30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You Can Watch

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Dirt biking is one of the best extreme sports that can get the heart pumping regardless of whether you are on the bike or part of the audience. That said, there are plenty of fans of this sport. And if you want to see the stories behind dirt biking, you have to watch some of the best dirt bike movies that are available today.

While watching movies about dirt biking is different from being on a dirt bike or watching a real dirt bike competition, there are still a lot of things to love about dirt bike movies because of how these films usually cover the perspective of the athletes themselves. As such, we have come up with a list of the best dirt bike movies you can watch.

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Best Dirt Bike Movies

Dirt bike movies are just as exciting to watch as actual dirt bike competitions. Of course, being on the dirt bike itself is a different story. Regardless, if you are a fan of the sport, we have a good list of the best dirt bike movies that you should be watching.

1. Bennett’s War (2019)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Bennett’s War is one of the best movies about dirt bikes because of how it doesn’t only talk about the sport. Instead, it uses the sport to talk about issues that are more important than just dirt bikes. That said, it explores the life of a former soldier who was injured during combat. Learning that his family could lose their farm, he decided to compete as a motocross racer to earn money while risking the chances of aggravating his injuries.

2. On Any Sunday (1971)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

On Any Sunday is a classic dirt bike or motocross documentary that was even nominated for an Academy Award back in 1972 because it is that good. It covers classic motocross events and popular drivers that will make you want to love this sport. And while this may be an older documentary, it still is a favorite among dirt bike lovers and enthusiasts today because of how it perfectly captures how amazing dirt bike riding can be in its purest form.

3. Winners Take All (1987)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Winner Take All is one of the most action-packed dirt bike films before the more modern days of the 2000s. It is a great documentary that captures how passionate the bikers are when it comes to doing some of the most difficult stunts on some of the roughest terrains possible. And you will love the amazing things that the riders do in a film that is more than 100 minutes long.

4. Supercross (2005)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Supercross is a movie that explores the lives of two brothers who are avid motocross racers. The first brother is KC, who is known to be a daredevil as a racer, while Trip is the more methodical and strategic of the two brothers. However, Trip had to cut his racing short because of an injury. It was through this injury that he was able to coach his brother and combine KC’s reckless style with his methodical and focused approach/

5. Motocrossed (2001)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

While most of the movies we have on this list take on a serious approach in dirt bike riding, Motocrossed uses a more comedic approach. In short, the story is about an injured motocross rider who got replaced by his twin sister in a motocross race. So, while it might be comedic, it shows that girls are just as capable as boys when it comes to this extreme sport.

6. Fresno Smooth (1999)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Fresno Smooth is one of the best dirt bike movies when it comes to chaos and sense of humor because of how it embodies the motocross lifestyle that was prominent among the riders in the 90s. In a way, it shows a movie that is full of parties and riders that focus more on the freestyle part of the sport. Still, there is a deeper part to this movie, as you may want to enjoy it together with the party and humorous side of the film. Of course, you will love the cameo appearances of some of the greatest extreme sports names of the 90s.

7. Crusty Demons of Dirt Series (1995-2015)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Crusty Demons of Dirt is a series of different films that span from 1995 up to 2015. It shows some of the most daring jumps and stints over mountains, houses, and buses alike. That said, it was able to help boost the overall popularity of the sport, considering that it has a unique filming approach in the sense that it was able to make the scenes look more action-packed. And you will never run out of content because there are about 20 videos in this series.

8. The World’s Fastest Indian (2005)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

The World’s Fastest Indian is a great movie that dirt bike and motorcycle fans all over the world should love because of how it is based on a true story. It stars Anthony Hopkins, who aims to break the world land speed record using a 1920 Indian. So, that said, this movie is not about an Indian but about the motorcycle model called the Indian. It is a movie that is both inspiring and captivating regardless of whether you are a fan of motorcycles.

9. Dust to Glory (2005)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Dust to Glory is a documentary that is great for dirt bike lovers out there because it is about the Baja 1000, which is the world’s longest off-road race. As such, you will be able to see different sides to the race and the various racers and machines that the riders use in this classic annual race. In a way, for some, being in Baja isn’t all about winning but is about being there and making it to the finish line.

10. Motocross Kids (2004)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

If you want to watch a family film that is about dirt bike riding, Motocross Kids should be a good way for you to enjoy a movie with your kids because of how it allows you to see how kids can be involved in the sport as well. This will also be a good way for you to entertain your kids if they are interested in dirt bike riding. And don’t get too surprised if they actually get into the sport because of this movie.

11. Free Style (2009)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Another good movie that is about dirt bike riding and can be good entertainment for the entire family is Free Style. This is a motocross story that’s for kids, as it stars a young man who wants to make the national team. However, relationship and family problems prevent him from focusing on the sport, and that is going to be a good way for young people to understand the troubles that they may have to go through to become great at riding dirt bikes.

12. This is MOTO (2019)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

This is MOTO is a documentary that explores what it is about to be one of the top riders in the sport, as it showcases the challenges and struggles that each of the riders has to go through on a regular basis. It has a captivating way of telling a story, and this storytelling allows us to relate to the riders on a deeper level so that we too can feel what it’s like to be in their shoes. So, in a way, this is a story of resilience, determination, and passion for the sport.

13. Fastest (2011)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Fastest is a 2011 documentary that should be a treat for those who are dedicated fans of dirt bikes or motorcycle racing, in general. It takes a look at the MotoGP world championship, which is one of the biggest motorcycling events in the entire world. And there are plenty of thrilling clips that are very exciting to watch for fans of the sport and for avid racers alike.

14. Unchained: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motocross (2016)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Unchained: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motocross should be on your list if you want to watch anything that is about dirt bike riding. The reason is that this is an Emmy Award-winning sports documentary film that will allow you to see a different yet still adrenaline-packed side of motocross. It also tells a good story of how Freestyle Motocross came about. That makes it more than worth the watch.

15. Blood Line: The Life and Times of Brian Deegan (2018)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Blood Line is another good motocross documentary that came from the very creators of Unchained, which is an Emmy Award-winning documentary in its own right. In this documentary, we follow the freestyle dirt bike rider named Brian Deegan, who started out broke but eventually made it in the sport as one of its stars. It’s an inspiring story that will allow you to see what it means to chase your dream and not allow anything to stop you from fulfilling your passion.

16. Biker Boyz (2003)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Biker Boyz is a different type of film altogether because of how it looks at the underground scene of motorcycle racing. While motocross and dirt bike riding may be different, this movie is still amazing in its own right, especially if you are into motorcycling racing. But the difference here is that the movie explores the underground side of the sport instead of the mainstream side that we often see in most movies and documentaries.

17. Spetters (1980)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Spetters is an older movie that is more suitable for mature viewers because of how rated R it can be. That’s because it revolves around the story of a group of young dirt bikers who idolize a local legend. However, as the story goes on, it becomes more and more mature and tragic in a way that makes it something that only adults should be watching.

18. MX Nation (2016-2020)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

MX Nation is a series of different documentary films that highlight the journeys of the different racers involved in this sport. It is a good way for you to see the struggles and sacrifices that go into dirt bike racing and motocross, as it explores the different trials and tribulations that the racers go through. It’s an eye-opening docuseries that makes you understand that it takes hard work to be at the level that these athletes are at.

19. Little Fauss and Big Halsy (1970)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Little Fauss and Big Halsy is one of the older films on this list. This stars the all-time great actor Robert Redford, who is a womanizing pro motorcycle racer in this movie. However, he got banned from the sport and ended up wanting to get back to the sport by asking a wannabe racer named Fauss to allow him to use his bike and identity.

20. TT3D: Closer to the Edge (2011)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

TT3D: Close to the Edge, as the name already suggests, is a motorbike film that presents everything in 3D. This is a documentary that revolves around the Isle of Man Trophy, which is one of the most dangerous races in the world. And as the documentary is in 3D, you will get to see how dangerous the race is in a more intimate way. This makes it a great visual experience that goes into the psychology as well as the excitement of the entire race.

21. Torque (2004)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Torque is not necessarily the same as some of the other motorcycle or dirt bike films on this list because it doesn’t revolve around racing. Instead, it is a crime movie that revolves around a man who was hired to steal some motorcycles full of drugs. So, just imagine Torque being similar to the first few Fast and Furious films. However, you should just swap out the cars with motorcycles here, as it might not be about dirt bikes but will still allow motorbike lovers and enthusiasts to enjoy the thrill.

22. Drop the Gate: Inside the Supercross World Finals (2019)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Drop the Gate: Inside the Supercross World Finals is another documentary that will allow you to see what it’s like racing for a total of a million dollars. This is why you will see how there are some racers who are willing to put it all on the line for this chance of a lifetime to become millionaires. And you will also love the fact that this documentary pits one racer with another rival racer, who is out there for revenge.

23. Full Throttle (1995)

Full Throttle (1995)

Full Throttle takes us to Asia as we look at this Hong Kong action picture that stars a former motorcycle racing champion. The story revolves around an injured racing champion who was now forced to undergo an existential crisis because he didn’t know what he needed to do in life after the injury. The injury also allows him to try to reconnect with his father and re-evaluate his bad relationship with him.

24. Road of Giants (2017)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Road of Giants is a story about an English racer who is trying to win the Isle of Man TT off-trails with the goal of winning in his mind. And the best part about this documentary is that it allows us to see how rough and dangerous the Isle of Man TT is and why this is one of the most dangerous races in the entire world.

25. Maniacs On Wheels (1949)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Maniacs On Wheels is the oldest film on this list, as it was released just a few years after the end of World War II. The story was originally entitled Once a Jolly Swagman, but it was changed to Maniacs On Wheels for the American audience because people in the US didn’t know what swagman meant. Regardless of its title, it might not be a dirt bike movie per se, but it does explore the world of motorcycle racing, as it involves a man who has to choose between his passion and his wife.

26. Engaged to Death (1957)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Engaged to Death is one of the older movies on this list and is an Italian drama that offers you a different perspective on the world of motorcycle racing, especially when you consider the fact that this movie was filmed during the 1950s. It simply allows you to see things you don’t often see in dirt bike movies nowadays and in other motorcycle movies set in the western side of the world.

27. Coming to My Senses (2017)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Coming to My Senses is a literal “coming to my senses” movie because it explores the life of a young racer whose career was cut short after a dangerous dirt bike accident. He was completely paralyzed from the neck down and was told by doctors that it was almost impossible for him to feed himself again. However, the young rider spent his entire life working on regaining his mobility in what is considered one of the most inspiring films about motorbiking. 

28. Motocross Zombies From Hell (2007)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

This is probably the most ridiculous film on this list, as Motocross Zombies From Hell literally talks about zombies that ride motorcycles. It puts a horror spin on a subject that usually doesn’t go well with horror. While it might not be the best film, it should still be quite entertaining to watch.

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29. Ride: United (2016)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

Ride: United is a film that explores the different disciplines of moto sports and dirt bike riding. Each discipline features one star, as we get to see the different things that these athletes do in their own disciplines to stay at the top of their game. It also allows you to see that each discipline in moto sports has a different style that makes it different from the other disciplines.

30. The Pace That Kills (1952)

30 Best Dirt Bike Movies You can Watch

The Pace That Kills is a 1950s movie that manages to blend romance and motorbike racing into one film. It is about two motorcycle racers who fall in love with the same reporter, who was tasked to write a piece about a big competition. So, in a way, it is not only about the race itself but is also about fighting for the same woman.

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