All 3 Bad Boys Movies in Order

Bad Boys movies in order

Bad Boys franchise is one of the most popular ones in the entertainment industry when talking about action-comedy movies. This franchise follows Mike ( Will Smith ) and Marcus ( Martin Lawrence ), two Miami detectives as they try to keep their different personality traits in check in order to do their job professionally.

This does not always go as planned so they get themselves in all kinds of trouble, but nevertheless, they are excellent members of law enforcement and their partnership is very solid. In this article, you can find answers about how many movies are there in the Bad Boys franchise and read about Bad Boys movies in order.

How many Bad Boys movies are there?

The Bad Boys franchise consists of three action comedy films with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence starring in all of them. The first film was released in 1995, the second in 2003, and the third in 2020. This franchise follows the lives of Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnet, best friends and colleagues through their journey of fighting crime and juggling their private lives in the process. The first two Bad Boys movies portray these two as Miami detectives at the peak of their power, while the third installment shows us their adjustment to the new ways of modern espionage and tactics.

Bad Boys movies in order – at a glance

When the first Bad Boys movie was released in 1995 it became an instant hit so it was only a matter of time before the sequel will show up. Although it took around 8 years from the first movie for the sequel to be released in 2003, the second installment did not disappoint also as Marcus and Mike once again managed to entertain us with their comedy bits and action-packed missions. When the third movie in the franchise arrived 17 years later in 2020, fans were thrilled once again. These are Bad Boys movies in order of their release:

  1. Bad Boys ( 1995 )
  2. Bad Boys II ( 2003 )
  3. Bad Boys for Life ( 2020 )

In the first two Bad Boys movies, we get to see Mike and Marcus as Miami detectives and how they mix their private and professional lives together. We get to know them and their personalities while also enjoying their friendship and humor. In the third movie, things somewhat changed as they are now older, and ‘some new kids’ took the spotlight, but the charisma between these two remained.


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What is the best way to watch Bad Boys movies?

Bad Boys movies are best enjoyed by watching them in order of release, in my experience. This means starting with the first movie, then watching the second movie, and finally watching the third movie. By watching the movies in this order, you’ll be able to get more attached to the protagonists and appreciate their sassy attitudes and mutual loyalty and respect even more. However, any of these movies also work as a stand-alone movie just fine as all of them provide a well-rounded story on their own.

Bad Boys movies in order by release date

The Bad Boys movies are released as followed:

1. Bad Boys ( 1995 )

Bad Boys is an action-comedy movie that follows Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), and Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) as two Miami detectives who have to track down a stolen shipment of heroin. Things get somewhat complicated for their private lives when they need to switch their identities in order to keep a lead witness safe.

2. Bad Boys II ( 2003 )

The sequel to Bad Boys, Marcus Burnett, and Mike Lowrey are back on the case, this time investigating the case of ecstasy drug dealing. Oh, and Marcus’s sister is in town and she and Mike got some news Marcus will probably not like. Eventually, Mike and Marcus have to put aside their differences and rescue Marcus’s sister from the hands of Johnny Tapia, a Cuban drug lord.

3. Bad Boys for Life ( 2020 )

The third installment of the Bad Boys trilogy. Marcus Burnett is now a police inspector, and Mike Lowrey is struggling with some private issues. They have to break generational curses as they team up with an elite team AMMO in order to take down a ruthless cartel boss. In this sequel, we get to see how Mike’s past caught up with him so they need to do everything in their power to rectify mistakes from the past.

Where to watch Bad Boys movies?

Bad Boys and Bad Boys II are available to stream on Netflix, while the third installment is currently not available on this platform. However, you can watch Bad Boys for Life on Amazon Prime Video.


Do you need to watch Bad Boys movies in order?

You can watch each of these Bad Boys movies as a stand-alone movie and you will surely be entertained in my experience. But, in order to get the full experience of this amazing franchise, it is advisable that you watch it by its release date. That way, you really get to know the characters in depth and appreciate their sassy relationship even more. By watching these movies in order of their release, you get more familiar with the bond and loyalty Mike and Marcus share not just as colleagues but as friends and ‘brothers’ also.

If you watch the first movie before the second, you get to realize how much Mike actually loves and respects Marcus’ family and if you watch the second movie before the third you get a better understanding of the villains that appear in Mike’s life almost 20 years after the incidents in Cuba which took place in the second movie.

Are Bad Boys movies connected?

Yes, Bad Boys movies are connected, but they are also easily watchable as stand-alone movies. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are stars in all three Bad Boys movies and their relationship as Mike and Marcus is the main thing that makes these three movies very well connected and interesting. However, the storyline is also somewhat connected and intertwined between movies, but not very much so that you couldn’t easily follow the plot of one movie without watching the other two in the franchise.


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Will there be more Bad Boys movies?

The short answer is: yes. This is a question that many fans have been asking since Bad Boys for Life was released in 2020. What we know for sure is that we will definitely see the fourth installment of the franchise which is currently in development. The plot of the movie is currently unknown but Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are once again starring actors.

Lawrence even hinted that we might get even more sequels to the franchise after the fourth installment. When asked about the fourth Bad Boys movie: ‘ we got one more at least, he said. If this is the case, let’s just hope that movie producers will know when to stop and send this awesome franchise to a well-deserved retirement.

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