin and his brothers. Due to the brother being able to slay Ymir the first time, the Ice Giants declared war against the Asgardians. However, Ymir managed to regenerate himself. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to win the war because Odin managed to trap the regenerated Ymir in a circle of flame in some volcanic area.

Centuries later, other people will try to revive Ymir and make use of his powers. 


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10. Dr. Drakken (Kim Possible)

Dr. Drakken

You didn’t think this list would just have villains coming from comics, did you? we have to look at all our blue Villains from different media mediums, including cartoons. For example, Dr. Drakken is the main antagonist of the show Kim Possible. He had a troubled past and even had trouble fitting in his school. He eventually dropped out of school and pursued a life of crime. 

You didn’t think this list would just have villains coming from comics, did you? we have to look at all our blue Villains from different media mediums, including cartoons. For example, Dr. Drakken is the main antagonist of the show Kim Possible. He had a troubled past and even had trouble fitting in his school. He eventually dropped out of school and pursued a life of crime. 

9. Electro 2099 (Marvel)


Initially, an android construction worker, Electro’s bosses eventually used him for experiments. Unfortunately, they accidentally burned out his obedience chips during the experiments, and the incident also allowed him to conduct electricity. So,k he ended up becoming a super-villain and joining the Sinister Six.

Eventually, Electro was captured by Spider-Man and imprisoned in Miguel’s private lab. They tricked him by using a holographic simulation that made him believe he was set free and recruited to join a robot revolution. Through this trick, Electro accidentally revealed the planned date of Fist’s Attack On New York. When the simulation ended, Lyla deactivated Electro.

8. Blue Condor (DC)

Blue Condor

The Blue Condor is a Shanghai-based super-villain that attacks and extorts the rich and powerful. He was turned in by his close friend Kong Kenan who became the Super-Man of China. 

The next time the two former friends would meet, they would be out to kill each other. Condor ended up getting incarcerated at the Crab Shell but was brought up by Folding Paper Man just moments later.

7. Metal Sonic (Sonic)

Metal Sonic

A robotic version of Sonic the Hedgehog was created by Dr. Eggman to destroy Sonic. Accordingly, this Badnik is one of the greatest creations of Dr. Eggman. It is designed to look a lot like Sonic, hence the primarily blue exterior to resemble Sonic’s blue fur. Not only is it made to resemble Sonic visually, but the Badnik was also made to imitate his skills and speed, even exceeding Sonic’s.

This robot isn’t completely mindless. It turns out that this robot is evil down to its core and is obsessed with proving that it is superior to Sonic. The robot even disobeys Dr. Eggmen on several occasions whenever it sees the opportunity to defeat Sonic. However, he never comes out successful in any of his escapades. But it always comes back with even more upgrades every time Sonic and the gang go out to face him.


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6. Starro (DC)


This villain is the first to face the original Justice League of America. Since its debut, it has posed as an obstacle for the heroes in various comic issues, animated television shows, and video games. It has also made an appearance in the Suicide Squad. Satrro is a type of highly advanced alien life-form that happens to resemble a giant starfish.

Starro decides to conquer earth by empowering other Starfish to have similar abilities to him. But this havoc is quickly stopped by the hands of Aquaman, the Flash, Green Lanturn, Martain Manhunter, and Wonder Woman. However, Starro comes as a threat time and time again, even being able to control the Justice League at one point.

5. Megamind (Megamind)


Well, he’s a hero now, but he was initially a villain, and the only reason why he became a hero was because a hero he created to fight became a villain instead. He and his archenemies, the superhero Metro Man, are both alien infants sent to earth due to their planet dying. However, these two aliens are brought up very differently.

Unlike Metro Man, Megamind was raised by prisoners and was severely bullied in school; this led him to believe that he was made to be a supervillain and got himself expelled from school using a paint bomb. Since his start to the life of crime, he is constantly pitted against Metro Man for control of the city. But one day, he seemingly kills Metro Man. While the turn of events made him happy at first, he quickly grew tired since he had no hero to fight.

This was when he offered to train Hal to become the next superhero so he’ll have someone to fight again. Unfortunately, as usual, things did not go as planned, and Hal ended up using his powers to go on a crime spree. Ultimately Megamind had to stop him and eventually became the hero of Metro City.

4. Mystique (Marvel)


She is both a supervillain and an antiheroine in the X-Men series. Mystique is a mutant whose natural appearance has blue skin, red hair, and yellow eyes. She is usually shown as one of the X-Men’s more persistent foes, having assassinated several important mutant figures. Her actual age has yet to be revealed, but she is stated to be over 100 years old and happens to be the mother of Nightcrawler and Graydon Creed. She even adopted the heroin Rogue when the girl was 14 years old.

In one of the films, X-Men: First Class, she helped Francis Xavier form the X-Men. However, she later betrays him due to being unsatisfied with the way Professor X would constantly tell her to hide her natural appearance instead of embracing it.

3. Blizzard (Marvel)


He is a villain who constantly has an internal battle on which side he would ultimately take. Donnie Gill was chosen to don the new and improved Blizzard suit in the hopes of succeeding the late Gregor Shapanka. With nothing better to do, Donnie agreed and became the new Blizzard.

He would often have to face several heroes on behalf of his employer. However, Iron Man manages to convince Donnie to leave the life of crime. He tried to become good, but he fell back into doing petty crimes after his costume got destroyed.

An event caused Donnie to get exposed to Terrigent Mists that caused him to become Inhuman. Now Donnie takes the form of a snowy blue monster with the same powers his suit had.


2. Killer Forst (DC)

The name Killer Frost has been used by many female supervillains and even superheroes in DC comics. Still, the common element that these characters have is that all of them have some connection to the superhero Firestorm. Recently, Killer Frost is referred to her Caitlin Snow persona. She was first introduced as someone who just wanted her condition fixed and needed the Justice Leagues’ help. She even aided the heroes to free said heroes.

However, in DC Rebirth, Snow is taken to the Suicide Squad and is offered to become a member of the villain group. She accepts and is present in several fights against the Justice League. However, after a series of events, she becomes a member of the Justice League.

1. Hades (Disney)


Every time I think of blue and villains together, I think of Disney’s 1997 Hades. The villain made its debut in Disney’s animated feature called Hercules. He is the fast-talking god of the Underworld and seems to constantly want to outdo his older brother Zeus.

While Hades in Greek mythology isn’t particularly evil, Disney’s Hades was portrayed evil for the purpose of the movie. As of today, Hades is one of Disney’s famous antagonists and one of the first few members of Disney’s Villains line-up.

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