10 Best Captain America Speeches and What He Meant by Them

Captain America Best Speeches

Steve Rogers aka Marvel’s Captain America is known for his love of words. Whether it’s his sassiness, his wisdom or just witty one-liners, this man sure knows how to talk and above that, how to make people listen. So, without further ado, let’s break down some of Captain America’s best speeches and what he meant by them.

10. Star Spangled Man With a Plan (Captain America: The First Avenger)

Now, this may not be a full-on Captain America speech, but we believe this is where it all starts. 

During Captain America: The First Avenger, we see Steve dressing up in Captain America costume and performing all over the country. In the beginning, he’s a shy guy who reads his lines from behind the shield while the dancers encourage him. After a while, he becomes quite the star, performing all over America, and even starring in his movie and comic books. 

Why we believe this is important is the fact he’s starting here from scratch. This is where he learned public speaking skills and interpersonal skills. This is where he gained his Captain America confidence and all the while he encouraged America’s people to stand up, fight for what’s right and be on the lookout for dangers that might be just around the corner. 

9. I Got Beat Up in That Alley (Captain America: The First Avenger)

In this, yet another great scene from The First Avenger, Steve is in the car with Peggy Carter and they’re passing by New York streets when he starts pointing out places where he got beaten up as a kid. 

Peggy asked him why he didn’t run away from fights and in this speech, we hear the true Captain for the first time. Steve is all about standing up for yourself and fighting against whatever stands in way of achieving great, which Peggy can relate to as a woman working in the Army.

8. Plant yourself like a tree (Captain America: Civil War)

Now, this is a speech given by Cap to Spiderman in the Comic book Civil War, but in the movies, this speech was given by Sharon Carter at Peggy Carter’s funeral.  We believe it is such a powerful speech that deserves a spot on this list. 

Both, Cap in the comic and Sharon in the movie, go on to say that it doesn’t matter what the world says or how politics view you. They’re all believing and seeing what they want to believe and see, but you’re the one who knows the truth.

It’s important to stand up for what you believe in. It’s important to stand up for the truth and therefore even if the whole world tells you to move, you stand up for yourself by planting yourself as a tree and tell the world to move or to listen.

This speech greatly affected Steve in the movies as it was a trigger to not accept the Sokovia Accords. 

7. Earth just lost her best defender (Avengers: Infinity War)

In the Infinity War, Cap shows up at Stark’s house with the Falcon, Wanda, Natasha and Vision to fight. 

Even though Avengers split up, he respected Tony to the point of standing up to the Secretary and saying he’s not looking for any kind of forgiveness or permission, neither from him nor America. He wants to keep fighting for his friend whom he believes is Earth’s best defender and there is nothing in this world that can stand in his way and tell him not to. 

This short, but intimidating speech portrays all of Cap’s solidity and loyalty to his friends and this world.

6. Steve Rogers Therapy Scene (Avengers: Endgame)

One of the most chilling parts of Endgame is the depressing surrounding of Steve’s support group.

Captain America, one of the most powerful Avengers is standing as a regular man, among a group of men who all lost something valuable because of Thanos. Even though the setting can’t be more depressing than it is, the beauty of Cap is that he never gives up hope or, at least, encouragement of others.

He’s acknowledging the healing process after such a traumatic event and the fact that they have to take a step every day to change this world and themselves. 

Even after everything, he doesn’t give up hope and tells them they have to do something with this world. They have to move on in order to heal.


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5. Captain America gives orders (The Avengers)

There is an iconic scene in the first Avengers where they all finally assemble after being players for themselves. Throughout the movies, we always see a great leadership style that Cap has, but this speech is the embodiment of his leadership. 

He collects the Avengers in one place and makes no room for bickering or personal agenda. This speech is a great example of Cap’s quick and strategic thinking. He gives orders to cover all areas around using each and every gift his teammates have. He’s clear, concise and ready to fight and so are the rest of them.

Now if that isn’t what we look for in a leader, I don’t know what is.

4. Civil War Letter (Captain America: Civil War)

After their fight, Captain reaches out to Tony by sending him a letter and a burned phone. 

In the letter Cap acknowledges the one thing he always stands behind and that is, that we stand for what we believe in. No matter his and Tony’s different beliefs, they are still friends and will always be friends. 

He’s asking Tony for an understanding of why he acted the way he did and for the things that will be done in the future. Hopeful that he is, he sent a burn phone, together with the letter, in hopes of making amends with Tony, but also just to let him know he’s there for him if he ever needs him again.

3. The Price of Freedom is High (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

This might be one of Cap’s most chilling speeches. 

He starts by exposing Hydra and their plan to take over SHIELD, but this speech turns into so much more.  

Captain’s here to raise awareness, to wake people up and tell them to fight for what’s right. What’s more important to America than her freedom? What’s more important than standing up for what you believe in? Captain’s willing to sacrifice it all to fight. He stands in front of all of them as a true leader asking people to follow him and do everything they can to protect themselves and their country.

2. Whatever It Takes (Avengers: Endgame)

After everything they’ve lost in the Infinity War, the team comes stronger than ever – they’re on a mission to get the stones back while facing themselves in the past. 

Captain knows his goal, his mission and the costs of the mission. As always, he’s prepared for it. He emphasises the familiarity of places and people they’re going to. He’s also stressing the importance of being careful and not losing themselves in that familiarity. They have a clear mission and they should focus on it expecting everything. 

As he says, this is the fight of their lives and there is nothing more important than looking after one another,  whatever it takes actually.

1.  Preparing for the battle (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

This speech is yet another great example of Cap taking charge and being a good leader to his team. Why this speech deserves the first place is the fact how much he cares about the little guy aka people who have done nothing wrong, but have been put into the mess.

He knows his enemy and he knows what’s going on, but the people of Sokovia are his priority because they didn’t sign up for this.  He makes it the team’s priority to secure people and get them out of the city unharmed. There is a special emphasis that the fight is between them and Ultron, not anyone else.  In the end, he admits it’s not just about beating Ultron (aka evil in the world), it’s about proving that the Avengers are not part of that evil, that they are indeed Earth’s protectors.

And there you have it, as you can see Steve Rogers is quite the wordsmith with pronouced sense of leadership and inspiration and while you’re at it you can check our past article on best Captain America Quotes.

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